Funky Buddha @ World Square Pub (Equilibrium): Saturday 26th December 2009

Assessment Time
: 23:45 – 1:30am??
Address: Address: 680 George St Sydney (Formerly Equilibrium)
Dress Code: Casual ok. Guys wore smart casual, girls wore dresses.
Door Policy: You will be rejected if you are a group of guys. You will be told to leave if there are not enough girls. This is apparently WSP policy. At least they’re honest.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: I forget. $20 I think.
Guestlist: See Website
Inside: Upstairs room to hold a small group of 200, dark. Also downstairs open area for Trance to hold 50 or so people. Well lit.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: $5 Gin and Tonics
Music: RnB upstairs, typical contemporary and classic songs. Downstairs area was the trance area, which was a welcome surprise.
Crowd: Almost entirely Asian
Entertainment: MC Upstairs
Atmosphere: Pretty packed. Pretty, pretty packed. The whole city was pretty packed – it always happens that Boxing Day never disappoints in terms of crowd attendance.


Can’t run away
The whole night I spent dancing with some friends. One of them really likes to dance with me. So much so, when I wavered to try and dance with other randoms, she would pull me back in and keep grinding with me. -.-

Was packed
But jesus it was packed. Upstairs was expected to be packed, but I was surprised to see downstairs trance to be packed as well! On Flow Fridays, downstairs is usually a chill area, but the guys at Funky Buddha have utilised the space for a trance dance spot, and its quite a sight to see, since the room itself is very well lit, compared to the very dark trance rooms ravers are used to. This added to the good vibe of tonight.

Yeah! A podium
How good is this. Upstairs there is a podium/catwalk thing with about 50 people dancing on it! The promoters have let us go up and do our thing. This was way better than Flow whom are ever so tight ass about people dancing up on stage.
I can’t remember what time we left, but it wasn’t closing, I think we were just tired.

Tonight’s Funky Buddha event was a once off at the WSP venue, but it was pulled off very well. Good music, great atmosphere and crowd. 9/10

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3 Responses to Funky Buddha @ World Square Pub: Saturday 26th December 2009

  1. Anonymous says:

    verandah bar does have a cloak room

  2. James says:

    Yes, Verandah Bar does have a cloak room, but tonight’s Funky Buddha was at World Square Pub

  3. […] since it was Boxing Day. Most of the crowd was at Equilibrium / World Square Pub [see review Funky Buddha once off at WSP] and Arthouse from what I hear, so it was a lot less crowded than usual. Bamboo is usually the last […]

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