Puls8 @ Shark Hotel: Friday 15th October 2010

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M wanted to go Shark Hotel. Erm.. ok, lets check it out again then – here we go!

Puls8 (Pulsate) @ Shark Hotel
Assessment Time: 11:00PM – 04:00AM
Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 05:00AM?
Lockout: No lockout.
Address: 127 Liverpool St, Sydney
Venue Website: http://www.sharkhotel.com.au
Promoter Website: Self Promoted.
Occurrence: Every Friday and Saturday nights
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual is ok. Not too dirty. Hats were allowed in here. Guys mostly wore casual and girls were a mix of casual and well dressed, from the rnb clubbing event at Space.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night.
Guestlist: N/A due to free entry.
Inside: Walk upstairs to the Shark Hotel area. The dancefloor is pretty much in the middle to hold about 50 people cramped. On two sides are pool tables. the other two sides are tables and stools and the main bar. Outside of the dancefloor the area is carpeted. Dancefloor itself is elevated about half a metre from the floor and is extremely well lit. DJ booth attached to the back.
Cloak Room: No cloak room services.
Bar Prices / Line: The lines were about 1 or 2 people deep. Prices are reasonable here. A Smirnoff black is $9 I think.
DJs: Unknown. It’s a resident DJ.
Music Style: Contemporary RnB in the initial few hours, then after 2:30AM-ish its classic old school RnB and West Coast Hip Hop/ Rap. Songs are generally played in their entirety with minimal crossover mixing. Momentum that is built up in one song can be easily lost in the latter half of the song or simply having a different song being played here tonight.
Crowd: During the contemporary RnB phase there are lots of young people. Mostly Asian, primarily because of the Asian RnB ‘zaia’ event upstairs. There are also internationally based Asians and backpackers. Aussies, Indians, and Africans are here too. It’s a bit of kind of everything here. The local Asians who were here, were here for the upstairs RnB event.
Entertainment: None
Atmosphere: Since the area was well lit, it may be a bit intimidating to go forth and dance first, but once you are up there, its not so bad, except everybody sitting around is pretty much staring at you dance. Other than that its friendly and people who go up have fun.

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After multiple times coming here after 3AM, it was time to give this place a fair go. Guestlist sorted out, so here we go!

(All images / video removed by request of the promoter Phat Entertainment)

Zaia @ Space Nightclub
Assessment Time: 10:30PM – 04:00AM 
Opening Hours: No idea on when doors actually open. Possibly 09:45PM – 04:00AM 
Lockout: None 
Address: Level 3, 127 Liverpool St, Sydney 
Venue Website: http://www.spacevenue.com.au
Promoter Website: http://www.phatentertainment.com.au
Occurence: Every Friday. 
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual allowed. Hats allowed. My sneakers were allowed in. Basically anything goes here. Guys were a mix of casual and collared shirts/dress shoes. Girls were mostly in dresses. 
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: (On guestlist) – Free before 10PM, $20 between 10PM – 11:15PM, $25 afterwards. If you ain’t on the guestlist, it’s a $25 flat charge. There is no separate guestlist line. 
Guestlist / Birthday Package: Sent mine through musesydney@yahoo.com.au, the 3rd party promoters for Zaia. Reserved area was sorted out for M’s birthday, but no birthday free passes were given to us as promised, despite protests at the register. Package included bottle of champagne, which was given in the form of drink passes. However no cloak room pass was given, nor VIP table service. Admittedly there were 20-30 birthdays tonight, and I did not specifically ask for free entry, cloak room pass or VIP table service, but I did ask for the birthday party package which, I was told, would include these things. A birthday boy or girl DOES NOT have to go through the motions to ask for these birthday things. 
Inside: Please note Space has been renovated since early 2010. Walk up the stairs to the Shark Hotel level, where red carpet and cash register awaits your money. No longer are the elevators used to enter the venue. Walk up another flight of stairs to enter Space Nightclub into the Trance room. The wooden dancefloor has been largened to accommodate more people. A stereoscopic light has been installed which dishes out some funky light patterns. Dancefloor holds about 40 people capacity. Bar servicing this room on the right, and an internal smoking room at the rear to hold about 20 people, like you see at some airports. Enter the bigger room via either of the two doors to be presented with a large dancefloor for about 300-400 people. Tonight, the cage podiums have been rid of! Instead, a catwalk like setup has been created, right into the middle front of the dancefloor, for the bikini contest later on. Two single podiums reside next to each of the columns holding the ceiling up.
Cloak Room: $10 Large Items, $5 small items. $3 Recheck. Ridiculous pricing as usual from this promoter. 
Bar Prices: $8.50 for a Vodka Cranberry. There are two bars tonight, and the shorter lines were always on the Trance Room side. People at the RnB side waited about 20 minutes for a drink, while in the Trance Room I waited about 5-10 minutes. 
Music Style: Primarily RnB in the large room, with some hip hop later in the night and some house mashups thrown in the mix as well. Repeats of songs were experienced – Mixing was done well though
Crowd: Primarily local Asians. A handful of white people, but I would say no more than 10 or 20 in total. 
Entertainment: Bikini Party – Competition for a $5000 first prize. More details later. Also podiums to which only girls were allowed to dance on in the earlier part of the night.
Atmosphere: RnB: It wasn’t too busy at 11, but at around 11:30 it pretty much picked up and peaked until around 2AM – 2:30AM when the bikini contest concluded. Dancefloor was pretty busy throughout – you had room to dance around, and only about half the time you had to move around to let other people through. In the Trance Room, the trance music really only came on at around 11:30PM, and you always had enough room to bounce around and spin and do stuff, but it always managed to stay busy enough to not look too dead. In general the crowd vibe was friendly. The rest of the non dancers just stood around the edges of the dancefloor or lounges. 
Trance: Dark throughout the night, smoke machines, and flashy nights with loud noise. People are more reserved here as we are all about dancing. Pretty warm and stuffy in here as well as the night wore on.

Video: Walk-through – Trance room , RnB room, smoking room, back into the trance room.

Video: Trance Room 360 

Video: RnB Room 720 

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(The views expressed below are those of the author and NOT of Phat Entertainment)

Hung out at Shark after going to Haymarket and Bar Century earlier for a dance.

Got into Zaia @ Space Nightclub upstairs after 3AM, where the promoters have somewhat disappeared from the entrance, so we got free entry. There were still a number of people here.

Most of the kids here lost their energy and were sitting or standing around. A handful dancing in the big rnb room and a few more in the trance room, whose dancefloor has been resized to double the old configuration. More lighting effects in the tranceroom as well. There has not been much changes to the rnb room – Except for a large cage in the middle for the attention whores. Here’s a video walkthrough:


I was still in my suit but I managed to hold up in the Trance room. I miss shuffling. Considering I just got in here, I still had heaps of energy and was going at it like mad and everyone looks at me with awe. I am sure they were hard at it earlier in the night. Apparently it is extremely packed earlier in the night, which is suffocatingly not cool.

anyway last week at Shark Hotel (no entry was written for this) I met a girl, we agreed to hang out, and I asked her out for dinner. On the night of said date, she bailed as she was “lesbian” and “didn’t date guys”. Fine. So I moved on. Well tonight, guess who I see – yes, it was said lesbian hanging out with guys! She saw me, we said hello how are you, and she walked away. Tonight I was sober – and let me tell you, while I was chatting with her, i was thinking “thank god she cancelled on me.”

We were here for an hour before it closed at 4AM.

I can imagine coming here and it being like bamboo but on a larger scale – just really packed with nowhere to go, just like a few years back when Sir3n promoted Space. So, if you love squishy places, come here.

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1AM looking for a place to dance…..

Clubs that were rejected tonight
Flow @ World Square Pub / Equilibrium:
We planned to go here tonight. There is no line outside. That’s good. $20 entry. Though as we got to the door, the internal line inside to go upstairs was packed. there was about 50 people croweded at the base of the stairs waiting for their turn to go upstairs. Oh hell no – we are not going in! So walk off we go…

Tourism @ Tao Lounge:
There was an event on tonight. The bouncer said “Don’t even bother coming in here.” We wanted to see what it was. Bouncer: “Go in for a bit of a laugh if you want. Nobody is dancing in there”. So we went in side. It was free entry anyway. There was about……….. 17 people including us 4. A guy and girl were on the dancefloor. She is standing doing nothing, and he is moving his arms up and down, like he is perforing curls on an invisible 1kg dumbell. It is ridiculous – and so is the music. We left after a wasted 10 minutes.

V Bar had cover charge so we didn’t go in, but it looked dead.

Puls8 @ Shark Hotel was dead as well tonight. (Saturdays are better).

Our final destination – random private party @ Burdekin Hotel
Continued the merry walk down Oxford St, where we strike up some ye old conversation with the patrons outside Burdekin Hotel. They were nice enough to invite us to their private party upstairs at the top level! Booyah!

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So after the renovations at Shark Hotel about a year ago, they have finally formally introduced a clubbing night again for Friday and Saturdays. M has invited me to check it out both nights – so here we go!

Puls8 @ Shark Hotel Sydney
Assessment Time: 11pm – 1am (Friday), 11pm-3am (Saturday)
Opening Hours: Early in the day. Music starts up 10:30 for a 3am close.
Website: http://www.sharkhotel.com.au
Address: 127 Liverpool St, sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual was ok in here.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free entry all night.
Guestlist: None, due to free entry.
Inside: Shark Hotel is quite a big place, but most of the area is carpeted – Half of it for stools and lounges, the other half for pool tables. The dancefloor sits in between both of these areas. It’s an elevated floor about 50cm off the floor. The DJ is also elevated along with the floor. There is also a small ‘buffer’ dancefloor zone of 2 metres on one side of the dancefloor closer to the ba
Cloak Room: None
Bar: One bar to service everyone. 2 Sminoff Black Ice’s for $18.50. $3 drinks before midnight. This place has probably the cheapest drinks anywhere.
DJs: Unknown
Music: RnB, House, Top 40
Crowd: Most are asians, but there are also indians, euros and some aussie locals.
Entertainment: Photographer
Atmosphere: Friday – Dead, it peaked with about 10 people on the dance podiumm, but died after that.

Saturday – The dancefloor was busy the whole time we were there. The surrounding areas of stools and lounges weren’t so busy.

Puls8 (Friday) @ Shark Bar - Peak Time

Puls8 (Friday) @ Shark Bar - Peak Time.. pretty not busy.

Walkthrough Video on a Friday – Very dead
YouTube Preview Image

Previous incarnations of clubbing nights at Shark Hotel bring back memories of a dark room at the back, full of people dancing, and ALWAYS ending up in a fight, complete with chairs and tables being flung in a multitude of directions. Will tonight be the same? Keep reading to find out…

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Friends want to go to Dragonfly for a birthday. A group of 10 asians try to go into Dragonfly on a saturday night? Ha!!!

To my surprise, we are stopped before we even reach the line – “Are you on the guestlist?” Of course not.. “sorry, can’t let you in”. At least they didn’t wait until we lined up to get rejected for wearing too much Asian. Meanwhile, a bunch of other men just walk up past us and line up uninterrupted, then get in.

So Plan B:

Moulin Rouge!
Location: 39 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross, New South Wales 2011
Website: http://www.moulinrougesydney.com.au/
Inside: Entry takes you down a set of stairs to a well decorated set of rooms. It is exactly as it is.. a moulin rouge like lounge, down under beneath the street. A nice venue, but a little small dancefloor size wise.

About Moulin Nights
Music: House
Crowd: Mixed. Asians, Euros, Aussies, Backpackers
Dress Code: Casual
Cover Charge / Entry Fee:  $20, but me and Henry got asked for $15. Weird as we didnt claim a guestlist.
Occurrence: Every Saturday
Atmosphere: Packed. Loud.

Timeline + Early Coda

1. the birthday girl left to go to another club and didn’t join us at Moulin!?
2. everyone paid $20 to get in, except Henry and I.
3. These guys weren’t much into House music, especially this non-commercial/non vocal house.
4. A very small dance pit area.

This pretty much meant that we left after 30 minutes. Disappointed.

We ended up going to Shark hotel (There was literally ONE drunk guy dancing. I danced with him for a bit much to the amusement of the entire audience of 50 men and 4 women), then Cheers afterwards (Smelly as usual)

NB: This was my second time here. First time was during xmas 2007, but was not blogged about.. I had a general good time and pretty much stayed the entire night.