In Melbourne for the weekend, and we check out Chasers Nightclub.. so here we go!

Assessment Time: 11:45pm-2:45am
Address: 386 Chapel St, South Yarra, Melbourne
Dress Code: Casual. I was wearing a fedora hat, blazer, jeans and leather shoes.
Cover charge / Entry Fee: Free before 11pm if on guestlist. $20 if on guestlist after 11pm. If none of the above, it is $25.
Guestlist: See website to submit a guestlist using their form. Open guestlists ok as well. The line outside is short.
Inside: You walk in and there is a bar to your immediate left in an enclosed VIP area on busy nights. On the right is the general bar. Further up is the main dance area. The DJ booth is on an elevated platform, and smack right in the middle is a massive square podium to hold a good 10 or so people, elevated to the same level as the DJ. Fancy green lights and disco lights as well as smoke machines everywhere. This place was built for trance. There was also a second balcony level but alas was closed for tonight.
Smoking Area: There is a little side room near the toilets, which looks like a male urinal from a third world country. You stand in line staring at a wall as you smoke your cigarette. Looked pretty funny. I suppose its better for the clubs to keep them inside, rather than going outside and losing their patrons.
Music: RNB. Typical RNB beats mixed well.
Crowd: Dominantly Asian, young.

Atmosphere: Not too many people, but not dead, just in the middle to keep the club going.

Side View of the crowd - Chasers Nightclub

Side View of the crowd - Chasers Nightclub

Walkthrough Video:

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A good impression even before I got there
I sent in a guestlist, and 2 minutes later I get a phone call – It was Chasers, asking me to confirm my guestlist, and what time I would be arriving – how nice!

Inside – straight to the podium
As we walked in I saw the most magnificent sight – a larger than life podium in the middle of the floor – and it had nobody dancing on it!! The thing was elevated probably 1m high, so it was no easy step up – everybody had to lift themselves up onto this podium. I did my dance as friends cheer on, and as the rest of the crowd look bemused

Up on the podium at Chasers Nightclub Melbourne

Up on the podium at Chasers Nightclub Melbourne

By the end of the night we had been on the podium and had done laps around the dancefloor – we were definitely the crazy group everyone was looking at – I like that!

Video: 360 from the podium
YouTube Preview Image

Not as busy as usual
The crowd wasn’t packed, but it wasn’t dead – it was sort of on the middle verging on collapsing in a spiral of death, but it was still pretty good. I would say similar to Verandah bar, where its crowded on the floor but deadish in other places. I prefer less crowded bars.

anyway one of the bouncers kindly informed me that last week, this place was quite packed and busy, and tonight it wasn’t so popular – they were hoping for it to pick up later. It didn’t. We still enjoyed it! The other asian rnb event on tonight was Seven, but perhaps we can check that out next time I’m in Melbourne 😉

We had to leave as two of us got kicked out for being drunk – oh well, fun times had!

Based on tonight, I would be a iffy yes, but if I were invited to go to another club, I would go there, simply because of the high entry fee, you would expect a better place. If there were more people tonight this place would definitely be awesome. The venue itself is pretty good. Music, typical rnb but got us going.

I think the consensus was that we should have visited Seven.. we’ll save that for next time.

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