D.T.F (Wednesdays) @ Epping Hotel: 12th Dec 2012

On December 12, 2012, in Epping Hotel, by James Tran

An event called D.T.F – There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to promoting to the lowest common denominator amongst humans. I mean, what has the world come to in that we have to use such terminology to promote an event? It disgusted me, but the hilarity of this event name was good enough to get me to commit. I cleared Thursday out, called out a local friend and off we went – here we go!

1AM crowd

D.T.F Wednesdays @ Epping Hotel

A local Wednesday night in the Epping region.

Opening Hours
Unknown – 3AM(?)+

58 Beecroft Road, Epping, right opposite Epping train station

Parking: Plenty of parking around.

Venue Website: http://www.eppinghotel.com.au

Event Website: http://www.fb.com/DTFepping

Promoters: Self promoted

Occurrence: Every Wednesday

Dress Code / Door Policy
Almost everyone was wearing a t-shirt. I think I counted only two other people wearing a collared shirt, so this is quite the norm for this local hotel. Girls are still a bit dressy so its alright. No shorts, singlets or thongs though

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
Free entry all night.

Guestlist: N/A

Cloak Room: None

Assessment Time
: 12:15AM – 2:30AM

Outside Line: No line outside

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After leaving Sideways Fridays @ Phoenix Bar, we are now looking for clubs that are still going strong after 2AM on Oxford St.. we came across Oxford Art Factory – a little favourite of mine, hope its still good – here we go!

Crowd - Live Art Space (3:30AM)

Crowd - Live Art Space (3:30AM)

Friday I’m In Love @ Oxford Art Factory
Assessment Time: 2:10AM – 4:00AM
Opening Hours: 6PM to late.
Lockout: Unknown.
Address: 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney
Venue Website: http://www.oxfordartfactory.com/
Promoter Website: Appears to be self promoted. But there was probably an act earlier on in the night at the Live Art Space Room.
Occurrence: Every Friday.
Outside Line: There looks like a line but its actually a smoking area – there was no line upon approaching and entry. I’m sure though that during peak hours there would be a huge line outside.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Pretty casual. Not sure about hats – didn’t spot anyone with hats.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free at time of entry for the Live Art Space Room, but this is normal after 2AM. Unknown whether there was cover charge beforehand. Free all night in the smaller Art After Hours Room.
Guestlist: None at this time

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A night in Cronulla for a change. The plan was to just check Northies out for a bit before checking out the other places..

Saturdays @ Northies, Cronulla Hotel, Cronulla Sydney
Assessment Time: 10:50PM – 11:15PM
Address: 1 Kingsway, Cronulla (Opposite Cronulla beach)
Venue Website: http://www.northies.com.au
Promoter Website: Self promoted event tonight
Occurrence: Every weekend.
Outside Line: There was no line when we enetered at this time.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Hats were definitely allowed – trucker hats, fedora hats, whatever hat you have. It actually was kind of a bit scary when you see some really beefed up guys with trucker hats on. A large majority of the guys here wore t-shirts and jeans.. all the guys here are beefcakes so I would suppose every opportunity is needed to show off their guns. Very casual here. Girls were pretty casual as well – but there also were so many girls that there were a good number wearing one pieces as well.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night.
Inside: Walk inside to a foyer area and walk into the corner bar area. From here you can go right to through to the main room for about 500-800 people – a sprawling area of tables and stool chairs for drinking. A bar to the left to supply for everyone here. Lounges dot the far north wall. There is a dancefloor in the north-east corner which occupies about 15-20% of the floor space here, but it is a bit small – to hold 40-50 people. Podium for 5-6 people and the DJ booth is here as well. On the other end of the venue to the South West corner is a separate room where classic/rock music is being played. The capacity of the floor is about the same as the main room, but there are considerably less surrounding tables and chairs. It’s not a large room by comparison.
Cloak Room: None
Bar Prices / Line: No drinking tonight, but there was only one order in front of us when we lined up to request some water.
Eviction Count: None that we saw during this brief time
Music Style: Hard to describe – a disco kind of feel type house music, where a saxophone player goes along with the beat. It’s not something you could really shuffle to. It’s a certain type of dance music but a bit laid back, so no party tunes were being belted out here. Almost reminds me of a Cargo Bar / Bungalow 8 style being replicated here.
Crowd & Ratio: Pretty much you can tell you’re in Cronulla, or somewhere outside of the city. Everyone is Caucasian Australian and the fair majority are locals to the area. Age wise varied but the majority in the main room are young from 18 to low 20’s. There are also a few people mid and late 20’s and some early 30’s represented. In the smaller south-west room the average age is probably a decade older than the main room. The ratio was pretty even – and may I say I have never seen so many hotties in one concentrated area in my bar/club life. That’s me though.
Entertainment: Main room has a saxophone player to play along with the tunes.
Atmosphere: Very busy and bustling in all areas. Dancefloor wise you could have your own little space to break out into dance, but I suppose due to the music you couldn’t really go as hard out as in a typical club. This venue is more focused on the drinking aspect rather than the dance aspect. On the dancefloor itself it was a bit weird, as the majority of the nearby people are watching you, and they are all seated pretty close. Kind of awkward when they sit and stare.
Video: Walkthrough
YouTube Preview Image

Wasn’t feeling the dance vibe here so we left. From here we moved onto Sting Bar

A popular place for the locals to have a drink by the beach, which is fair, but not many are fans of the dance.

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I wanted to visit the new club Beach Haus, but I was told by security at 11PM it was closed. I could claim the race card but to be honest I think you have to pay for membership to get in here. Backup clubs The Temple and TheClub were closed as well – Even on Christmas Eve, many places are closed, and Kings Cross looks desolate. A lady promoter nearby handed us free entry cards to Trademark Hotel. I didn’t like it as the last time I attended the Eve event but, I really had no other choice, so with our free entry cards, there was nothing to lose, let’s check it out!

The central bar and lounge area at Trademark hotel

The central bar and lounge area at Trademark hotel

Eve (aka eVe) @ Trademark Hotel

Assessment Time: 11:40PM – 02:15AM
Opening Hours: Unknown – 4AM?
Lockout: Did not appear to be a lockout. The cashiers were still there when we left.
Address: 1 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross, Sydney
Venue Website: http://www.pianoroom.com.au/trademark/index.html
Promoter Website: http://www.boymeetzgirl.com.au
Occurrence: Every Friday
Outside Line: There was no line outside and we got straight inside. I was told by the lady I had to hide my wig and then put it back on inside, as they may not allow it past the door.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual seemed to be ok tonight as numbers were low. I would suspect the dress code to be more strict on busy nights, but tonight, it was casual ok. I wore a green t-shirt, black clean sneakers. Majority of males wore collared shirts with jeans/pants, while girls wore mostly dresses, though there were a handful of girls wearing jeans, as it was a cold and rainy night. However the vast majority of girls looked their best. There were some people in Santa hats as it was christmas eve.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $15 standard full entry. One of the promoters/managers gave us a free entry ticket for use before 12AM. During a break just before 1AM, she was still outside giving out her cards, so I am not sure how that works.
Guestlist: info@boymeetzgirl.com.au, or through the various individual promoter facebook pages which are easily found. 
Inside: Enter ground level to walk halfway upstairs to the cashier. Walk all the way to the first level to enter the main bar area to your left. To the right are lounges and a separate sectioned off lounge area to hold 50-80 guests – a possible VIP area on busy nights. Bar sits in the middle of the whole setup, within lounges surrounding the North, East and Western sides. The southern side of the bar is where the DJ is located, complete with dancefloor, podium, and mirrors in the far corner to give the place a bigger feel. It needed it, as the floor was quite small at about 30-50pax.
Cloak Room: None could be spotted or found.
Bar Prices / Line: The drinks are not cheap here. The prices escape me, but think along the lines of Ivy, Establishment. This is what Trademark is about. You needed to order water from the bar, so the wait was around 5 to 10 minutes. A bit long. At times as i wait for my water right in front of the bar, other people would just cut in and order. So rude.
DJs: Unknown tonight.
Music Style: Mostly contemporary American RnB tonight, with some top 40, hip hop and some house thrown in. It was good enough to dance to all night.
Crowd & Ratio: The majority are Caucasian from a Aussie-European background. Some Aussies here, some Asians, some Africans, some Indians. A bit of everything. All appear to be well dressed so its not the sleazy type you would expect. There are a number of people here to keep the dancefloor busy. The ratio was probably just about even or 40:60 Women to Men, so nothing to complain about. Also spotted some other people here who were earlier walking around the streets of Kings Cross looking for a club to go to.
Entertainment: No extra entertainment.
Atmosphere: On the dancefloor itself it wasn’t too packed, so it never overheated. You did have your own space and at times, there were spots on the floor where you could express more bold dance moves if your heart desired. The dancefloor and lounge area directly next to it were the busiest, with people mingling there. People are friendly here. The rest of the club was pretty desolate, with about 40% of the club being completely void of people.
Video: 360 of the main dancefloor
YouTube Preview Image

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We were here for birthday drinks – it just happens that from 9pm the DJ would start playing some RNB tunes to dance to! Luckily I don’t have work on Friday… so let’s check it out!

Assessment Time: 9pm – 12:30am
Address: 135 George St, Parramatta
Dress Code: Casual OK. I was wearing my business attire – collared black shirt, blazer, black pants and shoes.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: Free for the whole night. No guestlist necessary
Inside: Gasworks Nightclub takes up about a third of the area of Albion Hotel. It is basically one big room with lounges against one wall, some tables/chairs on the other side, DJ at the front along with a massive podium (enough space to hold a band), and bar at the back.
DJs: DJ Fresh doing the whole set tonight.
Music: RNB and house. The DJ was very good tonight, mixing RNB songs and house songs. Busted the DJ playing the same house song twice. Once early on around 9.30, and once again at around midnight. no sound difficulties. It was at the right volume and not too loud.
Crowd: Caucasian/Euro. A few groups of girls, and not many guys. Interesting.
Atmosphere: Dead initially. C and I had a bit of a dance initially, and there was another couple dancing ballroom style. In total that’s 4 people on the floor, with about 15 people looking on from the sidelines. About 2 hours later it picked up, and there were about 30 people on the floor at the peak. The place could probably accomodate 100 people easily. A surprising turn out for a Thursday night as I expected it to be totally dead. The general atmosphere was pretty fun, mainly because the guy/girl ratio was even steven.

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RNB Superclub @ Tank Nightclub – Friday 4th September 2009

On September 4, 2009, in RnB, Tank, by James Tran

I am so tipsy, to point when I am about to spew if I have one more drink. One of the group I was with had an awesome suggestion – “let’s go to Tank!!”

A great idea – but it was already 1:30am and I was seriously drunk. Funnily enough the last time I went to Tank was also at 1.30am – I think some kind of pattern is forming. anyway, inebriation overrode any form of logic, and so we took a taxi to Tank Nightclub – so here we go!

About Tank Nightclub
Location: Tank, 3 Bridge Lane, Sydney CBD, Sydney
Website: http://www.tankclub.com.au
Inside: Two levels of clubbing. Top level includes lounge / club area and toilets. Bottom has the main room and a smaller rear ‘VIP’ classy like room. At this time only the main room was open.

RNB superclub
Assessment Time: 1:30am – 2am
Website: http://www.rnbsuperclub.com/
Music: At this time only the main room was open. It was RNB. Dj mixed his songs well.
Crowd: Mixed. Asians, Indians, Caucasians – the whole lot. Good.
Dress Code: Smart Casual. Nice shoes (no chucks, sneakers) and collared shirts for the guys. Girls can get away with casual. I forge what I wore that night.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $20 or $25 when I got in at 1:30am (I was too smashed to remember)
Occurrence: Every Friday

Getting in and negotiating a discount entry:
Me and 3 girls arrive at the entry – Not surprisingly we had no problems getting in. Life is good right now. I also had to focus real hard to act sober.. (ie being quiet) but we did it. We even negotiated with the bouncer for a $5 discount, but the cashier girl wouldn’t acknowledge the discount – Booo!!

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