mixing in with the crowd at Space

Mixing in with the Crowd at the "119" event at Space Nightclub

Before you ask ‘Why are you here at Space??’ Well, I got free entry. If you haven’t been to Space before, well read on!!

119 ‘Chocolate Party’ @ Space Nightclub

Assessment Time: 11pm-12:30am
Opening Hours: 10:30pm-3:00am
Lockout: None
Website: http://www.club119.com http://www.infinityproductionz.com (as of April 2010 the websites are not up yet)
Address: 127 Liverpool St, Sydney (as of April 16th 2010 the venue has moved to St James Hotel)
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual OK. I had dress shoes, a collared shirt and jeans
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 Full cover charge. Tonight I got free entry.
Guestlist: Info@infinityproductionz.com
Inside: Take the elevator to the third level of the building. Doors open and you are now looking into the chill out room. It’s fairly large and there are tables and stools, and lots of standing area. A bar is in the middle and on the otherside is the main DJ/dance area. In this room there is a room/hall to hold a good 750 people or so. Almost as big as the main floor at Home Nightclub. Minimal lounges around the walls.
Cloak Room: Yes, there was one offered. Pricing unknown.
Bar: One bar to service the whole club, which was enough.
DJs: Edo/Normz/Jun/D-Kutz/Siera/Kai
Music: Contemporary RnB and some Hip Hop
Crowd: Everyone here was asian. Mix of local and fobs
Entertainment: Just an MC to keep things going
Atmosphere: Chill out room was dead. Main floor was reasonably good and busy. Initially as we got in, it was dead (11pm) but it picked up a bit later.

Video: Walkthrough of Space
YouTube Preview Image

Main Room Space Nightclub Sydney

Main Room Space Nightclub (only half the room is shown here)

No Easter Love
We came, we saw a handful of women in bunny ears, and nothing more. No chocolate eggs, no easter bunny, nothing. What a shame.

Super long train conga line
Theres 3 people running around in a conga train line. Now that’s an idea! Jumped on, dragged two friends and there were now 6. anybody we chooed on by, we got them to jump on, and after a few minutes, our train was probably 30 people long!! Then suddenly it all died. That’s amazing stuff to get 30 people in a conga line!

Big circle in the middle
There is a big circle in the middle and theres a white guy and Asians battling it out. Pretty cool. Note to self: take up dance classes again.

She got kicked out
Special K got kicked out – not sure why. Please fill me in! I think it was for dancing too awesome.

Most of the time was spent dancing with a girl here. I had to leave her to go to Havana to see friends.


Hard to tell as I was only here a short time. Previous times at Space I have been disappointed but the setup here is a little better tonight. The new promoters have kept it simple with just one Dj the whole night, and no trance DJ. The crowd turnout is respectable for a Thursday night as well. It is these factors above that lead me to giving 119 @ Space Nightclub a 6.0/10 tonight.

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  2. James says:

    This event is no more, taken over by the hardstyle event “Masif” on Saturdays at Space

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