I wanted to show M out to the best club I’ve been to out west – The Mean Fiddler. So we booked a hotel room (oh yeah, its that far), got 2 other friends on board and off we went – here we go!

Saturday Nights @ The Mean Fiddler

Assessment Time: 11:00pm – 2:30am
Website: http://www.meanfiddler.com.au
Address: Cnr Commercial and Windsor Road, Rouse Hill (aka woop woop)
Dress Code / Door Policy: Can anyone say tight! There is a sign to help people know what is allowed and not allowed inside after 9pm. No hats no rat tails – all in check to make everyong equal and the same. I’m surprised there wasn’t a no asian policy. Tonight I wore pants, dress shoes, collared shirt, white bow tie and vest purchased earlier that day.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free for the woolshed and back bar. Sub bar (where the main DJ act plays) had a $15 cover charge. After 2am, it was free for all.
Guestlist: None
Inside: Enter into the woolshed where it doubles as a dining hall during dinner time. 3 bars line the walls and the stage is out at front. Holds a good 1000 or so people.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: 5 or 6 bars throughout the place. Woolshed bar waiting times were pretty long but if you were bothered to walk to the back, the line was much shorter of only 2 or 3 people.
Music: The back bar had mostly classic retro rock. Main bar had a live band playing retro and some contemporary music. Sub bar had house music going on. Since the last time I came here, the RNB room seems to have closed. It might be just open on Fridays.
Crowd: Sub Bar was more of the younger crowd but tonight it seemed to be oldies night! The combination of the retro music and the placing of the bar in the middle of woop woop has attracted hordes of the older crowd. That said .. almost everyone here is white. There are some minority groups represented here as well.
Entertainment: No extra entertainment besides the music
Atmosphere: Woolsheed spacious and big and fun. Back bar also fun and cosy. sub bar didnt really get to check out until after 2am but it looked pretty busy down there. After 2am only the real energetic party dancers remained.

Walkthrough video:

YouTube Preview Image
Almost kicked out?
We were rejected at the door for having hats on. So we put them back in the car. We walked in OK but not even one minute inside, a security bouncer grabs both me and M’s shoulders and were about to kick us out. another bouncer says ‘don’t worry its ok’ and we are set free. Was it because we were wearing bowties? Who knows.
too sexy
How can you NOT let us into The Mean Fiddler??


It’s Cougar night
So we came in and there are many people in their late 20’s and in their 30’s dancing and to the music. There are also many women and I would say at least half of them were cougar age! I think within a few minutes one of my friends is already dancing with one. It’s crazy.
Taking over the back room
It’s too loud in the woolshed so M and i go to the smaller back room. It’s seemingly more friendlier, and eaiser to do silly dance moves to. M does his thing .. I do my thing.. working in tandem the whole crowd pretty much is loving us… and the bowties really helped! Met a birthday girl and her friend. Both married I think. Met the whole group – pretty friendly guys.
Back room of the Mean Fiddler
Back bar of the Mean Fiddler

Someone even took a video of us on their phone and announced that we would be on youtube.

We each get a free drink …. from a guy each.

1. A random guy bought me a free drink for being awesome on the dancefloor
2. another random guy bought M a drink for no reason or similar reasons
3. A third random guy bought our 3rd friend a drink after meeting him in the bathroom.
My only conclusion is that, if you’re a guy and asian – the Mean Fiddler back room is a great place to be for free drinks.. especially if you can dance or talk to people in the bathroom.
People are really nice here!
people are friendly here
He got me a drink – people are friendly here at The Fiddler

2am: Bit of dance at the sub bar

The Sub Bar area is where the main DJ acts and more contemporary music is played for us young people. After 2am its open for all (as it closes at 2:30) and so we went down for a boogie. The first person I noticed was a dwarf-like girl. She’s a regular here, because its the same girl I saw last year when I was here at the Fiddler.
Other than that two people see me dance and like me and we all dance for a bit. They’re cool and we invited their whole group to our apartment afterwards for an afterparty woot woot!
Sub Bar with two fans
Sub Bar with two new friends- The Mean Fiddler


Arrivederci: One more grind

Girl spots me. She tells her guy friend to piss off and he does. She dances with me. Awesome. But its almost 3am…. the lights switch on and we are all kicked out. She starts asking where her guy friend is – how would I know??


Pretty good night for all involved but a bit shocked at the missing RNB room and the amount of older crowd. Not that there is anything wrong with that – it probably gave it a more fun vibe!
Saturdays @ The Mean Fiddler: 8.5/10




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