mixing in with the crowd at Space

Mixing in with the Crowd at the "119" event at Space Nightclub

Before you ask ‘Why are you here at Space??’ Well, I got free entry. If you haven’t been to Space before, well read on!!

119 ‘Chocolate Party’ @ Space Nightclub

Assessment Time: 11pm-12:30am
Opening Hours: 10:30pm-3:00am
Lockout: None
Website: http://www.club119.com http://www.infinityproductionz.com (as of April 2010 the websites are not up yet)
Address: 127 Liverpool St, Sydney (as of April 16th 2010 the venue has moved to St James Hotel)
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual OK. I had dress shoes, a collared shirt and jeans
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 Full cover charge. Tonight I got free entry.
Guestlist: Info@infinityproductionz.com
Inside: Take the elevator to the third level of the building. Doors open and you are now looking into the chill out room. It’s fairly large and there are tables and stools, and lots of standing area. A bar is in the middle and on the otherside is the main DJ/dance area. In this room there is a room/hall to hold a good 750 people or so. Almost as big as the main floor at Home Nightclub. Minimal lounges around the walls.
Cloak Room: Yes, there was one offered. Pricing unknown.
Bar: One bar to service the whole club, which was enough.
DJs: Edo/Normz/Jun/D-Kutz/Siera/Kai
Music: Contemporary RnB and some Hip Hop
Crowd: Everyone here was asian. Mix of local and fobs
Entertainment: Just an MC to keep things going
Atmosphere: Chill out room was dead. Main floor was reasonably good and busy. Initially as we got in, it was dead (11pm) but it picked up a bit later.

Video: Walkthrough of Space
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About Perfect
Music: RnB, Trance, House
Crowd: Asian
Dress Code: Casual
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $20
Occurence: Every Friday, Saturday
Atmosphere: Packed

After leaving Verandah (Free entry.. it was pretty dead but scored some free drinks from the organiser for dancing) we arrived at St. James at around 1am. Way past prime time…

Sneaking in
Brojo and I were off our faces (well I was) and somehow went past security without being rejected. We walked in and moved some chairs aside and snuck through inside.. bypassing the counter.

My personal booty dancer
Some african american girls were dancing on the bottom floor entry.. I went up in my drunken state and just grinded on her. Bad move.. but somehow she liked it and started grinding back… my god she had a huge ass. She then moved backwards like a tractor and I couldnt stop her.. she kept grinding me all the way to the bar.. then grinded me some more. I was totally shocked.

Couldnt get upstairs to RNB
We went upstairs but there was an line to go upstairs. Unbelievable. We didn’t bother and went back downstairs, where the music turned from old school RNB to trance.

Leaving early
At around 2am we left.. didn’t even last one hour in the hot hole. We were all fatigued from the karaoke and drinking which lasted the hours prior to arriving here.

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Saturday night 8th June 2008 …

We were looking for an RNB club to go to. The only options we could think of were an event at Establishment, or St James Hotel. The Establishment event looked not so good from outside, but we couldn’t tell. The others probably wanted a more asian crowd, and St James was really the only option.

I asked someone how it was inside St James. “Crowded”, “Hot” were the common responses. I was pretty tired and wasn’t really feeling like going in, especially as it was 12:30am. A few minutes of deliberation, and we eventually just went in.
About Neverland @ St James Hotel
Music: RNB new and old school, House
Crowd: Asian
Dress Code: Casual
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $25 After Midnight
Occurence: Once off
Atmosphere: Packed

Paid the $25. I felt ripped off. Spotted Vladimir (not his real name, but I don’t really know it – I wonder what a typical Filo name would be) and said a quick Hi. I didn’t really spot anyone else that night.

Went to the upstairs RNB room, and it was jam packed. We found a little spot in front of the DJ booth near the fan – the only fan in the whole room. Disgusting.

The main RNB room.
The fan is in the far corner below the TV

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