I was in India and my local friend Viddy takes us to Capitol, where he can get us free entry.. A quick web search reveals Capitol to be often rated as the best nightclub in Delhi. It’s also Viddy’s bachelor’s party.

About Capitol Nightclub

Location: 50-B Chanakyapuri, Diplomatic Enclave , The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi, India
: http://www.theashok.com
Occurence: Every night.
Inside: On entry to the danceroom, there is a two-tiered dancefloor. It’s of reasonable size, with bars and lounges on the sides. The upper tier is the VIP area which could hold about 100 people easily, and overlooks the main dance floor, which could hold 200 or so people. Outside the room, there is a canteen area where various Indian dishes are ready for your eatage.
Dress Code: Casual. No cameras were allowed inside as part of security screening, but inside people had managed to sneak in cameras and take photos in the VIP area.
Entry Fee: Reportedly 1200 Indian rupees, but I don’t know. It’s been set at a price to keep out the beggars and tight asses.
Music: Bollywood, House.
Crowd: Young and presumably of the rich / high class in India. Fair ratio of men to women. Mostly locals.

What line.. what thongs?
I see the same bouncer that Viddy used at his house party. He’s fending off a swarm of people trying to get in. There is no sense trying to ask the locals to line up for anything in India.  Viddy’s wearing thongs and is refused entry. After a few minutes arguing, Viddy tells the bouncer to take off his shoes and to wear his thongs. He complies and Viddy gets in, as well as the rest of us straight in. Vid has the hook ups for sure.

Was excpecting Bollywood, and we got it. It was the popular Bollywood music, and the DJ even mixed it up with some house tunes every now and then. Even though I had absolutely no idea what was being played, it was all very danceable. DJ was good..

Today was a Wednesday night but it felt like a Friday night. Place was very busy, but it wasn’t cramped to make it a sweat house. Out of the 20 million people in Delhi, there’s has to be a group of crazy Wednesday night clubbers.

I’m not a fan of it, but in the middle of the night someone peed me off and so I decided to cut his grass by just dancing better than him in front of the girl. She dropped him and got me.. It made my night better.

Was busy with the girl for rest of the night so there wasn’t many other stories.. but it’s a very good club to check out in India. As well as considering the state of the city, this place takes you away from it all.

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