I have literally finished with the Stereosonic Festival and ready to clunk out at home. On the way to my car, a friend calls me: “PARTY IN THE CITY TONIGHT JAMES!”. The problem is that I’m wearing this giant toothpaste costume, and its covered in dust, dried sweat, and spilled drinks from the hours prior. “Don’t know if your costume will get in, but try anyway!” is the reply to my question. Okay, good enough.

An hour later and I have arrived. Dress code here is Smart Casual, but I have a strong suspicion that they are very lenient tonight regarding dress code, due to Stereosonic removing pretty much more than half of the crowds from the city’s clubs tonight. Suspicion confirmed, as the security allows the giant toothpaste costume through without any questions. The toothpaste party continues! Here we go!

Most of the crowd @ 2AM

Sassy Saturdays @ World Square Pub (Formerly known as Equilibrium)
Assessment Time: 12:50AM – 3:00AM
Opening Hours: Unknown (Facebook page states 8PM, but I think 10PM?) – 3:00AM tonight.
Lockout: Unknown.
Address: 680 George St, Sydney. Google Map Link: http://g.co/maps/wvqjz
Venue Website: http://www.worldsquarepub.com.au
Promoter Website: Appears to be a multiple promoter event. Dynamic Entertainment (http://www.dynamicau.com) &  SyndicateEvents.com.au and others.
Occurrence: Every Saturday since September 2011
Outside Line: A handful of people, but we got in within 5 minutes.
Dress Code / Door Policy: As mentioned before, usually a no daggy clothing policy applies, but due to Stereosonic being on, the dress code was pretty much open. Costumes and hats were freely allowed in. Though marty was asked to remove his wig when he was inside.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: You would have thought I remembered how much the charge was here. Last time I was here at this event (no review was written) it was $20, but from the depths of my memory it MAY have been $25, but I cannot remember. Either way, it is at least $20 for full entry. If you are on the guestlist, a discount probably applies before either midnight or 11PM. You will need to contact a promoter for exact details on this one.
Guestlist: If you can find a promoter, go through them, otherwise send an email to: Youngnsassy.saturdays@gmail.com
Inside: Previous weeks had the event held upstairs but tonight it appears that only downstairs was open. Perhaps they expected a low turnout tonight. Regardless, enter into the ground level to enter the “stand around” atrium like area, with dancefloor on the right to hold about 80-120 people. In front of you is the corner of the bar. It extends down the left side where there are lounges and tables. On the left is the outdoor smoking area. it’s a long space and enough for most people to get a lounge seat or a table.
Cloak Room: No cloak room facilities tonight.
Bar Prices / Line: Unknown, but you could get service pretty much right away. 
Bathroom Facilities: Pretty clean and maintained well tonight.
Eviction Count: None spotted. There were not that many people here tonight anyway.
DJs: Dirty Dex for most of the night.
Music Style: Pop, House, RnB , and many “Songs dedicated to the people from Stereosonic” – mostly LMFAO songs or something house related lol. All from the same DJ so minimal song repeating, if any.
Crowd: Mostly Asian tonight. It’s a mix of local and international Asians. also as the night progressed on, the crowd became more and more comprised of people dropping in from Stereosonic. I would suspect that without the Stereosonic crowd, tonight would have been pretty dead, as are the clubs out there. Rest of the crowd were a handful of South Asians/ Indians, and some Caucasians. 
Ratio: Despite low numbers, the ratio was fairly even throughout most of the night.

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A friend’s event who liked it heaps last time, and I was free tonight so let’s check it out!

Met some cool folk

Met some cool folk

Jingle Jangle @ Good God Small Club (Affectionately known as GG)
Assessment Time: 11:50AM – 03:30AM
Opening Hours: Saturdays: 18:00-05:00AM
Lockout: Unknown
Address: 53-55 Liverpool Street
Venue Website: http://www.goodgodgoodgod.com
Promoter Website: Unknown if it was self promoted or not.
Occurrence: Every weekend the venue is open, but the Jingle Jangle events appear to show up on a once a month basis.
Outside Line: None, well maybe one or two people, but it doesn’t count.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Anything goes, most people wore casual – T- shirts and hats allowed. Despite this the crowd still looked quite good, rather than daggy.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free entry to the Good God bar, with the Small Club area being $5 entry. Doesn’t get cheaper than that.
Guestlist: None

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Puls8 @ Shark Hotel: Friday 15th October 2010

On October 15, 2010, in Pop, RnB, Shark Hotel, by James Tran

M wanted to go Shark Hotel. Erm.. ok, lets check it out again then – here we go!

Puls8 (Pulsate) @ Shark Hotel
Assessment Time: 11:00PM – 04:00AM
Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 05:00AM?
Lockout: No lockout.
Address: 127 Liverpool St, Sydney
Venue Website: http://www.sharkhotel.com.au
Promoter Website: Self Promoted.
Occurrence: Every Friday and Saturday nights
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual is ok. Not too dirty. Hats were allowed in here. Guys mostly wore casual and girls were a mix of casual and well dressed, from the rnb clubbing event at Space.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night.
Guestlist: N/A due to free entry.
Inside: Walk upstairs to the Shark Hotel area. The dancefloor is pretty much in the middle to hold about 50 people cramped. On two sides are pool tables. the other two sides are tables and stools and the main bar. Outside of the dancefloor the area is carpeted. Dancefloor itself is elevated about half a metre from the floor and is extremely well lit. DJ booth attached to the back.
Cloak Room: No cloak room services.
Bar Prices / Line: The lines were about 1 or 2 people deep. Prices are reasonable here. A Smirnoff black is $9 I think.
DJs: Unknown. It’s a resident DJ.
Music Style: Contemporary RnB in the initial few hours, then after 2:30AM-ish its classic old school RnB and West Coast Hip Hop/ Rap. Songs are generally played in their entirety with minimal crossover mixing. Momentum that is built up in one song can be easily lost in the latter half of the song or simply having a different song being played here tonight.
Crowd: During the contemporary RnB phase there are lots of young people. Mostly Asian, primarily because of the Asian RnB ‘zaia’ event upstairs. There are also internationally based Asians and backpackers. Aussies, Indians, and Africans are here too. It’s a bit of kind of everything here. The local Asians who were here, were here for the upstairs RnB event.
Entertainment: None
Atmosphere: Since the area was well lit, it may be a bit intimidating to go forth and dance first, but once you are up there, its not so bad, except everybody sitting around is pretty much staring at you dance. Other than that its friendly and people who go up have fun.

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Fridays @ Scary Canary: 27th August 2010

On August 27, 2010, in House, Scary Canary, by James Tran

Just left Docks Hotel, on the way to find another place to dance, and there it was, ole’ Scary Canary – it’s reverted to a backpackers night tonight, so lets check it out!

Scary Canary - 2AM

Scary Canary Sydney - 2AM

Friday @ Scary Canary Sydney

Assessment Time: 02:10AM – 03:00AM
Opening Hours: Early in the day – 03:00AM
Lockout: None
Address: 469 Kent St, Sydney
Venue Website: http://www.scarycanary.com
Promoter Website: Self Promoted tonight. On Saturdays – http://www.ozpartybus.com
Occurence: Every Friday, but almost every night here its backpacker night.
Dress Code / Door Policy: There is no dress code. Most people are dressed casually – t-shirts, no t-shirts, collared shirts, etc.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night
Guestlist: No guestlist.
Inside: Walk into to a two tiered room. Bottom tier the bar area with some stools and tables, and a pool table. Podium for two as well. Top Tier is the dancefloor, DJ area, large podiums for about 5 people and 10 people respectively, on both sides of the floor. Dancefloor holds about 20-30 people.
Cloak Room: No cloak room services.
Bar Prices: Didn’t drink tonight
DJs: Unknown
Music Style: Commercial House mixed with Top 40 and classic house / trance songs. The undertone of the whole night was trance and house.
Crowd: Backpackers from all over the place. Mostly they look European. There was about a ratio of 30/70 Girls to Guys.
Entertainment: MC’s mingle and dance with the crowd.
Atmosphere: Average. Tonight is a beach theme. The backpackers are dancing like hooligans. There’s a guy dancing on a speaker, there are red plastic cups strewn along the floor, there was a guy passed out on the sofa. There are beach balls being kicked around but at this point in time they have accumulated lots of brown crap, and they look like filth balls instead of beach balls. Its quite dirty when you think about it. People are wearing hats that were given away, and leis. If you embrace the backpacker vibe it was kind of ok. However there just weren’t enough people here at 2AM – if there were more, the atmosphere would be killer. I am sure earlier in the night there were more people.

MCs in orange and green

MCs in orange and green dancing

Video: Walkthrough
YouTube Preview Image

Video: 360 view
YouTube Preview Image

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Civic Hotel Underground

Civic Hotel Underground Pit Dance Area

Saturday. I am to play catchup with a friend, and he is at Civic Hotel, so here we go!

Adult Disco @ Civic Underground
Assessment Time: 01:35-01:45AM
Website: http://www.civichotel.com.au/pages/home.asp
Address: 388 Pitt St, Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy:
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 we were told at the cashier, so we pretty much turned around to leave. She said “WAIT! WAIT!” and told us, that for the three of us, she would discount it to $15. This was surely a bad sign, but we did not notice. Before 11pm, entry is free.
Guestlist: None that I could find.
Occurence: Every Saturday
Inside: This place is of similar size of the Favela upstairs component. You walk in to the bar area with sofas and tables arranged in the same manner as a dine-in saloon restaurant in america. The dancefloor is in a pit, in the far back left corner, to hold about 80 people. It’s not very big.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: Did not drink
DJs: Unknown
Music: “Adult Disco” was the name of the event tonight. What kind of music was this? This was some really underground funky house music they were playing. Not commercial friendly at all, but even so, it was absolutely not danceable to at all. Ugh, but some patrons here were enjoying it. The short time I was here, I just felt my mojo being drained away from me. You can listen to the music in the video below.
Crowd: Definitely just adults. Lots of people in their 20’s, maybe 30’s. Mostly wogs/aussies.
Entertainment: No extra curricular things here.
Atmosphere: Dark, confined and not feeling the vibe at all.
Video: 360
YouTube Preview Image

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mixing in with the crowd at Space

Mixing in with the Crowd at the "119" event at Space Nightclub

Before you ask ‘Why are you here at Space??’ Well, I got free entry. If you haven’t been to Space before, well read on!!

119 ‘Chocolate Party’ @ Space Nightclub

Assessment Time: 11pm-12:30am
Opening Hours: 10:30pm-3:00am
Lockout: None
Website: http://www.club119.com http://www.infinityproductionz.com (as of April 2010 the websites are not up yet)
Address: 127 Liverpool St, Sydney (as of April 16th 2010 the venue has moved to St James Hotel)
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual OK. I had dress shoes, a collared shirt and jeans
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 Full cover charge. Tonight I got free entry.
Guestlist: Info@infinityproductionz.com
Inside: Take the elevator to the third level of the building. Doors open and you are now looking into the chill out room. It’s fairly large and there are tables and stools, and lots of standing area. A bar is in the middle and on the otherside is the main DJ/dance area. In this room there is a room/hall to hold a good 750 people or so. Almost as big as the main floor at Home Nightclub. Minimal lounges around the walls.
Cloak Room: Yes, there was one offered. Pricing unknown.
Bar: One bar to service the whole club, which was enough.
DJs: Edo/Normz/Jun/D-Kutz/Siera/Kai
Music: Contemporary RnB and some Hip Hop
Crowd: Everyone here was asian. Mix of local and fobs
Entertainment: Just an MC to keep things going
Atmosphere: Chill out room was dead. Main floor was reasonably good and busy. Initially as we got in, it was dead (11pm) but it picked up a bit later.

Video: Walkthrough of Space
YouTube Preview Image

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Funky Buddha @ World Square Pub (Equilibrium): Saturday 26th December 2009

Assessment Time
: 23:45 – 1:30am??
Website: http://www.funkybuddha.com.au
Address: Address: 680 George St Sydney (Formerly Equilibrium)
Dress Code: Casual ok. Guys wore smart casual, girls wore dresses.
Door Policy: You will be rejected if you are a group of guys. You will be told to leave if there are not enough girls. This is apparently WSP policy. At least they’re honest.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: I forget. $20 I think.
Guestlist: See Website
Inside: Upstairs room to hold a small group of 200, dark. Also downstairs open area for Trance to hold 50 or so people. Well lit.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: $5 Gin and Tonics
Music: RnB upstairs, typical contemporary and classic songs. Downstairs area was the trance area, which was a welcome surprise.
Crowd: Almost entirely Asian
Entertainment: MC Upstairs
Atmosphere: Pretty packed. Pretty, pretty packed. The whole city was pretty packed – it always happens that Boxing Day never disappoints in terms of crowd attendance.

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