Sensation White Melbourne 2009

Sensation White Melbourne 2009

Sensation @ Etihad Stadium Melbourne: 31st December 2009
Assessment Time
: 10pm – 5am
Address: Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
Dress Code: You have to wear white, pants, top, skirt, everything.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $149 (from memory)
Inside: This years theme is the Ocean of White.

One central area where the DJ spins around. The theme of tonight was the Ocean – Two platforms extend out to either side of the stadium, to hold where ten or so water geysers are installed. Huge octopus hang from above. There is also a trance room and a VIP dance room.

Never got into the trance room. The line was massively long and the room was PACKED and probably hot and smelly – just as I like it. Sadly never got to check it out, it really looked good.

VIP room was pretty clean in comparison as there was not as many people as the trance room, but was pretty good, because here you would have enough room to dance around in! It was pretty loungey here.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: $10 cans of Smirnoff blacks
DJs: Caz James, Roger Sanchez, Sebastian Ingrosslo in the main stage. There
Music: House in the main arena, and trance, funky house in the other rooms. Compared to last year, the music tonight was much better and ‘tolerable’ I suppose. Megamix was awesome and did not disappoint and well basically it was pretty pretty good.
Crowd: People of all types were here.
Entertainment: The whole setup was a show – dancers on the water, fireworks, laser lights, bouncing balls.. it was pretty decent
Atmosphere: Very white. We had room to dance. The event didn’t sell out but it didn’t get squashy packed, regardless it was still a crapload of people here tonight. The atmosphere is buzzing before and  during the opening, then we dance. Buzz goes up again around new years midnight, then slowly dissipates as people head home, leaving the hardcores behind until the end.

DJ to the left, fountains cut into the crowd.

DJ to the left, fountains cut into the crowd.

Opening to Sensation Melbourne video
YouTube Preview Image


The Epic Outfit that Came Out as Something Else
So basically if you haven’t figured it out by now, I am dressed up as Gandalf the White, from the Lord of the Rings. Your guesses were totally off the mark. Everybody, (including yourself, my ignorant reader) thought I was dressed as:

– Jesus
– Moses
– God
– Santa Claus,
– Merlin
– The kung fu master from Kill Bill where he strokes his beard and laughs really hard.

Primaly it was “Jesus” that was  being yelled around –  It was always “Jesus!” this or “God!” that.. which is something I got used to as time went on, and eventually I took on as my new persona. So I end up walking around with my arms in the air crying ‘Jesus walks!’ and ‘The ressurection is here!’, much to the amusement of everybody.

Oh look, heres a photo of a group of people ON THEIR KNEES PRAYING IN FRONT OF ME! Oh my father, how I missed being alive on Earth.

Young christians pray To me

Young christians pray to me. Keep the faith up.

another believer

"James is my homeboy"

Can my ego be stroked enough? Never!!

Happy new years 2010!!
an amazing shower of fireworks falls down upon the setup.. much akin to the waterfall at the Sydney Harbour Bridge – but this is way cooler because I’m right in the middle of it!

New Years Fireworks 2010 - Sensation White

New Years Fireworks 2010 - Sensation Melbourne

You have to see this video – its sweet as:
YouTube Preview Image

Jesus made me a mini-celeb: Can’t be left alone
This outfit alone gave me celebrity status around the whole place – No other outfit that I encountered had topped mine, and only one came pretty close to being as awesome as mine – a man with a gas mask on… but I was still 10 billion times more awesome.

Probably the only other awesome outfit I saw

Cool outfit! His wasn't too bad either

Every waking second, people are looking at me with curiousity, and at an average of about once per minute, someone has asked to take a photo with me. I could not dance for more than a few minutes alone without someone asking me for a photo. I loved it, but I can understand how real superstars feel.. it can get annoying.

It was pretty bad so i took a video, so you, my loyal reader, can experience just a minute of what I went through.

So here, I present – 90 seconds through the eyes of James:

YouTube Preview Image
Note to self for events -Bring spare batteries
I took so many photos, my battery went flat around 2am, after 200 photos and a few videos. Grr!

Sneaking into the VIP Room
I didnt sneak in, I just walked right by the security fencing, and walked right by the door security – neither ask me for my wrist band. My friends however, got readily rejected, and I could not stay in the VIP area for long without dogging my friends. I do remember last year that they had opened up the VIP area for everybody later in the night, but this year security was a bit more tight.

VIP Room

VIP Room

New Years Milk
During the course of the night I run into a woman who appeared chemically imbalanced. Jesus immediately took hold of the situation and we are pretty much kissing… Shall spare you details. anyway, she stops and asks me:
Woman: “Where is my daughter?? Have you seen her??”. A strange question to ask, as I have not met her daughter.
James: “no…” (more kissing)
Woman: “But i want to introduce you to my daughter to hook up with!”
James: ……………. (omg this awesome, keep calm James) “Yeah.. alright.. let’s look for her. What does she look like?”
Woman: “Blonde… big boobs…. sort of looks like me”

JESUS. How is that description of your daughter going to help? It will truly help in absolutely no way whatsoever.

anyway she wanted to palm me off to her daughter!! Isn’t palming a guy off breaking one of the commandments? We never did find her daughter, and  she got obsessed with finding her. Her daughter was probably kissing a guy, then asking him if he’s seen her mum! So I left her after a few minutes…

Met some vietnamese
I was dragged by a guy to meet his friends. I assumed it was a bunch of girls, but it was an oldish woman and a scary looking, but friendly guy. They came all the way from America for new years! They probably would have had a better time in the Sensation White going on in Germany.


Bouncing Balls!

During the Megamix, balls come flying down from nowhere – totally awesome. Here’s the video – I get to touch a ball!!!
YouTube Preview Image

The megamix phase is where the whole stadium sound, water, fire  and light effects synchronize for 15 minutes or so of fucking awesomeness. A short clip:
YouTube Preview Image

People crashing the water features – nothing short of hilarious
It’s near closing time, and people are pointing and looking up – 3 people have breached security and jumped up into the water fountains and are dancing along various spots. They are surrounded by security at different spots and they dance in defiance. The whole crowd is taking photos and cheering on. Two of the three are tackled to the ground/water, and there remains one sole man. Hopelessly outnumbered, he does only what a dancer can do – he gets down into the shallow water and starts doing the worm! WHOA. This was such a hilarious sight – a guy doing the worm up on stage to the cheers and laughter of the crowd. Loving it. Security for a brief moment looked a bit puzzled but ended up dragging him out of the water to a place unknown.

5am was the end time and everybody got kicked out.

Not as crowded as last year but the solid and entertainment kept everybody going.
Sensation White 2009 Melbourne
– 9/10
I probably won’t come back next year – 2 new years eves in a row is hectic enough for me, and this year, even though still very epic on its own.. probably didn’t have the same amount of buzz as 2008’s Sensation.. The DJ lineup wasn’t very strong and the event didn’t sell out. Everyone should though, definitely check it out, if you don’t plan to visit the one in Europe soon.


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