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On December 7, 2013
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Always busy and a good place to go. Relatively smaller compared to the newer clubs but a good time can be had here.

Friends have ditched me at Room 18, and have told me to join them at Spark. I say goodbye to random new friends made and get a taxi to Taipei 101 building. The next place is Spark Nightclub, so here we go!

Saturdays @ Spark Nightclub (Taipei 101 building), Xinyi district, Taipei City


Bar - 1:45AM

Bar – 1:45AM

Opening Hours:
The place is open everyday of the week, but the clubbing nights are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday


B1No. 45, Shìfǔ Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110
Pretty much just walk towards Taipei 101, and run around until you see a set of stairs. Go down and around to the left and that’s the entrance to Spark Nightclub.

Venue Website:

Event Website:
Website or

Self promoted

Every weekend since opening in 2009

Dress Code / Door Policy:
Most guys wore collared shirts, and girls wore dresses. However the dress code isn’t strict at all. Hoodies were allowed, and I was wearing my dirty sneakers. Inside the club it’s so crowded and dark nobody is going to see what shoes you are wearing anyway.

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
Unknown tonight, I just scored got free entry from a friend


02.8101.8662 or refer to Facebook page


[I was still drunk from the previous club, so not much can be written]

Outside Line:
There was a very fast line at time of entry

Almost like the previous club, it is a rectangular room lined with bottle serviced tables. There was, at the far back right corner, a concentration of VIP areas. Podium and DJ at the front. The dance floor is small and holds about 30-40 people. The bar length is about 20-30 people long.

Bar Prices / Line: Didn’t drink here

Completely Asian from what I could remember.

Atmosphere: The video should tell you how it is..


YouTube Preview Image

My own night
I remember grinding some girl. Nek minute, I’m home and I’ve lost my phone. (Recovered the phone a few days later from a guy who picked it up)

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

I remember the place being loud, crowded, and having super great tunes.

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