Friends have ditched me at Room 18, and have told me to join them at Spark. I say goodbye to random new friends made and get a taxi to Taipei 101 building. The next place is Spark Nightclub, so here we go!

Saturdays @ Spark Nightclub (Taipei 101 building), Xinyi district, Taipei City


Bar - 1:45AM

Bar – 1:45AM

Opening Hours:
The place is open everyday of the week, but the clubbing nights are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday


B1No. 45, Shìfǔ Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110
Pretty much just walk towards Taipei 101, and run around until you see a set of stairs. Go down and around to the left and that’s the entrance to Spark Nightclub.

Venue Website:

Event Website:
Website or

Self promoted

Every weekend since opening in 2009

Dress Code / Door Policy:
Most guys wore collared shirts, and girls wore dresses. However the dress code isn’t strict at all. Hoodies were allowed, and I was wearing my dirty sneakers. Inside the club it’s so crowded and dark nobody is going to see what shoes you are wearing anyway.

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
Unknown tonight, I just scored got free entry from a friend


02.8101.8662 or refer to Facebook page

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This weekend I’m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a wedding. So while I’m here, it’s time to visit the club well regarded by the locals, Zouk Club.

Line up to the club (11PM)

Line up to the club (11PM)

Saturdays @ Zouk Nightclub, KL, Malaysia

Zouk Club is the sister / child club of the original Zouk Club in Singapore (apparently it has lost a bit of its glam with the Singaporean locals compared to newer establishments, but here in KL it still is as popular as ever.)


Opening Hours:
Club: 10:00PM? – 3AM. The 3AM shutdown was only enforced for Zouk this year. It was enforced by the government for public safety reasons (also other clubs close here at 3AM so you’re not missing out).

The Cafe area of Zouk (outdoor bar) is open from 10AM in the morning

113, Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Parking: There is nearby parking on the opposite side of the road.

Venue and Event Website

Occurrence: Zouk is open every day of the week except Monday.

Dress Code / Door Policy: The Legal age is 21 here, however only the Zouk (main room) of the club is open for 21 year olds. All other areas require patrons to be 23 years or older. This is probably to target more of the working class crowd. Thank god I am no longer a teenager. I suppose its also better to stop the children from drinking from an early age.

Dress code – casual is okay but to use the upstairs Aristo room and Terrace Garden, you must be dressed sharp (collared shirt, dress shoes at a minimum is advised)

Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Something like 45 Ringgit (approx $15AUD at the time of writing) for the guys. Girls get cheaper entry or free entry.

Guestlist: Contact the Facebook page for details

Cloak Room: I don’t remember seeing any cloak rooms

Assessment Time
: 10:30PM – 3:00AM

Outside Line: At 10:30PM there were not excited punters lining up. It was empty – we strolled in, and the cigarette/other company promo girls at the front were all over us like they have never seen a customer before. The line started getting longer at 11:30PM and by midnight the line was pretty long, perhaps a 15 minute wait to get in.

Zouk is split in primarily three large dance rooms and three smaller dance rooms with associated drinking areas. Most of these rooms focus on seating and drinking with relatively small dancefloor areas:

1. Zouk / Pleasure Dome Area. This is the primary room for Zouk Club. All ages above 21 are welcome here. Large room with main dancefloor and second balcony level. Lounges around the walls. LED lights / screens above along the balcony looking down on the floor. Quite a darker, club atmosphere

2. Phuture Room: Also a two level balcony setup. Big projection wall on the left for video clips to be played. Lounges/VIP areas around the walls and above on the balcony. Little stick out dance areas for attention whores as well. Bar in the back. Dancefloor to hold about 40-50 people. A more “friendly” lighting scenario where its lighter.

3. Velvet: A louder two tiered room. Lower tier upon walking in is just a bar with carpeted floor and tables, chairs for people to mingle. Dark lighting. Upper tier is also relatively medium-dark lit dancefloor, with many VIP/reserved bottle service tables around. Also podiums around the immediate vicinity of the dancefloor, closely guarded by security. I jumped up on the podium and started shuffling, but security didn’t like it and pulled me off. It’s loud, and I think much more people were in this room than that of the Phuture Room. By peak of the night (midnight-2:30AM), this room had literally no moving space. If you got caught up in the dancefloor it was almost impossible to get out.

Velvet Room - random podium clubbing

Velvet Room – random podium clubbing


4. Aristo and Roof Garden: Appeared to be a more relaxed room, and I would guess one of the last rooms to get full of people. This was the last room to have music setup and was one of the first rooms to close when the place started to close up. Don’t bother going to this room unless you’re the quiet or seductive type.

5. Barsonic Room: A smaller, intimate room but still blurting out some tunes. Didn’t get to spend time in here sadly.

6. Terrace Bar: It’s just an outdoor bar to take a break from it all or have a ciggie.

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