Rise @ Bligh Bar (Opening Night)

On November 24, 2007, in Bligh Bar, House, RnB, by James Tran

an opening night needs something special to attract people. Something enticing..

[Bligh Hotel / Bar]
2a Bligh St, City (http://www.thebligh.com.au)
Bligh is a small sized venue, and is basically a bar during the day. On entry are stools and tables. There is an open floor area at the back with some side lounges. DJ booth at the back. It’s a nice venue.

[ Rise @ Bligh Bar ]
Entry: $15, Free if on guestlist organised before midnight.
Occurence: Monthly
Crowd: Euro
Music: RnB and Dance
Atmosphere:  Despite the nice venue it was lacking a bit of something – enough people.

$100 entry
“It’s $100 to enter”
(huge eyes) “Wha?!”
“…unless you strip!”
I did some lame nipple touch I think. She was having a bet with one of the guys whether I would really strip for free entry! Fun people. I should have been more slutty.

Not many people turned up, I would say about 20 to 30 people were in the club. Nobody was on the floor. I did a bit of prancing but I didnt even last half a song. It was terrifying knowing people were staring at you. Eventually around past midnight the floor picked up and about 8 people were dancing.. which made the place actually look busy. Perhaps it was the small floor. The floor had a huge blue circle light thing which made it uber cool.

One of the girls from the main group there took a photo with me. She obviously liked my dance. So did her boyfriend who took the photo. I didn’t ask for a copy to be sent to me.

Around 12.15am.. the floor was empty again. Such a shame. Normal RnB songs were playing. Shelly was bored and didnt want to dance too much with me. I danced to some of the Lil Jon songs then we left.  Didn’t get to find out what house songs they were going to play.

We lasted 45 minutes.

[Coda ]
I would not come here alone. Come with someone who likes to dance or doesnt mind a tiny crowd. Wouldn’t recommend it yet to anybody though. Perhaps in the future with more promotion this will be a great event for a matching venue.


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  1. […] point in time I can’t recommend this place. Bligh Bar seems to be a magnet for mediocre to craptacular events. It might be the venue or promotions, but it’s not good for the opening […]

  2. James says:

    Klassic Nights has now closed. Organisers have moved to Haymarket Hotel where it currently enjoys consistently packed Saturday nights. Of course, will check it out one day…

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