Best clubs in Sydney (on weeknights)

If you have a good weekday place to add here, please let me know!


Roxy (Parramatta)

Come here for a night of dance. It gets very packed and goes off. Closes at midnight though. RnB and wogs galore. Price unknown.

Sneaky Sundays @ Hugos Lounge

I hate to recommend this uptight place but it draws the crowd and seems to be the only good place in the Sydney City region. Dress well. Consider Goldfish lounge down the road as well if you aren’t too energetic.


Scubar Downunder
Description: A very small bar. I don’t even consider this a club but to be honest this is the only place that is decent for a dance and atmosphere.Mondays (and possibly Tuesdays) appear to be the only nights where this place actually has a LINE to get inside! Monday is the big one though. You might not believe me but, believe me, there is a long line to get in.

This is honestly the only real place that is worthwhile going to that I know of. Sydney is shit like that on a Monday night. All the backpackers are told to come here when they visit Sydney.

Cost: Free entry.
Tip: Come earlier to catch crab racing, it’s the sickest.

Review: Mondays @ Scubar Downunder Sydney


I got no idea, since The Gaff closed a while back.


Scary Canary

It’s cheap drinks, and full of backpackers. Party tunes all night.

Maybe: The Eastern at Bondi Junction used to go off on Wednesdays but promoters have moved shop to Soho late 2012. I don’t know how either place is at the moment. You can give it a stab.


Hot Damn! @ Q Bar
Great local hangout down on Oxford St. Costs $20 but its a fairly large space with good tunes as well as another room of heavy rock beats. Sweaty and loud with cheap drinks.

Thursdays @ Ivy Bar
Free entry, frequented by backpackers and suits who want to start the weekend early. Pop, RnB, EDM playing, and the evening I went, it was packed throughout the whole night. Drinks are expensive though and as it is open air, expect to come home smelling like cigarettes.

Greenwood Hotel (North Sydney)
For the teenagers living north of the Harbour Bridge, Thursday is the big night out here. Some of the older folk call it “Teenwood”.

          The Coolroom at the Australian Brewery

Yet to visit this place but it appears to draw a very packed local crowd out West with decent DJs


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  1. Jenny Trinh says:

    Wednesday are the best at SIDE BAR full of backpackers and lots of fun.
    <3 mz Jen Hakkuh

  2. Matt says:

    Great post. With time, hopefully we can fill it out a bit more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tuesday there is the Coyote Tuesday at the trademarket hotel close to Kings Cross

  4. Anonymous says:

    u been to bounce in the ct? when will it open in one month since its irregular friday night…….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tuesday: coyote tuesday has the wet t-shirt competition.. check it out!

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