An event called D.T.F – There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to promoting to the lowest common denominator amongst humans. I mean, what has the world come to in that we have to use such terminology to promote an event? It disgusted me, but the hilarity of this event name was good enough to get me to commit. I cleared Thursday out, called out a local friend and off we went – here we go!

1AM crowd

D.T.F Wednesdays @ Epping Hotel

A local Wednesday night in the Epping region.

Opening Hours
Unknown – 3AM(?)+

58 Beecroft Road, Epping, right opposite Epping train station

Parking: Plenty of parking around.

Venue Website:

Event Website:

Promoters: Self promoted

Occurrence: Every Wednesday

Dress Code / Door Policy
Almost everyone was wearing a t-shirt. I think I counted only two other people wearing a collared shirt, so this is quite the norm for this local hotel. Girls are still a bit dressy so its alright. No shorts, singlets or thongs though

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
Free entry all night.

Guestlist: N/A

Cloak Room: None

Assessment Time
: 12:15AM – 2:30AM

Outside Line: No line outside

Walk inside to the top level of the venue. This is mostly just a bar area with seats, lounges etc. The club is actually downstairs to the right.

Take the stairs down and at the bottom you are on the outside of the dancefloor at the front. DJ is in a booth on the right. The dancefloor itself is sunken into the ground to hold about 40-50 people. The floor is surrounded by a strip of extra room for people to dance to hold a further 40-50 people. On your left are two pool tables, the sole bar on the far end as well as couches and sofas. There are also a handful of arcade games (I scored fastest lap on the ‘The Fast and the Furious’ game on one of the ‘Hard’ tracks, yay).

Bar Prices / Line:
The bar is usually empty so orders are quick. $9.70 for a bottle of Canadian Club. Tonight there was a promotion where Canadian Club drinkers got a free sherpa hat or a MP3 player, or a shirt. I got the hat.

Some random drunk guy came up to the prmo girls and told them he just drank his Canadian Club and threw the bottle away. “Aww” say the girls, and they refuse to give him anything. He skulked away slowly, head down and ashamed in defeat.

Bathroom Facilities: 
Bathrooms were pretty clean tonight

DJs: Tonight was resident DJs, but other weeks there may be special DJs coming in.

Music Style:
Earlier in the night it was a lot of Commercial House then followed on later with Trance mix ups with a little bit of dubstep and RnB mashups. An electic  mix. However no Top 40 or pop songs.

Mostly very young locals. Majority are Caucasian and there are a handful of Asians (my friend tells me Epping is mostly resided by Asians and was surprised at the lack of representation here tonight). Generally people who have nothing to do on Thursday morning or are crazy enough to party it up on a Wednesday night. Also pretty friendly if you get to know them. All seemed to mind their own business but knew how to dance and party.

This varied quite substantially throughout the night but pretty much it was usually 5 or 6  girls amongst the sea of 20-30 guys at peak.


Tonight it was the songs which dictated the people who remained on the dancefloor. With the small population tonight this was much more evident. E.g. when a remix of the song “Promises” by Nero came on, I stayed on, but every other person pretty much stepped off the floor, leaving my friend and I left (though, it was a terrible remix in my opinion). Then the next song was a Calvin Harris song “coming back”, which literally brought people back to the dancefloor. This pattern repeated throughout the whole night so the ratio and population varied too wildy to keep it stable.

Epping Hotel - (DTF) 1-30AM with an empty floor

Place was also well ventilated to keep the place cool and clean. The floor was also surprisingly clean – this was primarily due to the “no drinks on the dancefloor” policy that was strictly enforced, and rightly so. I love a clean dancefloor.

Overall a dark atmosphere on the floor and many a folk took advantage with lots of making out going on.

Video: Walkthrough and music timelapse

YouTube Preview Image

My own night
– We played some arcade game. It was a really old version of “The Fast and the Furious”. It had really terrible graphics which belonged to the PS1 N64. Anyway it was so bad that I wondered if anybody played this machine. My wondering was answered when I was getting top 10 lap scores, and I think on the fifth race I got the fastest lap ever recorded. Woot.

– Anyway don’t race here, there were some douchebags spraying water on us. Either that or people were spilling their glasses of water down on the stairs which rained upon us.

Drinking for a free hat thing. Also got the fastest lap on one of the tracks.

– Nothing else much exciting happens here. People were hooking up everywhere. It was awkward when at one point it was a couple on either side of us eating each other faces, and it was just us two looking at these couples make out. So awkward you can’t help but laugh.

Upon Departure
Left at 2:30AM

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

If you somehow find yourself in the Epping area on a Wednesday night, well this isn’t a bad option to check out rather than trekking down to the city. I would imagine on nights with a guest DJ the crowd would be more packed, so keep an eye out. Otherwise if you aren’t in the area, it wouldn’t be worth the trek.



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