Karmen invited me to a charity clubbing event – The theme was Doctors and Nurses, with all proceeds going to the Westmead children’s hospital. She said she was going to dress in a Teddy Bear suit. Nice! So not to be outdone, I got myself a Nurse outfit. The only catch was, well, that it was at Sapphire Lounge…

Fridays @ Sapphire Suite (Formerly Sapphire Lounge)
Assessment time: 10:45- 12:00am
Location: 2 Kellett St, Kings Cross
Website: http://www.sapphirelounge.com.au
Inside: Limited in area, the back half of the club is dedicated to compartmentalised lounge rooms. It’s not cramped, its very spacious and well done. The middle area has a normal sized bar, and at the front is the DJ booth and dancefloor. The floor could hold 25 people  comfortably. The venue is licensed for 300 patrons.
Atmosphere: Quite dark, relaxed. Not many people turned up tonight. The place probably never reached more than 40% capacity. At the bar, there was usually only one person in front of me.
Crowd: Dominantly Euro. There were also some islanders tonight. Karmen, myself and my friends are the only asians.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $15
Cloak Room: $5 all sizes. No rechecks.
Music: Mix of RNB and House, similar to last time I was here.
Dress Code: No shorts allowed. Casual jeans / t-shirt ok. Dress up outfits ok.

Nobody is dressed up
The first suspicion that nobody was dressed up was at the door:
Bouncer: “Why are you dressed up??”
Door Bitch: “Theres a charity event on tonight – doctors and nurses”

I had my nurse dress on. I walked onto the dance floor and guess who else was dressed up? nobody. Yes that’s right – I WAS THE ONLY PERSON DRESSED UP, AND I WAS DRESSED UP AS A CROSSDRESSING NURSE. Karmen was there, and she did not have her bear suit on – WHAT THE HELL?? She promised to dress up!! She only brang a lab coat and she wasn’t even wearing it!!! She was dressed like every other girl. Suddenly reality hit me. I could hear the wails of everybody screaming. I look around me, and everybody is pointing to me, the crazy asian guy who just walked in dressed as a nurse. They are laughing and pointing at me. The guys give me whistles, and my friends have chickened out and did not put on their lab coats either. I love the attention though.

Posing with two girls at Sapphire Lounge, in my sexy Nurse outfit

Posing with two girls at Sapphire Lounge, in my sexy Nurse outfit

The bouncer right away drags me outside. Why?
I was inside for no longer than two minutes when the bouncer drags me outside. I was in deep shit. He steps me outside:

Bouncer: (looks at me) “I was checking to see if you were wearing shorts and a shirt, but you’re not, so its ok for you to go back in”.
I was then allowed back in.  So basically, I can’t wear shorts and a t-shirt at a club but I can wear a nurse one piece dress??? haha I love Kings Cross. However I didn’t like this place one bit.

Pulled into the circle but beaten
There’s only one circle, and everyone is having a bit of a dance. I am suddenly pulled into the circle by one of the girls. I am in a nurses dress for gods sake. I do some moves, and then suddenly a big guy comes along and out dances me by pulling off some popping and locking moves!! UGH! I wish I took some more popping / locking lessons. He looks pretty good. I am done for and leave the circle.

A free drink from the promoter – my efforts were not in vain after all!
As a consolation though, a promoter came up and gave me a Free Drink Card for dressing up – score! That was half my entry fee back. I got myself a free Corona. That was half my entry paid back for.

The doctor arrives:

another person , Doc, has arrived. He had contacted me through this blog and it’s my first time meeting him – and THANK GOD, he is dressed up!!! He has another friend, Make up Man (MuM) so now we are a scrubs party of three! However the place is still pretty dead, despite us doubling the population:

Doc, MuM and Myself - the ONLY ones dressed up for the theme night at Sapphire Lounge.

Doc, MuM and Myself - the ONLY ones dressed up for the theme night at Sapphire Lounge.

Meth takes over with Bollywood moves:
I’m with Meth, of Indian descent. He is not dressed up, despite the fact that he is studying medicine. anyway, he busts out some bollywood / bhangra moves one minute,  and the next minute, he’s in the middle of the circle busting out his groove! It’s crazy, everybody in the circle has gone nuts for him. Here’s a video of the last 30 seconds of his routine:

YouTube Preview Image

We leave Sapphire:
We’ve been here about 90 minutes – 90 minutes too long. Me, Doc, and MuM ditch Sapphire to make the most of these costumes.

After tonight and last time – I would not recommend Sapphire for Friday nights.

Kit & Kaboodle (K&K) / Sugar Mill
We have arrived at Kit & Kaboodle. Strangely enough the walk down here was uneventful – none of the bouncers at the Strip joints bothered me about coming into their strip clubs. I might wear this one piece more often.

Assessment time: 12:00am – 3:00am
Cover charge – Free entry into Sugar Mill. $10 for Kit & Kaboodle.
Crowd: Young and old for both venues. Sugar Mill had a higher concentration of older folk. Dominantly white.
Music: I don’t quite remember – it was a mix of everything – rnb, house, but mostly from the 80s and 90s – I remember some Snoop Dogg playing at K&K. Sugarmill bar was more party tunes. pop, top 40, house, rnb, contemporary etc.
Inside: You walk upstairs to Kit & Kaboodle. There are two levels, one dancefloor level and another more ‘classy’ like level. I didn’t visit the ‘classy’ level. On entering the dance level, theres lots of lounges on the right, and a dance area on the left. The entire place gives a very cosy kind of feel to it. It must be all the red around the place. The walls, carpet and floor. Dark ambience helped as well:

On top of that there are suitcases around with spare clothing for you to put on!
Atmosphere: Kit & Kaboodle: Pretty good! People are dancing, some are drinking, and some are chilling out. It’s a medium sized place, and I did expect more dancing, but you can’t have everything. Sugarmill- Just some dancing, and some people drinking – not as good as it’s just a bar with cheap drinks.
Cloak Room: None for either place
Dress Code: The nurse outfit was allowed into both venues. Hats allowed.
Inside Video: YouTube Preview Image

Timeline (Kit and Kaboodle):
Dressing up and props!
There are these suitcases lying around with clothing for anyone to try on. Hot pants, dresses, wigs, masks:

A mess of spare clothes at Kit & Kaboodle for you to try on!

A mess of spare clothes at Kit & Kaboodle for you to try on!

The even have props, such as guitars:

Me in a nurses outfit, playing with a guitar prop at Kit & Kaboodle

Me in a nurses outfit, playing with a guitar prop at Kit & Kaboodle

I really liked this place. You just put whatever you want on and these guys trust that you put it back at the end of the night. Very friendly here.

Dance area: About one quarter of the size of the place had people dancing. It wasn’t that many people dancing – mostly everybody chatting with each other. I did do some dancing, but me and Doc were just looking to chat some girls up.

Meeting another dress up guy:
I met some other guy at a suitcase and his friends.  I don’t remember his name, but we did get along quite well. We were just jumping up and down and making noises and putting on different clothes. At one point I think he thought I was gay and went for my hand, but I’m not sure. He and his friends were fun.

I don’t get noticed:
The place was so dark and everybody was dressed up, so much so that nobody went crazy about the guy dressed in a nurses outfit – I actually fit into here and was accepted without question. I didn’t like that. I wanted attention. I have ADD.

Coda (Kit & Kaboodle)
We head on downstairs to the SugarMill to try our luck there as the novelty of Kit & Kaboodle was slowly wearing off. I do recommend Kit & Kaboodle if you have a mix of friends who dance, dont dance, and who like to dress up. A fair price to enter as well.

Timeline (The SugarMill)
Me and Doc go downstairs to the Sugar Mill.  Right away we are noticed as a doctor and crossdressing nurse. I like this place.

Girls get sucked to us on the floor:
It was more or less just standing there, and the girls came to us. Half to Doc, and the other half to me. Doc gets the hot ones and I ended up with a drunk 40 year old married woman latching onto me.

I make out with the 40 year old married woman:
She was all over me. My penis took control and I had basically exhausted my other girl options at Sugar Mill. She bought me a tequila shot. How could I ever repay her back? Was she a cougar? She wasn’t pretty for a cougar, and she was married, so I don’t know. We end up making out, even after I keep laughing about the whole ridiculousness of this situation. After we make out she asks if I have drugs. WHAT? Man I don’t have drugs! She then says wants to go home with me. But her other married friends come and drag her away. She is definitely drunk.

MarriedWoman: “no!! let me have this one night of fun, this one night away from married life!”

Today I saw a picture of her:

Me and a married cougar post-making out, outside Sugarmill bar - WHAT WAS I THINKING. Hope her husband doesn't read this blog. If he is, well, she told me she loves you.

Me and a married cougar post-making out, outside Sugarmill bar. Hope her husband doesn't read this blog. If he is, well, she told me she loves you.


No respect for my hair:
A random guy borrows my hair. 5 minutes later I see him spinning it around like a lassoo and lets it fly to the ground behind him – all to impress a girl. Well I have a message for you – SCREW YOU – I HOPE YOU HAD SEX WITH HER AND GOT CRABS AND I HOPE THEY DON’T GO AWAY FOR A LONG LONG TIME. Because i freaking hate it when people take advantage of my friendliness.

Doc and MuM were outside resting and had picked up 2 Korean girls, and since SugarMill was dying, the 5 of us went to any bar that was open. The only place was Mansions Hotel.

Recommendation: Only come here if you want cheap drinks, or a place to dance for free.

Mansions Hotel
Location: Kellet St Kings Cross
Assessment time: 3.30am-4.30am
Music: I forgot. Probably House

It was quite dead, but it was the only place around that was not part of the lockout. There were probably 20 people in here, and 2 or 3 on the dance area in front of the DJ.

A dance with the girl Doc picked up.
She’s crazy and right into it. As Doc says, she was ‘intense’ – staring eyes into you, close up grinding, almost the works. Do all koreans dance like this at 4am in the morning?

A dance with a short girl who worked there
She’s dancing and she seems me. We dance. She’s a little pocket rocket of fun and we rip it up. When she leaves, she gives me a kiss on the lips. I didn’t know employees were allowed to do that.

A dance with a girl from the outback
She’s dancing with a rose from a guy who gave it to her. She sees me and we dance. She lives in the Outback. She is cute. One of her friends with her is cracking onto her. I assume its her boyfriend and we have a fun time dancing innocently.

The male friend is still energetic and loves my wig. He puts it on and goes wild. We all dance to the music. The Dj must think we’re crazy.

When I leave, she kisses me on the lips. Damn, she was single this whole time.

Well by this time, all two dancing girls in the pub were kissed, and we were exhausted. So we left to go home. A nice place to go if you still want to drink after 2am. Better than Vegas Hotel, as it has a DJ here.

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  1. Tom says:

    You made me LOL at work, great site! really relevant.

    Would be happy to contribute my reviews:)

  2. James says:

    Hi Tom!

    I’m glad my reviews had wasted someone else’s work time, that’s a first :)

    I would love other reviews – I’m not sure how i would accommodate it yet though as I haven’t thought about it! I suppose you can add your review in the comments section for now and when I have time, I can work something out.

    Anyway, don’t you realise this site is all about ME?! hahahaha


  3. JT says:

    ahahahaha man this is classic….

    i was just randomly searching for an entry fee to kit and kaboodle and came across this blog….just walk into the club dressed as a nurse and ppl start pointing and laughing lmaooooo epic fail! i fell off my chair laughing. dw man no one will remember you. and as for that old hag, probs best you didnt bang her….it woulda felt good at the time but after man you woulda felt really dirty and unclean….kinda like when you eat KFC. I dont think any amount of detol would have disinfected her hahahaha.

    but anyways man take it easy and keep up the good posts. when i hit the cross ill use ur blog as a guide. gonna pass this page onto my mate too.

    • James says:

      I am glad that you appreciate the suffering I go through ! She was the most wrinkly, smelly person I have ever kissed – nobody has topped her.

  4. karla says:

    Seriously, this whole site is amazing! Stumbled on it while looking for cargo bar entry fee, you look at everything objectively, or maybe we just have the same taste. Respect

    • James says:

      Thanks Karla!
      It’s all from a personal perspective so there is inevitably some bias to it all. Hope you enjoy your time at Cargo! It’s typically $10 nowadays, but if you’re lucky it might be free.

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