Landed in Taipei at around 8PM from Sydney with some friends. So tired but we have been told that we are to go clubbing tonight. I have no say in the matter whatsoever.. oh.. alriiight. So we have come to Room 18 for ‘pre clubbing’. ie Clubbing before going to a more popular club. This tends to be normal here… here we go!

Bar staff

Bar staff


Address: b1, No. 88, Songren Rd., Taipei
Contact: +8862 23452778
Opening Days: WED / FRI / SAT : pm 10:30 ~ am 05:00 (視當日營業狀況而定). Today is a Saturday night.
Dress Code / Door Policy: People don’t give a crap what you wear. Casual is fine, because clubs get quite warm. We wore sports shoes, jeans, and a dress shirt to be safe.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Unknown. Our friend got us in free. We also skipped the line.
Passouts: Unknown.
Guestlist: Please refer to website
Cloak Room: Unknown if available

(I am pretty drunk tonight, so I don’t remember much for a legitimate review)


Pretty much one large room, with a DJ at the front, lined with tables and tables of reserved tables with bottle service. Large LED ceiling thing spans the length of the club, with regular flashing every few seconds. It’s quite cool.

Front podium

Bar Prices / Line: Unknown.

Atmosphere: Pretty average early in the night but it did get busier later. Overall it was quite a good club-like atmosphere, dark with the pretty lights and all. The light up dancefloor and the overhead ceiling thing was super cool. The MC is pretty good.


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My own night
All I remember is going in, macking on a crapload of girls. Rejected all the ones that spoke Chinese and then I was just going hard making out with some girl. Then friends dogged me and I had to follow them to the next club, because I was not given responsibility of the hotel key. Hate being drunk

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

I don’t remember much to be honest. Would have to revisit again.

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