I have literally finished with the Stereosonic Festival and ready to clunk out at home. On the way to my car, a friend calls me: “PARTY IN THE CITY TONIGHT JAMES!”. The problem is that I’m wearing this giant toothpaste costume, and its covered in dust, dried sweat, and spilled drinks from the hours prior. “Don’t know if your costume will get in, but try anyway!” is the reply to my question. Okay, good enough.

An hour later and I have arrived. Dress code here is Smart Casual, but I have a strong suspicion that they are very lenient tonight regarding dress code, due to Stereosonic removing pretty much more than half of the crowds from the city’s clubs tonight. Suspicion confirmed, as the security allows the giant toothpaste costume through without any questions. The toothpaste party continues! Here we go!

Most of the crowd @ 2AM

Sassy Saturdays @ World Square Pub (Formerly known as Equilibrium)
Assessment Time: 12:50AM – 3:00AM
Opening Hours: Unknown (Facebook page states 8PM, but I think 10PM?) – 3:00AM tonight.
Lockout: Unknown.
Address: 680 George St, Sydney. Google Map Link: http://g.co/maps/wvqjz
Venue Website: http://www.worldsquarepub.com.au
Promoter Website: Appears to be a multiple promoter event. Dynamic Entertainment (http://www.dynamicau.com) &  SyndicateEvents.com.au and others.
Occurrence: Every Saturday since September 2011
Outside Line: A handful of people, but we got in within 5 minutes.
Dress Code / Door Policy: As mentioned before, usually a no daggy clothing policy applies, but due to Stereosonic being on, the dress code was pretty much open. Costumes and hats were freely allowed in. Though marty was asked to remove his wig when he was inside.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: You would have thought I remembered how much the charge was here. Last time I was here at this event (no review was written) it was $20, but from the depths of my memory it MAY have been $25, but I cannot remember. Either way, it is at least $20 for full entry. If you are on the guestlist, a discount probably applies before either midnight or 11PM. You will need to contact a promoter for exact details on this one.
Guestlist: If you can find a promoter, go through them, otherwise send an email to: Youngnsassy.saturdays@gmail.com
Inside: Previous weeks had the event held upstairs but tonight it appears that only downstairs was open. Perhaps they expected a low turnout tonight. Regardless, enter into the ground level to enter the “stand around” atrium like area, with dancefloor on the right to hold about 80-120 people. In front of you is the corner of the bar. It extends down the left side where there are lounges and tables. On the left is the outdoor smoking area. it’s a long space and enough for most people to get a lounge seat or a table.
Cloak Room: No cloak room facilities tonight.
Bar Prices / Line: Unknown, but you could get service pretty much right away. 
Bathroom Facilities: Pretty clean and maintained well tonight.
Eviction Count: None spotted. There were not that many people here tonight anyway.
DJs: Dirty Dex for most of the night.
Music Style: Pop, House, RnB , and many “Songs dedicated to the people from Stereosonic” – mostly LMFAO songs or something house related lol. All from the same DJ so minimal song repeating, if any.
Crowd: Mostly Asian tonight. It’s a mix of local and international Asians. also as the night progressed on, the crowd became more and more comprised of people dropping in from Stereosonic. I would suspect that without the Stereosonic crowd, tonight would have been pretty dead, as are the clubs out there. Rest of the crowd were a handful of South Asians/ Indians, and some Caucasians. 
Ratio: Despite low numbers, the ratio was fairly even throughout most of the night.
Entertainment: MC to keep things going, and pretty girls dressed in white, giving out freebies, like cups and flashing light things. I put a flashy light thing beneath my toothpaste costume and .. well.. a flashing dancing bottle of toothpaste looks awesome
Atmosphere: It wasn’t as busy as one would be, but the people who were on the dancefloor were all dancing about. When I say it wasn’t busy – only enough people were here to fill up the dancefloor well, while the rest of the club (lounges, bar, etc) was deserted. Only a handful of people chose not to dance here tonight. It was a little warm in the middle of the dancefloor though. 
Video: Music Sample and a bonus ending of Marty and I dancing.
YouTube Preview Image

Shoutouts to Mr Toothpaste
There wasn’t much happening tonight, so when I walked on in (modest mode off) everyone was like BAM look at that guy! I could feel it. MC had a mixed look of amazement that I would dare wear such an outfit at a club, or perhaps he liked it, but it was a funny look. He then would sprinkle words of encouragement to the crowd to “Party like Mr. Toothpaste over here!”. Love it.

Get a room
It’s tolerable to watch two people kiss romantically. But O.M.G. It’s more disgusting than left over chicken in the car to see these two people tongue, grope and virtually dry hump each other on the dancefloor. Why weren’t these two kicked out?? Bloody hell, get a room guys. Really, before I vomit toothpaste all over you.

Left at closing time. We were just here to dance it out to the end. 

Final Thoughts & Recommendation
The low turn out was expected, and even promoters here expected it too I suspect, to the point that I can’t even find a corresponding promotional poster for this night, as well as moving the DJ set downstairs (where its cheaper to hire I guess). Hoping future weeks will have back to normal crowd levels. My friends and I have been before on a regular Saturday and liked it, so its a safe bet to come here on a non-festival weekend. The freebies were a little bonus tonight. Despite this, it would probably have been better to go to a free entry venue  for a bigger crowd.

Tonight’s Rating: 4.5/10

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