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On November 8, 2008, in Brooklyn Hotel, Hip Hop, House, Reggae, RnB, by James Tran

As much as I don’t recommend this place for a proper clubbing night out, this seems to be a great place to go to sleaze with some westies about at around 1am.. precisely the time I entered..

About Saturdays’ at Brooklyn Hotel
Music: RNB, reggae, house
Crowd: Mixed
Dress Code: Casual
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: None
Occurrence: Every Fridays and Saturdays
Atmosphere: Party-like, or desolate depending on your mood.
Brooklyn Hotel: As you enter, main dance area and bar to hold about 40 people comfortably. another area out in the back for smoking and the house beats, but you wouldn’t really dance out there.

Enter around 1am, and the place is quite busy, and drunk people aplenty dancing with bottles in hand.

Offered a drink
I put on the sunnies and go to the bar. Get a water and turn around. Two drunk girls with two guys hitting on them. The brunette takes my sunnies and puts them on. What am I supposed to do. Can’t cut grass, so I take photos. Forget their names, but brunette offers me her drink. “I have never offered any guy a drink!” she says. “.. so take it!”

With drunk Brunette

A few minutes later she’s regurgitating the contents of her dinner in the back room, while an unlucky glass collector asks her to leave while holding her convulsing body. Her friend convinces him that she’ll be alright and surprisingly both are not kicked out. That’s classy.

Blondie leads me to some other people. They turn out to be Londoners. Me and Jamal strike conversation and talk about the scene in England, and how much more better it is than here in Sydney. Well, most clubs in Africa could probably outdo Brooklyn. He admitted though, that the girls in Sydney were waaay hotter. Score. Girl on the right was absolutely trashed, and couldn’t even keep her eyes open during conversation, very funny.

Music was questionable. Some songs I knew, some I didn’t and were more leaning towards the rap side. Then around 2am there was a string of reggae songs. Most didn’t like, but I did, since I knew the words.

Two sisters of the older variety celebrating a birthday here. Great choice. I had a little chat and got along well, so decided to dance with them the rest of the night. Sadly went nowhere.. what a waste of time. It was too difficult to separate the two, even though both were pretty friendly and openly grinded…. *shivers*

Would’ve been better to cut some grass and try to steal drunk brunette. Funnily enough, she did get stolen off the guy around 3.30am, and he walked off furious.

Random photo (for your amusement)

Guys dancing with me to steal the girl
I was dancing with the sisters, and enter a huge group of about 8 men. There weren’t that many girls left, and about 2 or 3 guys directly cut into our circle to talk to the younger blonde sister. Geez that pretty much pissed me off. I stuck my finger at him, he looked at me and I just pretended to be sticking my fingers over his shoulder.

That wasn’t the end of it. The younger guy comes right up to me and starts to GRIND ON ME!! UGH!! It was obviously for entertainment for blonde sister, and so I serve it right back at him and grind him back. I felt so sick doing it, but it worked. He didnt last 10 seconds crotch-crotch with me. I didn’t get another man dance after that.

After the sisters left, it was 4am. There weren’t that many people left but they were all dancing. Decided to leave. This is only a good place to go after 1am for a seedy drunk time with no entry fee. Quality of girls was surprisingly okay, but some were off. Oh yes, and the music was tolerable but I wouldn’t recommend this place as a proper dance joint.

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2 Responses to Saturday @ Brooklyn Hotel

  1. John says:

    hi james

    i just moved to Syd from Canberra last week after uni. Do you recommend any good places to party? i was looking for clubs and ended up on your site

    cheers mate

  2. James says:

    I’m not sure what you’re looking for in a club whether its specific in music, girls, atmosphere, or all…
    At the moment my general recommendations would be to get into Dragonfly or Trademark Hotel on Saturday night at Kings Cross. Most good clubs to party are at the Cross. Clubs outside the Cross would be Tank, and Chinese Laundry on Saturdays. Anything by ‘Paul Strange Presents’ can also assure a general good night of music and dance.


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