We were here for birthday drinks – it just happens that from 9pm the DJ would start playing some RNB tunes to dance to! Luckily I don’t have work on Friday… so let’s check it out!

Assessment Time: 9pm – 12:30am
Address: 135 George St, Parramatta
Dress Code: Casual OK. I was wearing my business attire – collared black shirt, blazer, black pants and shoes.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: Free for the whole night. No guestlist necessary
Inside: Gasworks Nightclub takes up about a third of the area of Albion Hotel. It is basically one big room with lounges against one wall, some tables/chairs on the other side, DJ at the front along with a massive podium (enough space to hold a band), and bar at the back.
DJs: DJ Fresh doing the whole set tonight.
Music: RNB and house. The DJ was very good tonight, mixing RNB songs and house songs. Busted the DJ playing the same house song twice. Once early on around 9.30, and once again at around midnight. no sound difficulties. It was at the right volume and not too loud.
Crowd: Caucasian/Euro. A few groups of girls, and not many guys. Interesting.
Atmosphere: Dead initially. C and I had a bit of a dance initially, and there was another couple dancing ballroom style. In total that’s 4 people on the floor, with about 15 people looking on from the sidelines. About 2 hours later it picked up, and there were about 30 people on the floor at the peak. The place could probably accomodate 100 people easily. A surprising turn out for a Thursday night as I expected it to be totally dead. The general atmosphere was pretty fun, mainly because the guy/girl ratio was even steven.

Breaking the empty dancefloor:
When it comes to the good old dance in a dead floor, only C is confident and gutsy enough to do it with me. It was 9pm and the RNB music had started to crank up, and we had super itchy feet. Onwards we go! We dance and make up stupid moves while people look. We get tired and C has to leave… we leave the room in a state of awe. Oh yeaahhh.

I have a fan copy my dance moves (and I give some dance advice)
Later in the night the big podium is open and I jump up for some moves. There is a white guy (ok they’re all white in here) looking at my moves, and out of the corner of my eye I can see him trying to copy my moves. Oh I feel so flattered! I talk with him and he tells me how awesome i am at dancing. Of course, i don’t think I am good, but lucky for me, I am at a white club where not many people can dance properly! It’s been a while since I had someone ask me to teach them how to dance, so I teach him some basics – (bend the knees, and use the arms more rigorously is what I told him) and he is now that much closer to enlightment.

Later he became my wingman and we try to hit on girls by grinding with them. Sadly that didn’t work. Plus since there weren’t many people here, we quickly ran out of girls.

What is the point of going to a club and dancing at the same spot?

Since 9pm, there were two girls near the door. One was sitting, and one was dancing by jumping up and down. It was now midnight, and they were both there in the exact same spots. I thought I would talk to them into coming to the dancefloor.

So I asked why they were dancing in this same spot the whole time:
“i dont know, we like it here”

You girls picked the most silly spot to dance. You’re already here, so just dance wherever you want guys!

I scare my newest fan girl away – I called her a bad word
I’m doing some knee high dancing, and I don’t know why. A girl comes up next to me and copies my dancing. So i made her wave her hands as well while we pretend to run. Then I told her:
“why are you running? you look like an idiot”
That’s when she ran away from me. I don’t think my sarcasm came across too well in that one. But in any case she did look like an idiot waving her hands and doing knee high steps. Given, I was doing the exact same thing, but I make it look cool. hahaha.

Friends had to go for work the next day, so I leave as well.

For a Thursday it was eventually a good turn out. If the population doubled or tripled it would have been pretty awesome. If you ever find yourself in the Parramatta west area and just feel like a simple dance then come here.

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