Asian-crowd Clubs and Events in Sydney

This is a list of “Asian” RnB / EDM nightclubs in Sydney and my thoughts about them. This list does not include mixed crowd events such as Ivy Bar (Main Floor) / V Bar on Fridays (mixed crowd) and events attracting a Southern Asian crowd.

In no particular order…
Last update: Aug 2014


  • OPM @ Marquee Hotel (Urban Agent) [Recommended] Formerly on Thursday nights.
    OPM has since 2012 has built a reputation of an event of always being busy, packed, etc with a decent crowd.  The promoters have capitalised on this, and have killed off their former staple event, Bamboo, and made OPM their jewel in the crown. Crowd is Asian focused. Detailed Review
  • Fridays @ 80 Proof (Self promoted) Since 2013
    The old Cheers Bar has been refurbished and renamed to 80 Proof. Crowd is mostly Korean Internationals. Music by the real-life-person-DJ varies from Top 40 to EDM. $10 entry. These guys are also open on Saturday. If you’re feeling a bit tight ass and don’t mind a place for a dance, this place isn’t too bad, but keep expectations low.  Detailed Review

Irregular Friday Nights

  • Bounce @ Space Nightclub  (Red and Blue Events)
    K-Pop and RnB aiming for the Korean crowd, but all nationalities welcome. Held on average once every month or so. I visited in Jan 2014 at St James Hotel and it was pretty crap, but I purely think it is because half the Korean population are overseas back home during early Jan. I’m sure it is more busy in other months. Space nightclub should be a better venue compared to St James.


  • Embassy @ Zeta Bar  (Urban Agent, et al.)
    Mostly Asian-Australian crowd, mixed ages but appeals more to the older crowd since the place inherent is classy on its own. Dress code applies. Small dancefloor, okay atmosphere. Everyone dresses really well here. Safe bet visit. $25 at the door. Detailed Review
  • Taboo @ Verandah Bar (Kick on Entertainment) From March 2014
    Again mostly Aussie Asian crowd. The focus is on RnB, Hip Hop. Only one room with music. Entry is $25 with a smarter dress code encouraged. Again, a mostly younger crowd can be found here. It seems to have a solid weekly crowd thus far. Safe bet visit. Detailed Review
  • LKF @ Civic Hotel [Recommended for chinese nationals] (Mizuya)
    Started in 2012. A mostly Chinese based-born-Overseas crowd. If you want to have a chat, this place is fine, but for a dance, not really. I’ve been here twice and it does get busy in the ‘VIP’ sections where it does its best to replicate Asian clubs in regards to overpriced bottle service and a small dance floor. Since my visits they have moved to the ground floor so it may be a different setup.  They were cool with my banana costume when I was here, but dress code is at least smart casual by everyone else.
  • Saturday @ 80 Proof (Self promoted) Since 2013
    The old Cheers Bar has been refurbished and renamed to 80 Proof. Crowd is mostly Korean Internationals. Music by the DJ (yes, there is an actual DJ booth now) varies from Top 40 to EDM. $10 entry. These guys are also open on Friday. If you’re feeling a bit tight ass and don’t mind a place for a dance, this place isn’t too bad anymore.  Detailed Saturday Review

Irregular Saturdays

  • Tonic Nights (Clique Entertainment)
    Asian based nightclub which has only had less than a handful of events and has yet to find a permanent home. Looks promising –  No review yet.

Irregular Days/ Nights

  • Zen Nights @ Ivy Bar (On haitus)
    Launched in 2013, Syndicate and Mizuya combined their client base to launch Zen, originally a direct competitor to OPM on Thursdays. No longer on Thursdays, they have since then held parties during the day/night at the Pool Club on Saturdays/Sundays. Mix of Asian Australian and International crowd, while music offered is Commercial House/EDM/RnB in the main room with RnB in the sma1ller crappy room. Old Thursday Review . Since the review, it has had mixed number turn outs and at the moment is in haitus.

(As of recent) No Longer Running :(
It is always sad to see events go no matter how much i didn’t like them. Such is the current nature of the industry.

  • Mink @ Martin place Bar / V Bar (Clique)
    Started in July at Martin Place Bar, it has already moved to the smaller V Bar before being killed off. It was pretty dead when I visited on the third week of opening, and promoters will need to push more on the promo side to find a new Saturday event. Review at Martin Place Bar.
  • #Fabric @ Martin Place Bar (From 15th March)
    For lack of a better attendance. It’s suspected that going at it alone is proving difficult for Syndicate Events, with the EDM ‘movement’ not gaining enough traction in Sydney Asian clubbing to warrant a weekly profitable event. Review
  • Kinki @ King St Hotel
    (Syndicate) Not sure why it went down as it was always popular. I think the collaboration of promoters decided to split and go their own ways Regardless, RIP.
  • Flow Fridays @ The Den (Ivy) [Syndicate]
    Short lived resurrection of the Flow Friday at the Ivy had relatively good reviews but has since stopped in Feb 2014.
  • Bamboo@ Pontoon Bar
    Bad reviews, people already sick of the venue due to Syndicate’s perfect event being there prior – it didn’t last long.
  • AM Nightclub @ Dynasty (End Nov 2013)
    A short 3 or 4 week run after heavy promotion and it was gone. Rumours were that liquor licence problems plagued the event.
  • Black Fridays @ The Vault
    As of 8th Nov 2013 the event has been no longer promoted, and assumed stopped by the promoters. I think any event held here at the Vault is doomed to failure purely due to the location.
  • Shanghai Nights @ Space Nightclub  (Urban Agent, Infinity) – Closed in October 2013
    After a short stint at Space, it was finally closed in October/Nov 2013 and has been moved to Pontoon Bar where it has been rebadged as “Bamboo” name. Urban Agent are now the official “pop up” club promoters in Sydney; I just can’t keep track anymore.
  • Perfect Nights @ Pontoon Bar (Syndicate, et al.) (RIP August 2013)
    This was the biggest hotspot on Friday, and now it is the biggest surprise closure of the year. Rumours suggest the slow decline of RnB and internal conflict as a factor. Huge gap to be filled. The location has been replaced by Bamboo (by rival promotion company Urban Agent) since. The promoters have downscaled their replacement event ‘Flow Fridays’ to The Den @ Ivy Bar. This is not the Flow Fridays as of 3 years ago at Equilibrium.

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