Homebake: Standing outside the Main Arena

Homebake: Standing outside the Main Arena

Homebake Sydney 2009 @ The Domain

Assessment Time: 15:30pm – 11:00pm
Opening Times
: 12:00pm – 11:00pm
: http://www.homebake.com.au
: Royal Botanic Gardens, Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney.
Dress Code
: anything goes. I wore an orange jumpsuit. Everybody else was pretty casual, and being summer, it was lots of shirts, hats and skirts.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
Tickets were $99
Four or five areas. Most of the big acts were in the two main areas – the Main Stage and the Big Top, which is just a huge tent kind of thing. Food stalls inside, and a merry go round swinging thing. In the middle is a huge grass area to sit down. Plenty of toilets.
Cloak Room
: $5
: $10 smirnoffs. Lines were extremely long today.
Food: Rip off. $5 bottles of water. $7 hot chips, $5 Hot Dogs, $12 Salt and Pepper Squid
Acts: Powderfinger, Jet, Hilltop Hoods, Eskimo Brojo, Sia, Daniel Merriweather, Midnight Juggernauts, Sarah Blasko, A Special Best Of Performance By Tim Finn, Closure In Moscow, Short Stack, Phrase, Decoder Ring, Bumblebeez, Tumbleweed (Original Line-Up), Eddy Current Suppression Ring,  The Funkoars, The Middle East, The Aston Shuffle, Sugar Army, Record Producer, Shockone
Music: It’s all Australian music today.
Entertainment: The merry go round provided entertainment, as well as some of the small stores for tattoos or typical carnival like things. In between acts on the main stage, the TV screens would play some funny clips of people rendering their versions of popular songs.
Crowd: Dominantly White Australian. I probably spotted a total of 7 or 8 other asians the whole day.
Atmosphere: Throughout the day the good weather provided a very good atmosphere. This was a sold out event so there were just people everywhere, walking around, doing their thing. There was enough room to find your own spot in the grass and relax as well. The atmosphere at the two main stages was always pretty packed. I would say it was more intense in the Big Top than the main arena – it could have been because the Big Top had more acts which were ‘dance’ or crowd oriented. People in the Big Top were likely to dance and jump up and down. The Main Stage.. people just stood around singing along.

Acts seen:

Hilltop Hoods
Probably the best act we went to today. They got the crowd going, and the crowd of course, went with it. Lots of chanting, and played a lot of stuff from their new album. Luckily I have a copy of their album. Also the screens behind them had pretty awesome animations. Here’s a video:

YouTube Preview Image

During the act there was also a random balloon floating around. On closer inspection, it was actually a blown up condom. But we could see that there was sperm along the inside of the walls. Someone had blown up a used condom. This was disgusting.

condom crowd surfing

condom crowd surfing

I didn’t know many of his songs, but it was a very good vibe inside the big top as well. At the end of it he event went crowd surfing, lol:

Phrase crowd surfing video

YouTube Preview Image

We sat on the grass – the lead singer sounded like he was yelling throughout. Even though we sat at the back, it could be felt that it was a pretty powerful and rocking set.

All day we were waiting for this act, but it ended up being only average. Some of the new songs played I did not know yet. They played a song and wanted the crowd to sing along. They put the words on the screen, but the words were only published one word at a time. Not only that, each word was up for half a second, and it was 1 second out of sync of the band. It was a total fail and nobody ended up singing along to the song. Other than that, the more famous songs got the crowd going well. I heard they were breaking up after their current set of shows were completed, but they seemed to be ok.

Powderfinger “Got you on my mind / Summertime” video:
YouTube Preview Image

Other things
I get a Hottie tattoo

The first thing we did was end up at the fake tattoo place. Place is a rip off at $20 but we got one anyway. I get ‘Hottie’, while my male friend gets Love Hearts on his neck, lol.

homebake hottie!

Homebake hottie!

Went on the ride of spinning fun
I haven’t been on one of these in about 10 years, so for the cheap price of $8, I could sit on this thing. I was pretty scared on this thing!! It didn’t help that my friend tells me about how a girl once had the chains on her chair broken off , and she fell to her death.

The outfit
It’s an orange jumpsuit with the words “Easy Jail” on the back. We sticky tape extra words on it .. see pics below.

Nobody wants photos with me
This was probably the least successful outfit i’ve had. Probably only 2 or 3 people wanted to take photos with me

Guys slap my ass, and I am called out to be put into jail
This was probably the most successful outfit i’ve had to pick up guys. On the back I had my Name, and my phone number. After 9 guys took down my number, I decided to remove the mobile phone bit.I also had many, many random guys slap my ass or proposition me.

Also, I would get people occasionally yelling out “Get him!! Put him back in Jail!”

homebake easy jail bait

I walked around like this for half of the day

Also had one very affectionate fan jump on me and dry hump me… terrible.


My biggest fan..


They started playing Nutbush City Limits during intermission. I admit to a friend i don’t know how to dance the Nutbush, so she gladly teaches me:

YouTube Preview Image

Turns out the reason why they played Nutbush City Limits was that there was actually a Flashmob doing the Nutbush dance on one of the other areas! Here’s the video:

YouTube Preview Image

We left after the last act of Powderfinger.

Homebake 2009 – 8.5/10 . Strong line up and good weather provided for a good day out. Wallet still hurting from exuberant food prices.

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