Random photo with Pikachu

Random photo of me and Pikachu - Beauty and the Geek theme

I already did Sanctuary Hotel last week – I do try to avoid going to the same venue twice in a row – you risk getting bored easily. The problem was that I made a promise to a friend I would come here tonight. Well, apparently it would be even more busier than last week – lets find out shall we!

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Assessment Time: 9:00PM – 02:00AM
Opening Hours: 10:00PM – 03:00AM (?)
Lockout: None
Website: http://www.funkybuddha.com.auhttp://www.phatentertainment.com.au
Address: 545 Kent St – Corner of Liverpool and Kent St, Sydney. Behind 3 wise monkeys.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Tonight, the theme is Beauty and the Geek! Casual OK. Hats allowed. Guys are wearing a mix of casual and smart casual. Girls are mostly in dresses. I saw someone walk in with a Pikachu outfit.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 Standard Entry, $20 on guestlist. Free before 10:30PM. The only slight hope you could get in before 10:30 was to be on a birthday guestlist, and line up in the birthday guestlist line at 9PM. If you got there 9:30PM, you wouldn’t make it. We were on a standard non-birthday guestlist. We got there 9PM AT THE VERY FRONT, and we only managed to get in after 10:30PM! We just stood there as we saw birthday guest after birthday guest walk in. We even stood there watching hopelessly as people off the street just cut the line! Amazing that bouncers could not be more strict on this or have a more foolproof way of being fair on people who actually lined up. Usually lining up 9PM gets you in before 10:30 but the organisers have actually done the right thing, and let the birthday lists have priority. This is how it is meant to be, unlike other venues where it is first come first serve, with birthday people not given priority at all. Well at least cut us normal people some slack. 90 minutes in the cold – give me my $5 discount!!!

Guestlist: info@phatentertainment.com.au
Occurence: Every Saturday
Inside: The entrance is not at the normal Sanctuary Hotel entrance. It is via the TAB area further along on Kent St. The room upon entry is where people can have a chat and chill out without actually going outside. Walk in further to the main area, and the large carpeted room has been converted to a dancefloor. DJ on the wall, and a 3 tier podium smack in the middle, dividing the room into two halves. Bar along the far back wall.
Cloak Room: Cloak services are located in the entry room. Standard rip off prices for the event. I think it was $4 for small bags, and $8 for large bags, possibly $5/$10. Who knows. I avoided the cloak room and placed my stuff behind the ATM on the dancefloor. It held up the whole night.
Bar: I didn’t buy any drinks tonight. Waiting time 3-4 minutes or less.
DJs: Sefu, etc etc.
Music: Mostly Contemporary RnB / Pop, with the occasional house mashup.
Crowd: Mostly Asian, and mostly teenagers
Entertainment: Last week the podium was a three tiered podium. This week it is 3 separate podiums. One podium was rectangular to hold upto 5 or 6 people, while the other two were solo podiums which could hold upto 3 people. This freed up some dance room to walk around. Also an MC to keep things up.
Atmosphere: It got pretty busy quite quickly, then it got immensely packed on the dancefloor. Lounge areas – most seats are taken.
Video: Walking around the dancefloor 
[Video removed on request by Phat Entertainment]

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Main Room Havana asian night

Asian Night at Havana - Thursday 1st April 2010

Good Friday is on tomorrow and all the clubs in Sydney are closed that day, so they are open Thursday night in lieu… Just left Space with Daz, to meet up with M and some other female friends, so here we go!

Candy Dreams Lingerie Party @ Havana Club de Luxe

Assessment Time: Midnight – 02:30am
Opening Hours: 10:30pm – 03:00am
Website: http://www.havanaclub.com.au, http://www.teamhkr.com 
Address: 169 oxford st, Darlinghurst Sydney 
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual ok. I had dress shoes, a vest and collared shirt on. Others wore t-shirts and some girls wore corsets tonight. 
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25. $20 on guestlist before midnight. I employed use of my free pass from the last week I visited Havana. 
Guestlist: See promoter website 
Inside: Walk upstairs two flights of stairs to the top level of the building, where Havana is. Main dancefloor for 250 or so people, with 3 bars on 3 sides, and DJ on the 4th wall. Lounges and carpeted areas surround the dancefloor.
Cloak Room:$4
Bar: Didn’t drink tonight
Music: RnB with the occasional House mashup
Crowd: Mostly asian with a mix of the others such as euro, aussie. Mostly local.
Entertainment: Podiums in the middle in front of the DJ and next to him. Dancing poles are not installed tonight.
Atmosphere: It was a Thursday, so it wasn’t as packed as a typical Friday night, nethertheless it was still busy enough to keep it away from the status of ‘dead’. Later around 2am it did die down considerably.
Video – 360 View of the main floor around midnight
YouTube Preview Image

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Just left Brooklyn Hotel for the Friday clubbing night to join M and Co at Havana, so here we go!
Candy Dreams @ Havana
Assessment Time: 01:15 – 4:00am
Opening Hours: approx 10pm – 4:00am
Website: http://www.havanaclub.com.au
Address: 169 Oxford St, Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: At time of arrival at 1:15am, there was no line, heaps of people downstairs on the street smoking. I was let right in. I wear a vest, nice jeans, shoes and collared shirt. People inside are wearing t-shirts so I assume neat casual is ok here. There are also other people inside with hats on.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 after midnight. It seems to be the standard now. Hurts every time. Standard discount rates apply before midnight only if you are on the guestlist.
Inside: Walk upstairs two flights of stairs to the top level of the building, where Havana is. Main dancefloor for 250 or so people, with 3 bars on 3 sides, and DJ on the 4th wall. Lounges and carpeted areas surround the dancefloor.
Cloak Room: Did not utilize cloak room tonight, but it’s only been a month since I last went, and it was $4 last itme.
Bar: Didn’t drink tonight.
Music: Modern RNB with house mashups. Later in the night (after 2.30am) the hip hop comes out.
Crowd: Dominantly asian, with a handful of pacific islanders, caucasians.
Entertainment: 2 podiums for the crowd at the front. Noticably tonight the dancing poles have been removed. WHY! Whatever happened to letting girls play out their life long dreams in a dark nightclub?
Atmosphere: On entry people are beginning to move out, but there are still enough to keep the party vibe going. It’s also darker in here, as opposed to Brooklyn Hotel where I was earlier tonight. I prefer the darker clubs, its safer to ogle people of the opposite sex and not get caught 😉
Read on about your favourite clubber James Tran being recognized at the club!
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In Melbourne for the weekend, and we check out Chasers Nightclub.. so here we go!

Assessment Time: 11:45pm-2:45am
Address: 386 Chapel St, South Yarra, Melbourne
Website: http://www.chasersnightclub.com.au
Dress Code: Casual. I was wearing a fedora hat, blazer, jeans and leather shoes.
Cover charge / Entry Fee: Free before 11pm if on guestlist. $20 if on guestlist after 11pm. If none of the above, it is $25.
Guestlist: See website to submit a guestlist using their form. Open guestlists ok as well. The line outside is short.
Inside: You walk in and there is a bar to your immediate left in an enclosed VIP area on busy nights. On the right is the general bar. Further up is the main dance area. The DJ booth is on an elevated platform, and smack right in the middle is a massive square podium to hold a good 10 or so people, elevated to the same level as the DJ. Fancy green lights and disco lights as well as smoke machines everywhere. This place was built for trance. There was also a second balcony level but alas was closed for tonight.
Smoking Area: There is a little side room near the toilets, which looks like a male urinal from a third world country. You stand in line staring at a wall as you smoke your cigarette. Looked pretty funny. I suppose its better for the clubs to keep them inside, rather than going outside and losing their patrons.
Music: RNB. Typical RNB beats mixed well.
Crowd: Dominantly Asian, young.

Atmosphere: Not too many people, but not dead, just in the middle to keep the club going.

Side View of the crowd - Chasers Nightclub

Side View of the crowd - Chasers Nightclub

Walkthrough Video:

YouTube Preview Image

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