I’m on holiday. It’s a Wednesday. I lost my phone at the last nightclub and I had it returned. It’s time to celebrate at Luxy Nightclub tonight. So here we go!

Wednesdays @ Luxy Club, 

Opened in 2003, Luxy has become a staple nightclub for foreigners to visit. It’s one of the most known and I think the oldest running nightclub in Taipei. Often big international acts come to play here. It is also popular among some locals as well.

View from the front looking to wards the back

View from the front looking towards the back

Opening Hours:
22:00PM – 04:00AM

5th Level/Floor, No. 201, Sec. 4, Zhong-Xiao East Road, Taipei, Taiwan 106
You walk into the building and the entrance is on Ground floor. You will then be whisked up the elevators to the proper club level.

Venue Website:

Event Website:

Self promoted.

Every week since 2003.

Dress Code / Door Policy:
On Wednesday night, there is not real enforcement of any dress code. Friends got in with hoodies, hats. However inside it’s a mixed bag of well dressed guys with collared shirts and dress shoes to the casual person (myself with my running shoes, jeans, and collared shirt). Girls are also just as guilty with a mixed combination of nice dresses towards casual

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:

$500NTD ($20AUD) to enter. The entry fee includes 2 free drinks.

Passouts: N/A
We got in at 10:45PM, saw how dead it was and left. There was no problems with leaving.

See website. You can also contact 0955 904 600

Cloak Room:
Luxy has self-serve lockers. Rental of a locker is $20 NTD (Just less than $1AUD)

Tonight: Wednesday is ladies night..

Assessment Time:
Dropped in at 10:45PM
Returned 12:45AM – 4:00AM (closing)

Outside Line:
Pretty much 3 or 4 people at the time. No waiting time.

Luxy is on level 2. Enter the ground floor for security checks and head up the elevator.

Upon entry into the lobby, you’re in a laser beam light room. It’s a bit confusing when you first encounter it.

Elevator Lobby Green Lights

Elevator Lobby; Green Lights

Don’t leave the laser too long in your mouth, it actually heats the inside of your mouth up, and probably kills some cells along the way.

Head on to enter the back of the Luxy nightclub. The complex is one big room with a balcony at the back, overlooking down towards the dance floor. The circular bar is at the back and is well-lit. Surrounding the bar areas are the various lounges which are reserved for bottle service customers.

The Main Bar at Luxy Nightclub

The Main Bar at Luxy Nightclub

At the front is the dance floor, sunken from the rest of the venue to hold about 50-80 people. There is also a long dancing pole, while the DJ is an raised stage away from the rest of the crowd. I assume that the stage is used more for big bands or acts to set up and play on here while maintaining distance from the crowd.

3:00AM on the Dance Floor

3:00AM on the Dance Floor

Bar Prices / Line:
$200 NTD per shot (Approx $7-$8AUD)
Bottle service pricing: Unknown.
We did what most other smart people did and had pre-drinks at 7-Eleven, about ten minutes walk away.

Bathroom Facilities:
Little to no line at all. Clean toilet facilities

Unknown, I think just the resident DJs playing tonight

Music Style:
EDM Tunes, RnB, Top 40. Mostly all the party tunes that people are familiar with.

There are quite a lot of foreigners. I met Russians, Singaporeans, Japanese, Chinese, and of course Australians. I didn’t really interact with any local Taiwanese people here as I can’t really speak Mandarin.


10:45PM – 12 guys when we initially had a sneak peek. Left after five minutes for pre-drinking somewhere else.
12:45PM – Girls were here! Ratio was still poor at probably 4 guys 1 girl.

Male podium dancers in Santa sexualised suits to show maximum skin. These guys were holding bottles of vodka Grey Goose and literally pouring in the vodka into any girl who were within proximity. It appears that they don’t believe in RSA in Taiwan.

The club was relatively busier when we returned at 12:45AM. The club was about 2/3rds full. Upstairs was closed off because not enough people arrived, so there was just enough people in the club to fill the dance floor as well as have people hang around the bar etc.

People are extremely friendly. Perhaps the fact that everyone is pretty much not a local helps. It’s like a backpackers bar, except everybody has money. There actually were locals but preferred to only speak Mandarin, or had no ability to speak English. The entire club is roomy / spacious with a high ceiling.

In the middle of the night there was a Performance by the people dressed in Tron-like outfits. Pretty cool if the place was entirely dark.

Check out the performance :
YouTube Preview Image

It is legal to smoke inside Luxy Nightclub.


Walkthrough tour, and music timelapse
YouTube Preview Image

Money does have a big influence here. Trying to chat up chicks but they were at the bar waiting for some other dude. All he did was whip out his black Amex and they were literally fawning over him. My god. I’m just a uni student.

Also all the foreigners seem more sleazy here. Feel kinda sorry for the locals here.

Upon Departure
We stayed here until closing time, we had just met so many people and had a great time, despite the club not operating at full capacity.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

I would probably come here if your Mandarin is seriously crap. The people who come here are more than likely be able to speak English with you. The girls and guys are more likely to speak English too. The drinks are not cheap but are equivalent pricing to back home.


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