Always wanted to go here. Last time I lined up but the line was like an hour long. So tonight was another chance to go. Had some predrinks and off we went – here we go!

Starfuckers (SF) @ Club 77, Kings Cross / Potts Point – Saturday 30th Mar 2013

A longstanding event known for its messiness and gay friendly crowd.

Crowd at 1:30AM

Crowd at 1:30AM

Opening Hours:
10:00PM – 6:00AM

77 William Street, Woolloomooloo (Potts Point / Kings Cross)

Venue Website:

Event Website:,

Self promoted?

Every Saturday since March 2006.

Dress Code / Door Policy:
There is no strict door policy at all. Singlets, shorts are welcome. Sneakers and dirty shoes are fine too. People wore hats inside, while I just had jeans, a t-shirt and my Easter Bunny ears on. Quite the casual affair.

So basically leave your collared shirt and white shoes at home.

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
$20 at the door. (we got in at Midnight)



Cloak Room:
Couldn’t find one / Not available.

Assessment Time
12:00AM- 3:30AM

Outside Line:
We were welcomed by a crossdressing easter bunny. The line only had 5 or 6 people when we got here and we were in within 5 minutes. This was surprising because last time I tried to line up here, the place was at capacity and the line wait was about 1 hour.

Walk down underground to enter the rear of the club. To the left are lounges and the bar. The right side of the place has two or three big sofas as well, with the main dancefloor in a lower and upper part. The lower part holds 25-30 people while the upper part is a mini square-like/stage that can also hold 20-30 people. Behind this podium, at the far end of the club, is the DJ booth. Adjacent to the DJ booth on the right are the ladies bathroom is a small smoking area. To the left is a dancing cage for 2-3 people, and a pinball machine.

Previous porn mag decorations of penises and vaginas since my last visit (of which i rated it 0/10) have been rid of, and now the walls around the bathrooms are quite empty and boring.

Bar Prices / Line: (
Didn’t drink here tonight, but the line was always looking short. With three bartenders at the helm you wouldn’t have to wait long.

Bathroom Facilities:
A bit “wet” on the floor.

Starfuckers – The trio include Mr Disorder, DJ Hookie, DJ Trentertainment

Music Style:
Self classified as “Pump” music, it is what it is, music that pumps the crowd up to a dancing frenzy. It’s a mix of commercial house, electronica, trap fused house (think Harlem Shake), dubstep, and I suppose bass-laden remixes of some hip hop and commercial house tracks. Throughout the night most of the tracks were loud and heavy enough to .. no refuse to dance to.

A young crowd. Teenagers, low 20’s. Mostly local Aussies / Caucasians from wherever they may be from. A handful of Asians and other minorities that would be the ethnic mix. It’s also a gay friendly club, so there are a fair number of gay and lesbians as well partying it up. Most of the girls we spoke with were pretty much lesbians and quite friendly, while the straight girls were with their long term or 2 hour boyfriends that night and not so friendly. More straight guys than gay ones in here.

Sadly she was lesbian

A lesbian

Also quite a bit of the time every time I brought out the camera, there was always some dude who was mad enough to ninja the photo or wave madly in front of a camera. It’s so different to the Asian clubs. Most of the people here danced proper to the song and not sway around as in other top 40 musical clubs. It’s great.

(if you didn’t realise it was gay friendly, the stamp should tell you)

Club stamps

Club stamps

During midnight – 1:30AM it was about 60:40 guys to girls, but by 3AM it was 5 guys to 1 girl

No extra entertainment. Just a photographer roaming around.

Entering the place at midnight, I was expecting a larger crowd, but it was only about half full. People are all congregated near the front on the podium and the immediate area around it. The crowd slowly picks up and people are trickling in throughout the night, so there are always people around here.

Dancing near the DJ on the bathroom side , you will be exposed to the cigarette smoke from the smoking room, so keep in mind. The floor is disgusting with spilled drinks and muddy things. Despite this there was someone without shoes on dancing away. Totes gross. Also the music is pretty loud here, so you will leave the club with ringing ears, with or without earplugs. Also tonight it was cool though I am sure on busier nights it would be very heated and sweaty in here.
Overall it’s an overtly dark atmosphere, with a few flashing lights and a projector promoting their event and the lifestyle of SF. The darkness is perfect for make out sessions in here.

Crowd probably peaked at 1:30AM in terms of ratio and population. From then on it was more of a guys-hanging-around kind of crowd. Despite this, people were still dancing at it throughout the night.

Music sample throughout the night.
YouTube Preview Image

Upon Departure
Left because it got a bit too sausagey for me. I still enjoyed the music and would’ve gone longer otherwise. I left with a slight ciggie smell, but not much sweat if any.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation
Great music I thought, but my radio friendly friends were only half into it, since they weren’t familiar at all, and that they were girls too. They would have liked more top 40 songs, but that’s how some people are.

Otherwise, they still enjoyed the night. I would have expected more people but the turn out tonight was still respectable, and the crowd that was there, were still quite friendly and here for a good dance.

Starfuckers @ Club 77 – 7.0/10

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