Just left Docks Hotel, on the way to find another place to dance, and there it was, ole’ Scary Canary – it’s reverted to a backpackers night tonight, so lets check it out!

Scary Canary - 2AM

Scary Canary Sydney - 2AM

Friday @ Scary Canary Sydney

Assessment Time: 02:10AM – 03:00AM
Opening Hours: Early in the day – 03:00AM
Lockout: None
Address: 469 Kent St, Sydney
Venue Website: http://www.scarycanary.com
Promoter Website: Self Promoted tonight. On Saturdays – http://www.ozpartybus.com
Occurence: Every Friday, but almost every night here its backpacker night.
Dress Code / Door Policy: There is no dress code. Most people are dressed casually – t-shirts, no t-shirts, collared shirts, etc.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night
Guestlist: No guestlist.
Inside: Walk into to a two tiered room. Bottom tier the bar area with some stools and tables, and a pool table. Podium for two as well. Top Tier is the dancefloor, DJ area, large podiums for about 5 people and 10 people respectively, on both sides of the floor. Dancefloor holds about 20-30 people.
Cloak Room: No cloak room services.
Bar Prices: Didn’t drink tonight
DJs: Unknown
Music Style: Commercial House mixed with Top 40 and classic house / trance songs. The undertone of the whole night was trance and house.
Crowd: Backpackers from all over the place. Mostly they look European. There was about a ratio of 30/70 Girls to Guys.
Entertainment: MC’s mingle and dance with the crowd.
Atmosphere: Average. Tonight is a beach theme. The backpackers are dancing like hooligans. There’s a guy dancing on a speaker, there are red plastic cups strewn along the floor, there was a guy passed out on the sofa. There are beach balls being kicked around but at this point in time they have accumulated lots of brown crap, and they look like filth balls instead of beach balls. Its quite dirty when you think about it. People are wearing hats that were given away, and leis. If you embrace the backpacker vibe it was kind of ok. However there just weren’t enough people here at 2AM – if there were more, the atmosphere would be killer. I am sure earlier in the night there were more people.

MCs in orange and green

MCs in orange and green dancing

Video: Walkthrough
YouTube Preview Image

Video: 360 view
YouTube Preview Image
Dirty Floor and a Lack of Cleaning Services
I’ve already touched upon the dirty appearance of this place. It’s freaking filthy. It really is. Cups are all over the place, and there is only one cleaner for the whole place. Big spill on the dancefloor and the cleaner comes out, not with a mop and broom, but a TOWEL. I mean, a towel to clean up the mess. I understand the theme of tonight is of a beach party, but isn’t this taking it a bit too far, to have the cleaner use a towel to clean the floor? Needless to say the towel was ineffective.

Continue in the bathroom urinal – There is only one cubicle and so when people come here to throw up, there are no real other places to throw up other than the sink (clogged up) or the urinal. Freaking filthy. The urinal was flooded to the top, so when you stand up onto the rails above the urinal, you pray to whatever god is out there that the waters dont sway, lest the mixture of vomit, urine and water splashes onto your shoes, for the base of your shoes are certainly infected.

Dancing Fun
MC’s joined us in dancing. We danced. Sang along to the tunes. I liked the songs here. The floor was sticky in some areas thanks to the filth. It was doable. I don’t know what else to write here.

Kissing the disco ball

Me! Kissing the disco ball in the straw hut

This is as backpacker as it gets in the city

This is probably more backpackery than Side Bar. There are a lot less people here, but the security here are more relaxed here. People are allowed to sleep on sofas and dance wherever they choose. When it came to closing time, they didn’t kick the people out, they asked us nicely, and waited for us to leave. Amazing.

Sleeping in the club

Intoxicated Backpacker passed out - Scary Canary Sydney

Left at closing time

If you want a backpacker place to go for free, well, check this place out. It’s special in its own way, but I wouldn’t recommend a normal local to check it out.

Backpacker Fridays @ Scary Canary – 2.5/10



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