Sunday night. I can’t sleep – I could read a book… or… I CAN GO OUT!! It wasn’t an easy decision to make, believe me. Anyway it wasn’t a long weekend, so I narrowed my choices to either Roxy’s at Parramatta or somewhere in the cross. The cross was easier – so I woke up an unlucky friend out of bed off we went – arriving at the cross Hugo’s seemed to be the only place open tonight, so here we go!


 Sneaky Sundays @ Hugo’s Lounge
Assessment Time: 1:10AM – 2:30AM
Opening Hours: Open throughout early evening to late (closing time unknown)
Lockout: Unknown
Address: 33 Bayswater Road, Kings cross (Upstairs and opposite World Bar/Candy’s Apartment – Don’t confuse this with the entrance to TheClub, which is on street level and in front of Hugo’s Lounge)
Venue Website:
Event Website:
Occurrence: Every Sunday since 1999
Outside Line: No line at arrival
Dress Code / Door Policy: At least smart casual here, lest you be declined entry at the door. If you even wore casual and managed to get in, you would look out-of-place here tonight, so dress your best
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free at the time of arrival.
Guestlist: N/A

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A friend was coming here for the return of this once off event on Boxing Day. I couldn’t think of any other place to go tonight, as it was a Sunday. I’ve always been unsatisfied with dance events held at Pumphouse (moreso than others) so I have come in with low expectations.. here we go!

Pumphouse Crowd Main Floor 1:15AM

Pumphouse Crowd Main Floor II

Mix @ Pumphouse
Assessment Time: 11:30PM – 02:40AM
Opening Hours: 10/10.30 – 3/4AM?
Lockout: Didn’t appear to be a lockout when we left.
Address: 17 Little Pier St, Darling Harbour, Sydney. It is right next to the Entertainment Centre.
Venue Website:
Promoter Website:
Occurrence: Tonight was a relaunch of the event, but at time of writing it is unknown whether it is a regular event.
Outside Line: There wasn’t much of a line at all. There were 3 patrons in front of us lining up. Very quick.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Most attire is accepted tonight. Most girls dressed well with heels. Guys were a mix of collared shirts and normal t-shirts with jeans. Hats were allowed in here. Chucks / sneakers are allowed. It’s a very casual scene tonight.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $15 for pre-sale tickets. Otherwise $25 at the door.
Guestlist: I’m not sure. This appeared to be a pre-paid ticketed event and not a guestlisted event.
Inside: Entry is through the side of the covered patio on ground level. The cloak room can be found here. Walk to your left into the main open area to a wooden dancefloor to hold around 150 people. Various lounges line the 2 walls. A stairwell on the left and the sole bar to the right cover the other two walls. Overhead along three walls is Level 1, where the DJ is positioned as well as extra chairs, lounges and patio. You are able to look down upon the crowd from here. Smoking take place outside the entrance.
Cloak Room: $3 per item. Perfect.
Bar Prices / Line: You would have to wait 1 or 2 orders before you got your turn here. Around a 5 minute wait. Prices unknown.
DJs: Moto, Edo, Biggie, Bonniez, Flipsta, Stunna
Music Style: Tonight is American contemporary RnB, and the DJ list reflects this. There are also some house songs and old school 90’s and 00’s RnB songs thrown in. There wasn’t anything to complain about here, it was a good safe typical rnb mix of songs.
Crowd & Ratio: Crowd is mostly Asian Australian. Age would be low 20’s to high 20’s on average, from what I could ascertain. There are also some regular dancers here who show off their dancing at times. Ratio wise, there were of course more guys than girls here, but just enough girls to not become a sausage fest.
Entertainment: MC Phili to keep things going.
Atmosphere: The dancefloor is busy throughout the night. Upstairs is pretty dead throughout, even though it is open access to all patrons. Most people kept to themselves here – the socialising was done outside.
Video: 370 view from the corner of the dancefloor
YouTube Preview Image

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We on a boat - sydney harbour bridge cruise

Sydney Habour Bridge - 'We on a Boat' Cruise

Friends invited me onto this cruise – A reggae/funk dance cruise – I’ve never been on a day cruise and I’ve never been to a reggae event – so I put on my Mexican outfit and off we went – here we go!

We on a Boat – The Lady Rose Catamaran
Cruise Times: 1pm to 6pm
Course sailed: Departing King St Wharf, Darling Harbour, the boat sailed north then East under the harbour Bridge, past the Opera house to hang about Jackson’s bay, circling around the entire course twice before coming back to King St Wharf.
Weather Conditions: Sunny throughout the entire cruise. Humidity low and it was warm enough to not be afraid of massive sunburn.
Dress Code / Door Policy: anything goes. Most people wore casual shirts, shorts. I had worn a mexican sombrero complete with my homemade poncho
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Tickets were available from Moshtix for $35 plus booking fee. At the door they were $40 or $50 I believe.
On Board Inside: This was a 2 level boat with a 3rd roof top level. Today, as the event was not sold out, only the bottom and rooftop level were open.
Cloak Room: None available. There were not many people anyway so there wasnt too much risk in leaving stuff lying around.
Bar: Didn’t drink today.
DJs: Nick Toth, JC, Levins, Fasmwa, Naiki, Di Tha DJ, Mickey Morphingaz
Music: Reggae and Dancehall on the top level the whole time. On the bottom level was also the same, with some funk and old school rnb thrown in.
Crowd: About half the crowd were Africans, and the rest of the crowd were split between whites and a contigent of asian dancers who were here, I am guessing, for the modern rnb, but of course, did not get it. Various ages between young and old. Mostly late 20’s or 30s.
Entertainment: There were MCs on both the rooftop deck and the bottom level. Often the MC would call upon the ladies to jump in front of the DJ to participate in games such as booty shaking competitions, grinding competitions, and reggae dancing styles. It’s truly amazing to see girls out there willing to participate in these games sober. All the men love it.
Atmosphere: Top level was relaxed party. People are dancing about on the chairs and on the floor, but in a way that can only be achieved by playing reggae and dancehall. (It’s hard to explain, you probably have had to be there to know what I mean) Most of the people were here for a dancing good time, and only a handful of people were sitting down the whole time. On the bottom level was different, as it was totally dead for most of the cruise. There was on average about five to ten people at the same time on the floor. At peak, the asian dance contigent started to dance when the funk music came out, and they pretty much had half the boat attendees gaping in awe as they go about their dance moves.

Top Level

Top Level - We on a Boat Reggae Cruise

Breakdancers Bottom Level

Breakdancers Bottom Level

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Sunday @ Candys Apartment

I don’t remember much here. I came here with M and entry was $10.

I don’t even remember why we were here. It was a terrible idea, because I was so tired from the night before.

There was about 20-30 people in here, it was less dead than the other places out there at least.

My jacket and hat also got stolen. I left it on the seats, and I danced for a few songs. I came back and they were gone. Security nor the place did not have it.


Yes, partially my fault for not putting it in the cloak room, but still, if these type of people come to this club then its depressing.

Night was ruined. So Tired.

Music was alright. Some house techno thing going on.

Candy’s Apartment on Sundays – 2/10 because the people in here are fucking dodgy and steal your stuff. If I left my stuff in a packed asian clubs it wouldn’t have been stolen.

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Here for a birthday on a Sunday – here we go!

Sundayze @ The Albion

Assessment Time: 8pm-Midnight
Address: 135 George St, Parramatta
Dress Code: Casual ok. Most guys wore t-shirts, and girls wore dresses.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free
Guestlist: n/a
Inside: Courtyard was open only tonight. Small narrow dancefloor on the side to hold about 100 people.
Cloak Room: N/a
Bar: One bar
DJ: DJ Jorgie Jay, DJ Fresh & DJ Adrian Allan
Music: House, RnB, Pop
Crowd: Dominantly European and Middle Eastern. Some Aussies and no Asians except for us. Lots of men with tight t-shirts on showing off their muscles. It’s gross.
Entertainment: n/a
Atmosphere: Dead early, but just like any normal nightclub, people did not dance until around 10:30, but after that it got pretty packed in the small dance area. In the courtyard it was bustling, with most tables occupied. It was a good atmosphere later in the night.

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Sunday night – our last night in the Gold Coast. Sin City is apparently the place to be. It also happens to be the ‘sister’ nightclub of “The Bedroom” Nightclub, which we visited the night before, and enjoyed.

A guestlist was submitted, and again as previous night, we had a truckload of drinks before we left, so here we go!

Sin City Nightclub
Assessment Time: 11:30pm – 1:45am
Address: 22 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD
Dress Code: Casual OK.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: I’m not sure. $10 I believe. Free on guestlist. Free entry before 11pm if you obtained a voucher. Vouchers are obtained from a stand outside the club., making the whole process irrelevant.
Guestlist: A friend submitted the guestlist through the website. Guestlist also includes 3 free drink vouchers.
Inside: Walk in and you are faced with a seated area. To the right is the dancefloor that could hold about 100 people or less. Two podiums on either end. Elevated standing areas along one walls, and a DJ booth along the other wall. At the back is the bar, with lounges on either side. 2 or 3 VIP areas are in the very back corner.
Music: Commercial House
Bar: $50 Fishbowl Long Island Teas. Awesome. Waitresses in skimpy outfits. Double awesome. Photos below.
Crowd: Locals and tourists. Mixed nationalities tonight of Aussies, Euros, Asians and Indians. For some reason there were quite a few guys in here, I would say a 70/30 ratio of guys to girls in here.
Atmosphere: For a Sunday night, it was quite good. By midnight the bar and dancefloor were pretty packed. You could easily confuse it for a Saturday night out. People were pretty friendly too.

Walkthrough Video of Sin City Nightclub (Sunday):
YouTube Preview Image

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Assessment Time: Sunday – Got in 11pm, left 1.30am
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free Entry (everything else around the cross was free entry as well).
Attire: Casual allowed.
Door policy: Asians definitely allowed in on Sundays – the crowd was dominantly caucasian.
Music was House. Commercial tunes and other electro-like stuff.
Atmosphere was very loud, and high energy – It was probably 40-50% capacity but didn’t feel too empty, it was busier than any other places we checked out tonight. Fairly busy, but the side room was closed, as it was a sunday. Was with some guys and we parked at a spot at the back at one of the lounges. Ratio of women to men was good, until around 1am where it just became a sausage fest.


I haven’t been dancing friday/saturday and I had real itchy feet. Danced with a guy – and he loved it, he was dancing out back so we went to the front and danced with.. more guys, who were also loving my dancing. Girls weren’t very willing to dance with me for some reason.. hmm

I found an empty spot on the floor and did some dancing. A bunch of women  nearby were impressed. But instead of dancing with me, they cheered me on. I wanted some grinding damnit! This was the case most of the night, and we just got tired and left 1.30am.

This is a good place for pure dancing on a Sunday night – since everything else is closed. Possibly Moulin rRuge would be the alternative for dancing but I have yet to check it out on a Sunday.