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On May 16, 2008, in Privilege, RnB, by James Tran

Why did we go?
Usually mention Privilege and me and Brojo laugh. Some people love this place. Brojo, an, and myself however have certain reservations about it. A while ago I saw my uncle here. The last time I tried to enter with my “free before 11pm” pass, it was rejected as it was 11:10 on her mobile phone while the time on my phone (and watch) said 10:50.

We were at St James having a drink and chatting up Ashley and Srey. They mentioned Privilege. Me and Brojo laughed. Then they stood up and started to leave for Privilege!! I had a sick feeling my stomach as we obediently followed them to Privilege..

About Privilege Bar (Club Level)
Location: 70 King Street (Corner of King & George Streets), Ground level of Blacket Hotel
Websites: http://www.theblacket.com/hotel_nightclub.asp , http://www.myspace.com/privilegebar
Inside: Walking downstairs, we are presented with the bar. On the left is the DJ, some podiums. On the right some seats. In the middle is the crowd. The entire place is dark, the music loud, and hot.

About Lotus
Crowd: Asian
Dress Code: Casual. My dirty white shoes got in.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: Free before 10:30, $15 Guestlist, $20 non-guestlist
Atmosphere: Dark, loud music with some seediness thrown in. Fun when the dancers come up to perform.

Ashley knew an organiser and we managed to skip the line and go straight in. Brojo had to stay in line and joined us about 30 minutes later.

The mood killer circle
So we got in and formed a little circle. Me, Srey, Ashley and Sophie at first. Later Brojo, an and Brojo2 join in the affray. I hate circles when I’m trying to crack onto a girl, as everyone else is watching… mostly it was dancing with Srey.. a few twists, twirls and what not.. but it wasn’t enough. She had some nice moves.. but the environment was too loud to push the mood fruther, but at best hold it. Cant even hold a decent conversation. The dancefloor is a mood killer.

Brojo’s friend (on crack?) raids the circle
A girl Brojo knows jumps through our circle and does some grinding etc etc.. very provocative. Her eyes were closed suggesting she was either drunk, high or on some form of pill. I would hazard a guess at pil. It was really difficult to tell if she was sober or not. After she finished Brojo, she wanted to dance with Sophie but Sophie didnt want it. She then did some grinding with me. She probably wasn’t a slut in reality but on the dance moves suggested otherwise. She’s probably a female version of me but without looking like i’ve sniffed something. Cool girl.

another crazy visitor to the circle
We agreed the next person to walk through the circle would be subject to our little game. I would call it “crush the piggy in the middle as long as they’re crushable and unlikely to fight back”. A few really big guys and angry looking girls went through. Then suddenly I spotted a guy slowly dancing happily. He looked intoxicated. I slowly invited him to the circle. Then we all went “Crush!!”. We surrounded him and jumped up and down as though he were our next sacrifice to the Aztec gods. He then starts to crack onto the girls, and tries some moves. He even did some pushups as part of the routine… I found it funny but a bit awkward.

All the while heaps of guys were checking out / cracking onto Srey and Ashley. Couldnt help but feel a bit jealous. I think I will find a girlfriend who doesnt go to nightclubs.. (ha)

They played sexual healing. I jumped onto one of the two podiums and did some pretty esoteric moves. Then a security guard kicked me off. I was kicked off for the two dancers, who appeared once every two hours during the night to break things up. They were a healthy distration I suppose. They looked Filipino.. but just standing there gawking at them made me feel insignificant. I was jealous.

Good choice, can’t complain. The DJs played just the best bits of a song and move on to the next song as a usual Rnb DJ does. I only didnt like that when they only allowed two repeititions of the Soulja Boy Tellem chorus to play so that we could do the little dance in our circle. We were also getting deaf from the loud music blasting from the speakers that were only 1 or 2 metres away from us at all angles. he small room didnt allow much escape for the ears.

We got hungry and left. I probably won’t visit again for a while.

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