RNB Superclub @ Tank Nightclub – Friday 4th September 2009

On September 4, 2009, in RnB, Tank, by James Tran

I am so tipsy, to point when I am about to spew if I have one more drink. One of the group I was with had an awesome suggestion – “let’s go to Tank!!”

A great idea – but it was already 1:30am and I was seriously drunk. Funnily enough the last time I went to Tank was also at 1.30am – I think some kind of pattern is forming. anyway, inebriation overrode any form of logic, and so we took a taxi to Tank Nightclub – so here we go!

About Tank Nightclub
Location: Tank, 3 Bridge Lane, Sydney CBD, Sydney
Website: http://www.tankclub.com.au
Inside: Two levels of clubbing. Top level includes lounge / club area and toilets. Bottom has the main room and a smaller rear ‘VIP’ classy like room. At this time only the main room was open.

RNB superclub
Assessment Time: 1:30am – 2am
Website: http://www.rnbsuperclub.com/
Music: At this time only the main room was open. It was RNB. Dj mixed his songs well.
Crowd: Mixed. Asians, Indians, Caucasians – the whole lot. Good.
Dress Code: Smart Casual. Nice shoes (no chucks, sneakers) and collared shirts for the guys. Girls can get away with casual. I forge what I wore that night.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $20 or $25 when I got in at 1:30am (I was too smashed to remember)
Occurrence: Every Friday

Getting in and negotiating a discount entry:
Me and 3 girls arrive at the entry – Not surprisingly we had no problems getting in. Life is good right now. I also had to focus real hard to act sober.. (ie being quiet) but we did it. We even negotiated with the bouncer for a $5 discount, but the cashier girl wouldn’t acknowledge the discount – Booo!!

When you’re tipsy, you will dance to anything
We took a seat at the back and danced on the white marble table thing for a few minutes. We tried to get another group of girls to dance but they wantes to sit down and watch me dance awesomely. Which I did of course.

We then moved up to the front right next to the DJ and did some silly stuff..

I kick everyone off the podium in under 5 seconds.
There is a podium near the DJ area. I want to get up but there is a problem – 3 very hot girls are dancing and there is barely enough room. So I thought of a great idea. I went up and grinded with them right away! haha. As expected, one girl went off in disgust. That left two girls left. I went up to each of the girls, crotch out, pulling the sleaziest dance moves I could think off.. and within about 5 seconds I had turned the podium from an awesome 3 girl dancing troupe to a one man drunk show! My friends applaud me on my efforts.

Sleazing on a girl – it worked.
We were bored, so drunk James decided to entertain himself in front of friends, by sleaze dancing in front of any girl nearby.

I went right up to this cute little number in a read dress, and I held my hand on her shoulder and bounced up and down slowly.. in the sleaziest way possible. As expected, she turns, but she turns to me, and dances back with me!! NO! This was not supposed to happen! haha, how funny. I suppose it is a numbers game to find that girl who wants to really dance. anyway I was drunk so I kept sleaze dancing until it was awkward and she left. lol. James wins. It’s drunk guys like me that make clubbing such a fun experience for girls.

Girls wanted to leave to drive home. So we leave at 2am – we were only inside for 30 minutes.  Damn girls.. great idea coming here. an expensive 30 minutes it was!

Still a good place to go for RNB fans. Send in a guestlist if you can beforehand.

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