Today’s Lockout Laws // Less updates

As you know, reviews have been absent. I’ve moved to a place where there is literally no good nightclubs or bars. That said, lockout laws have pretty much also killed the diversity of the clubbing scene and pretty much killed the regularity of the blog too. It is truly a shame for the majority of the clubbing public. The effects were something that was felt 2-3 weeks immediately after implentation. In a few more years I would imagine the party culture will be entirely shifted to earlier nights at the cocktail bar for the 25+ crowd and more house parties for the rest of the younger folk. We will be stuck with the large mega clubs and a handful of core smaller clubs. Boutiques outside of the CBD just won’t survive.

About the website

I hope this website can help expand your knowledge of the other club venues out there you can discover. Don’t treat it like a bible, but consider it another source of opinion.

Negative reviews
When planning your night out, do take my negative reviews with a grain of salt. I try to be objective in reviews but if I have had a bad night, then I have had a bad night.

What I look for in a club event

Music: Dance-able to,  minimal repeating of songs. Competent DJ/s who can sustain energy and vibe via superb mixing.

Atmosphere: Friendly. Crowd is into it and seemingly enjoying it. Even ratio. with a skew of tolerance to upto 70:30 male: female. More than this and it doesn’t seem as fun anymore.  Dark but not seedy atmosphere.

Dancefloor: Not too packed. If it is a bit dead I can handle it so long as the other two points above exist. Every dancer needs a little space 🙂

Other Factors: Zero of cheap cover charge that is value for money. Seating arrangements. Short lines at bars/ATM/Bathroom. Cloak Room services. Dress Code. Relaxed security procedures (meaning the venue rarely has troubles). Entertainment. Lighting… etc.

That said ..  It doesn’t really matter where you go – if you want a good time, go out with friends who are not afraid to dance, mingle and drink if required. Enjoy the night as it is.

To Promoters

Review information can be modified/updated if incorrect, however experiences and opinion from the particular night unfortunately cannot be removed or modified. A general chat about life is always welcome as well.

Threatening emails will be ignored.


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