I wanted to show M out to the best club I’ve been to out west – The Mean Fiddler. So we booked a hotel room (oh yeah, its that far), got 2 other friends on board and off we went – here we go!

Saturday Nights @ The Mean Fiddler

Assessment Time: 11:00pm – 2:30am
Website: http://www.meanfiddler.com.au
Address: Cnr Commercial and Windsor Road, Rouse Hill (aka woop woop)
Dress Code / Door Policy: Can anyone say tight! There is a sign to help people know what is allowed and not allowed inside after 9pm. No hats no rat tails – all in check to make everyong equal and the same. I’m surprised there wasn’t a no asian policy. Tonight I wore pants, dress shoes, collared shirt, white bow tie and vest purchased earlier that day.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free for the woolshed and back bar. Sub bar (where the main DJ act plays) had a $15 cover charge. After 2am, it was free for all.
Guestlist: None
Inside: Enter into the woolshed where it doubles as a dining hall during dinner time. 3 bars line the walls and the stage is out at front. Holds a good 1000 or so people.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: 5 or 6 bars throughout the place. Woolshed bar waiting times were pretty long but if you were bothered to walk to the back, the line was much shorter of only 2 or 3 people.
Music: The back bar had mostly classic retro rock. Main bar had a live band playing retro and some contemporary music. Sub bar had house music going on. Since the last time I came here, the RNB room seems to have closed. It might be just open on Fridays.
Crowd: Sub Bar was more of the younger crowd but tonight it seemed to be oldies night! The combination of the retro music and the placing of the bar in the middle of woop woop has attracted hordes of the older crowd. That said .. almost everyone here is white. There are some minority groups represented here as well.
Entertainment: No extra entertainment besides the music
Atmosphere: Woolsheed spacious and big and fun. Back bar also fun and cosy. sub bar didnt really get to check out until after 2am but it looked pretty busy down there. After 2am only the real energetic party dancers remained.

Walkthrough video:

YouTube Preview Image
Almost kicked out?
We were rejected at the door for having hats on. So we put them back in the car. We walked in OK but not even one minute inside, a security bouncer grabs both me and M’s shoulders and were about to kick us out. another bouncer says ‘don’t worry its ok’ and we are set free. Was it because we were wearing bowties? Who knows.
too sexy
How can you NOT let us into The Mean Fiddler??

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Sensation White Melbourne 2009

Sensation White Melbourne 2009

Sensation @ Etihad Stadium Melbourne: 31st December 2009
Assessment Time
: 10pm – 5am
Website: http://www.sensation.com
Address: Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
Dress Code: You have to wear white, pants, top, skirt, everything.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $149 (from memory)
Inside: This years theme is the Ocean of White.

One central area where the DJ spins around. The theme of tonight was the Ocean – Two platforms extend out to either side of the stadium, to hold where ten or so water geysers are installed. Huge octopus hang from above. There is also a trance room and a VIP dance room.

Never got into the trance room. The line was massively long and the room was PACKED and probably hot and smelly – just as I like it. Sadly never got to check it out, it really looked good.

VIP room was pretty clean in comparison as there was not as many people as the trance room, but was pretty good, because here you would have enough room to dance around in! It was pretty loungey here.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: $10 cans of Smirnoff blacks
DJs: Caz James, Roger Sanchez, Sebastian Ingrosslo in the main stage. There
Music: House in the main arena, and trance, funky house in the other rooms. Compared to last year, the music tonight was much better and ‘tolerable’ I suppose. Megamix was awesome and did not disappoint and well basically it was pretty pretty good.
Crowd: People of all types were here.
Entertainment: The whole setup was a show – dancers on the water, fireworks, laser lights, bouncing balls.. it was pretty decent
Atmosphere: Very white. We had room to dance. The event didn’t sell out but it didn’t get squashy packed, regardless it was still a crapload of people here tonight. The atmosphere is buzzing before and  during the opening, then we dance. Buzz goes up again around new years midnight, then slowly dissipates as people head home, leaving the hardcores behind until the end.

DJ to the left, fountains cut into the crowd.

DJ to the left, fountains cut into the crowd.

Opening to Sensation Melbourne video
YouTube Preview Image

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Karmen invited me to a charity clubbing event – The theme was Doctors and Nurses, with all proceeds going to the Westmead children’s hospital. She said she was going to dress in a Teddy Bear suit. Nice! So not to be outdone, I got myself a Nurse outfit. The only catch was, well, that it was at Sapphire Lounge…

Fridays @ Sapphire Suite (Formerly Sapphire Lounge)
Assessment time: 10:45- 12:00am
Location: 2 Kellett St, Kings Cross
Website: http://www.sapphirelounge.com.au
Inside: Limited in area, the back half of the club is dedicated to compartmentalised lounge rooms. It’s not cramped, its very spacious and well done. The middle area has a normal sized bar, and at the front is the DJ booth and dancefloor. The floor could hold 25 people  comfortably. The venue is licensed for 300 patrons.
Atmosphere: Quite dark, relaxed. Not many people turned up tonight. The place probably never reached more than 40% capacity. At the bar, there was usually only one person in front of me.
Crowd: Dominantly Euro. There were also some islanders tonight. Karmen, myself and my friends are the only asians.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $15
Cloak Room: $5 all sizes. No rechecks.
Music: Mix of RNB and House, similar to last time I was here.
Dress Code: No shorts allowed. Casual jeans / t-shirt ok. Dress up outfits ok.

Nobody is dressed up
The first suspicion that nobody was dressed up was at the door:
Bouncer: “Why are you dressed up??”
Door Bitch: “Theres a charity event on tonight – doctors and nurses”

I had my nurse dress on. I walked onto the dance floor and guess who else was dressed up? nobody. Yes that’s right – I WAS THE ONLY PERSON DRESSED UP, AND I WAS DRESSED UP AS A CROSSDRESSING NURSE. Karmen was there, and she did not have her bear suit on – WHAT THE HELL?? She promised to dress up!! She only brang a lab coat and she wasn’t even wearing it!!! She was dressed like every other girl. Suddenly reality hit me. I could hear the wails of everybody screaming. I look around me, and everybody is pointing to me, the crazy asian guy who just walked in dressed as a nurse. They are laughing and pointing at me. The guys give me whistles, and my friends have chickened out and did not put on their lab coats either. I love the attention though.

Posing with two girls at Sapphire Lounge, in my sexy Nurse outfit

Posing with two girls at Sapphire Lounge, in my sexy Nurse outfit

The bouncer right away drags me outside. Why?
I was inside for no longer than two minutes when the bouncer drags me outside. I was in deep shit. He steps me outside:

Bouncer: (looks at me) “I was checking to see if you were wearing shorts and a shirt, but you’re not, so its ok for you to go back in”.
I was then allowed back in.  So basically, I can’t wear shorts and a t-shirt at a club but I can wear a nurse one piece dress??? haha I love Kings Cross. However I didn’t like this place one bit.

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