Civic Hotel Underground

Civic Hotel Underground Pit Dance Area

Saturday. I am to play catchup with a friend, and he is at Civic Hotel, so here we go!

Adult Disco @ Civic Underground
Assessment Time: 01:35-01:45AM
Address: 388 Pitt St, Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy:
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 we were told at the cashier, so we pretty much turned around to leave. She said “WAIT! WAIT!” and told us, that for the three of us, she would discount it to $15. This was surely a bad sign, but we did not notice. Before 11pm, entry is free.
Guestlist: None that I could find.
Occurence: Every Saturday
Inside: This place is of similar size of the Favela upstairs component. You walk in to the bar area with sofas and tables arranged in the same manner as a dine-in saloon restaurant in america. The dancefloor is in a pit, in the far back left corner, to hold about 80 people. It’s not very big.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: Did not drink
DJs: Unknown
Music: “Adult Disco” was the name of the event tonight. What kind of music was this? This was some really underground funky house music they were playing. Not commercial friendly at all, but even so, it was absolutely not danceable to at all. Ugh, but some patrons here were enjoying it. The short time I was here, I just felt my mojo being drained away from me. You can listen to the music in the video below.
Crowd: Definitely just adults. Lots of people in their 20’s, maybe 30’s. Mostly wogs/aussies.
Entertainment: No extra curricular things here.
Atmosphere: Dark, confined and not feeling the vibe at all.
Video: 360
YouTube Preview Image

In and out faster than a premature guy
Walked in and realised how shit the music was. Was not feeling anything and I and friends pretty much felt ripped off. Took the videos and photos and left

Left to go to Shark Hotel up the road, which has at least danceable music.

This place is not for the person who has only heard music via the radio. For me, I could not tolerate it.. Perhaps this music is truly underground, but for me it is absolutely undanceable to – and danceability (if that is a word) is what I am here for. It is though great music to sway side to side with. I suppose I was not the target audience they were seeking, so I can’t blame them. There was a audience though who likes this music as the floor was pretty packed.

For the punter who visits rnb/house clubs, I can’t recommend this place at all. If you are going to visit this place, get here early to avoid paying the entry fee.

Adult Disco @ Civic Underground: 2/10

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  1. anne says:

    one of my friends go to chinese laundry nearly all the time as well as heaps of civic underground club nights such as the likes of you shows. not sure if she went to adult disco tho. doubt it cos she hates disco. i reckon the venue itself draws a different crowd depending on the night.

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