Fridays @ Star Bar

Assessment Time: 22:45pm – 01:45
Address: George St, Sydney
Door Policy: Casual dress ok. Outfits are ok. However groups of guys are not ok. At its peak it is hard to get in, but after 2am, you should be able to get in wearing most attire.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free
Guestlist: None required. However if you don’t match door policy, you will get the ‘guestlist’ treatment.
Inside: 3 levels, but only the top floor has a proper setting for clubbing. Medium-large round shaped dancefloor surrounded by lounges. DJ booth at the front. The middle floor has a DJ as well, but the volume of the music is laid back. There are also pool tables on these bottom two floors, and extra lounges.
Cloak Room: none.
Bar: 2 bars top level.
DJ: Video DJ for the top level, and normal DJ middle level.
Music: Rnb, house, pop.. all the typical top 40 tracks.
Crowd: Mixed nationalities, a mix of backpackers and locals, and mixed ages.
Entertainment: Glowsticks were being thrown out by the security guy onto the stage.
Atmosphere: Pretty average to good.

I just bought my outfit for Homebake the next day. It’s sitting in my bag, so what else can I do? I put it on of course to try it out!

Orange jumpsuit jail outfit

Orange jumpsuit jail outfit

Well after all this putting on the outfit, I was ready to take lots of photos. Well.. what happened was, that nobody took photos of me at all! I am walking around in a bright orange jumpsuit and nobody wants a photo… so sad.

No circles allowed
A small circle formed and people started dancing, including myself. Eventually after a few songs, half of the entire dancefloor has formed around the circle! It’s an amazing sight I have never seen here before. Here’s a video:


Security though, rock up and want to split up the circle up. What kinda policy is that? So instead of the circle breaking up – people came down and surrounded the security guard. You think they’re going to beat him up, but instead people started dancing around the security guy in protest!! hahaha hilarious. Everyone is cheering and dancing around the security guy. He stands there, unable to do anything – eventually he is taken away by another security guy, lmfao.

Arrivederci + Recommendation
We leave around 2am, to prepare for Homebake the next day!

Star Bar Fridays – 4th November 2009: 6/10 tonight for me

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