Summer Luau @ Space

On November 30, 2007, in Hip Hop, RnB, Space (Sydney), Trance, by James Tran

I was planning to go to V Bar. The email said “Free before 12PM” (Of course, they meant AM). Then within the email there was another mention of “Free before 12PM”. However there was another mention of “Free before 10.30 and discounted entry thereafter before 12” I sent a guestlist in with the copied and pasted “Free before 12pm”. I was notified entry was free only before 10.30PM, with discounted entry thereafter before 12 “PM”.

Wuz and Jon were going to Space. Jon was going to pay for entry. I really had no other option, I was too lazy to check out another club.

[Summer Luau @ Space]
Cover Charge – $25
Crowd: Asian
Atmosphere: Okay. Loud.
Extras: Everybody got a Luau on entry

[Timeline] (Midnight onwards)
So we line up. The line went progressively fast. Unusual . On entry it wasn’t packed as other nights. I was given an Orange Luau, but I stole Wuz’s pink one and combined the two to make a super Luau headband thing with rat-tail. It was super cool.

I hear two girls behind me:
Haha how funny.

The trance floor was empty, surrounded by people too scared to step on. So I jumped right in and did some footwork. I could hear everyone cheering on! I never felt so free. Then another guy jumped in to dance it up with me. Wow this was fun! The song ended and we hi-5’d. I was dead tired from that.

Rnb room was pretty busy. There was a catwalk like podium right at the front. anyone could jump up. Mostly the brave ones went up.. myself.. Jason (again!) and some other crazy fellas. I was so attracted to the trance area as the rnb was too crowded for me.

Eventually we left 1.30ish. Wuz and Jon got bored.

It was a good night only cause I got to wear the Luau things!


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