Just left Brooklyn Hotel for the Friday clubbing night to join M and Co at Havana, so here we go!
Candy Dreams @ Havana
Assessment Time: 01:15 – 4:00am
Opening Hours: approx 10pm – 4:00am
Website: http://www.havanaclub.com.au
Address: 169 Oxford St, Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: At time of arrival at 1:15am, there was no line, heaps of people downstairs on the street smoking. I was let right in. I wear a vest, nice jeans, shoes and collared shirt. People inside are wearing t-shirts so I assume neat casual is ok here. There are also other people inside with hats on.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 after midnight. It seems to be the standard now. Hurts every time. Standard discount rates apply before midnight only if you are on the guestlist.
Inside: Walk upstairs two flights of stairs to the top level of the building, where Havana is. Main dancefloor for 250 or so people, with 3 bars on 3 sides, and DJ on the 4th wall. Lounges and carpeted areas surround the dancefloor.
Cloak Room: Did not utilize cloak room tonight, but it’s only been a month since I last went, and it was $4 last itme.
Bar: Didn’t drink tonight.
Music: Modern RNB with house mashups. Later in the night (after 2.30am) the hip hop comes out.
Crowd: Dominantly asian, with a handful of pacific islanders, caucasians.
Entertainment: 2 podiums for the crowd at the front. Noticably tonight the dancing poles have been removed. WHY! Whatever happened to letting girls play out their life long dreams in a dark nightclub?
Atmosphere: On entry people are beginning to move out, but there are still enough to keep the party vibe going. It’s also darker in here, as opposed to Brooklyn Hotel where I was earlier tonight. I prefer the darker clubs, its safer to ogle people of the opposite sex and not get caught 😉
Read on about your favourite clubber James Tran being recognized at the club!

Dancing about with friends
Well, there’s marty, and I bumped into a friend (he is the main promoter for The Market events at Haymarket Hotel) and we end up dancing around, generally harassing women for a dance most the whole night, lol. It’s fun.

Friends everywhere
Not only was my promoter friend here, M and co were here, and C’s friend was here as well as a separate group. Place is flooded with people who know me… I wonder why I don’t come here more often.
Looking for someone’s phone
I found a drunk girl and we are into the grinding. She is covered in water and she’s got her hands under my shirt rubbing my belleh.. lol its awesome. So anyhow another girl comes up to us and asks to borrow a phone, because she lost it –  It’s her sister! yikes. Somehow we are all now looking for her iPhone. Finally she found it about an hour – at the DJ booth. ghegh.

I bump into a reader!!
I’ve been recognized before, outside of a club, and once at flow last year in my pirate outfit. Tonight I talk with a girl and introduce myself as James. She says ‘ YOURE JAMES… TRAN!! RIGHT?! ‘, further explaining that she has, indeed, read this very blog that you are reading right now. I’m pretty happy and feel quite awesome now, and I want to skip all the talk and grind with her, my unfortunate reader. Her friend is all alone on the dancefloor, so marty is sent in to keep her company. M comes back to tell me she is cold as ice. Oh come on! I talk to her. She says “please dont talk to me”. hahahaha ok, cold as ice, but polite. Girl who reads my blog eventually runs away, probabaly to not take my advice on which club to visit on Sat night.

Reader recognition count – 3. This makes me famous, right?

Free pass for next week!
At the end of the night we do some silly dancing, and one of the promoters gives marty and I free passes for next week’s event. Pretty snazzy. It is later revealed on my facebook page that he also recognized who I was. lol. damn. Does that count as 4 people so far?

Kicked out at closing time. About 10 people were left in the club.

I did arrive late but it was still a good vibe throughout the night. Safe fun crowd. Do try to get in before midnight to save yourself a few bucks on the guestlist discount rates, as per any of the cover charged events. AND F- ME DEAD SOMEONE RECOGNIZED ME. That was totally awesome.

Candy Dreams @ Havana Club de Luxe Sydney– 7.5/10
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3 Responses to Candy Dreams @ Havana Club de Luxe Sydney: Friday 26th March 2010

  1. Girl from Havana that recognised you says:

    Hey hey,

    My friend and I did take your advice and went to Tao the next night and it was SHIT!!. Really dead.

    • James says:

      oh that sucks. :( it was awesome the last two times i was there

    • James says:

      so i checked it out again last night.. and omg wow yeah it had a pretty low turnout. about 30-40 people inside only. I still made the most of it with friends, but i’m amazed at the difference to what it was a few weeks ago.

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