Flow Fridays @ World Square Pub

Assessment Time: Midnightish – 2am
Website: http://www.flowfridays.com.au
Address: 680 George St Sydney (Formerly Equilibrium)

Dress Code: Dress very nice. All the girls are in dresses, the boys were almost all collared shirts. You could probably get away with casual if you were with some girls. Very tight when it reaches capacity or close to capacity. No groups of men were allowed in. The line was heaps long.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $20 normal, $15 on guestlist.
Guestlist: See website.
Inside: Two levels. Downstairs chillout area with DJ, but nobody really dances here. This is the free area. Upstairs is where you have to pay your cover charge to go. It’s pretty small in there.
Cloak Room: No
Music: Rnb. Contemporary Moden rnb. Good selection of rnb tunes.
Crowd: Dominantly Asian. A spot of indian, but they’re technically asians too.
Entertainment: A podium for us to dance on, but no podium dancers.
Atmosphere: Packed and occasionally getting quite hot and smelly inside, due to the small volume and lack of ventilation of the whole place

A Pirates’ last stand.
I put on my pirate suit again, and my friends were TRULY SICK of it. Tonight I didn’t even get much attention with the pirate suit. It would be the last time I swore I would wear it this year, or for a while actually. I was pretty sick of the pirate get up myself. A shame, because its so awesome.

The vibe of the idiocy of my pirate outfit was felt by the others in the club as well – A girl went up to me and asked:
Sea Wench: “Hey. Why the Fuck are you dressed up as a pirate?”
Captain James: “Because I like to Fuck girls” is all I could reply with. She was either going to laugh and be my friend (The chances of this happening were probably 1 in ten thousand) or she would go away. Surprisingly, you know what she did?? She walked away.

I was left seriously pondering about how ridiculous I looked. I concluded that I did not care. Regardless, I swore to myself and to my friends as witnesses to never wear the Jack Sparrow Pirate gear randomly, unless requested to do so or if absolutely appropriate. I wonder how long it will be before I wear it again.

She don’t want relationship, She just want, grind grind grind.
There was one girl who pulled me in to grind with her. We are dancing and grinding. I am happy. The pirate outfit works again in my favour. I get bored of grinding so I decided to TALK TO HER. You know, say hello and stuff. So I say ‘Hello’, because that’s how you start conversations, right? Surprisingly, you know what she did?? She walked away. Was it something I said?

I was left seriously ponder about why girls are so strange. Some want you to talk with them before you can grind, and now this one grinds with me and punishes me when I start blabbering to her. Was ‘Hello’ not the right thing to say? Could have I said something else to her like “I like your shoes”? Come on, I wanted a relationship with this girl who was randomly grinding me, can a man not ask of this thing that every single woman on earth wants?

So in hindsight, I have concluded that she did not like my voice. My voice could possibly be the thorn hindering my chances with women. What other explanation can there be?

Occasionally not allowed up on the podium
There’s a small podium at the front, and occasionally people would get kicked off, but later people would get back on, and security would let them dance, so long as they behaved. I went in and danced, but I started doing my starjumps, and was promptly kicked off. lol.

The back podium was ok, and anybody was allowed up on there, which is good of a club.

The rest of the night with friends:

Bumped into some other friends and we danced the night away until they had to go. It got a little awkward at one point as one of them was pretty drunk and she started to grind with me, which was totally not her character, I acted very Swiss-like.. but I forgive her.

I left at 2am to go to Star Bar – I had a birthday party to go to. Needless to say it was pretty crap for me there – the birthday girl ended up making out with some douchebag instead of me. No blog entry will be written about it.

Besides my bad luck in here, if you are just looking for a relatively safe night out amongst asian people with RnB music, I would give this place a go. Try to send in a guestlist for a discount, because I hate paying for cover charge. Tight door policy also ensures the crowd is somewhat not dirty, but the nature of the small size of the club makes everybody physically hot and sweaty anyway.

Flow Fridays @ World Square Pub
– 7/10

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7 Responses to Flow Fridays @ World Square Pub: 27th November 2009

  1. mabellina says:

    i just stumbled upon this blog and not only has it been informative, but made me smile.
    nice work, ol’ chap.

  2. karla says:

    i too just stumbled upon this blog looking for flow club pics but i do recall i was out that night and saw a pirate! i clearly recall saying “wtf that guy is a pirate?!” lol possibly you? i was at both flow and starbar that night. Anyways interesting blog youve got going here 🙂

  3. James says:

    I really should put pictures up here soon.

    Yes, I was that pirate man, and I remember hearing you saying that to your friend, then you asked me again why I was wearing it.

    You’re probably the only other local asian who I know visits star bar on their own will ! I’ve promised my friends that I will not visit Star Bar for a year as of next month – going to miss that dodgy place.

  4. KayBayBay says:

    stumbled upon here. nice review!
    and yes, do post pics! hahaha. I’m researching sydney’s hotspots at the moment so tryna see which one is worth going to! 🙂

  5. […] clubbing blog follower recognises me AND simultaneously busts me for being a pirate I declared in a previous post that I wasn’t going to wear my pirate outfit anymore when going out. Well tonight I was […]

  6. Amanda says:

    Where do you find the photos taken from Flow??

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