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On December 5, 2011
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For a Monday night its probably one of the best options you have for a club experience. Cheap booze, friendly crowd, but expect to get pretty dirty.

A Monday night dinner takes a turn for the (better/worse) as we accidentally drank too much and decided to go clubbing. The only decent venue that people recommended tonight was.. Scubar. Yuuck!! However it’s been said that  it’s good on a Monday, so let’s give it a shot. Here we go!

Scubar Sydney Downunder – Monday night

Mondays @ Scubar Sydney Australia
Assessment Time: 10:30PM – 12:15AM
Opening Hours: Midday – 03:00AM
Lockout: Unknown
Address: 4 Rawson Place, Sydney central (Next to the YHA Central) Google maps:
Venue Website:
Promoter Website: Self promoted
Occurrence: Every Monday (The venue is open everyday)
Outside Line: There was a LINE outside. Omg, people lining up to get inside Scubar, what is this madness? Line was about 15 people deep and took about an equivalent 10-15 minutes to get in as it was already at capacity.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Pretty casual today, most people were casual. Didn’t spot anyone with hats. Thongs are a no no, even here.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night
Guestlist: N/A
Inside: Walk downstairs underground to enter the entire scubar. On the left is the bar attended by 2 or 3 people. Standing room and tables for about 40 or so people. In front and to the right is the dancefloor area. Its quite small in comparison to proper clubs, but tonight it seems to be holding quite a number of people to the tune of around 60-100 people.
Cloak Room: None
Bar Prices / Line: $5 foster cans. This must be one of the last places on earth that you can buy Foster cans, because I definitely don’t know where else I can buy them. 4x Jagerbombs + 4x Tequilas = $66.

Bathroom Facilities: Not utilised.
Eviction Count: None spotted.
DJs: Unknown
Music Style: Top 40, Pop, Classic Retro hits.
Crowd: Mostly backpackers today of many, many nationalities. Ages vary between 18 to 30 somethings.
Ratio: More guys than girls here, for sure. There are about 65% -70% guys. Kept the same throughout my time here.
Entertainment: No extra entertainment
Atmosphere: The first impression was again, jesus this place is packed to the max. Not just the dancefloor, but the standing bar areas, podiums, etc as well. Everyone is chatting, drinking, or dancing. It’s surprisingly not as messy as I thought either, compared to say, Side Bar, which always manages to get a slippery floor. The DJ tonight is playing a safe choice of music that everybody knows and sings along to. Makes for a good vibe here. Shame about the many guys around.
Video: Music Sample / Tour (Forgot my camera so I resorted to my 8MP shithouse mobile phone thing)
YouTube Preview Image

Everyone is already coupled up
When you walk in on the scene, people are already making out and doing bad things. It’s only 11PM. I think this is just the backpacker way of doing things. Already people were hitting on our female company. I think one of them was indicating to me to save her from this good looking drunk guy, but I left her to writher in the grasp of the guys arms and advances. It’s quite funny. Eventually though she was saved.

The brownside to dancing in cramped conditions
Places that are packed, are always fun. So we’re having a fun time, and someone decided to drop a huge fart near where we were standing. Kind of sucked as we then had to move somewhere else. Seriously if you have to fart, don’t do it on the dancefloor. It’s so gross, and everybody starts blaming each other. This is how wars start.

Friends had work tomorrow and had to leave. WEAK SAUCE. I had to drive one of them home so I had to leave as well.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation
As much as I thought Scubar was a disgusting place to go, it’s actually not too bad for a Monday night, consdering there is really.. nothing much else out there that is open and full of people.

I would recommend you to come here if you want to mingle it up with backpackers / fellow party people on a Monday night. It’s close to buses/taxis/Central station for your ride home, just in time for work/uni/school the next day. Nothing to lose for free entry anyway.

If you wanted something classy – this place IS NOT for you. Save the LBD for another day.

Tonight’s rating for the backpacking party animal- 6.5/10

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