Together @ Arthouse

On November 1, 2008, in Arthouse Hotel, Breaks, House, by James Tran

Followed T and her girlfriend to Arthouse to meet up with more friends. Entered around 2am.

About Arthouse
Location: Pitt St opposite Hungry Jacks/ Pure Platinum
Inside: Main room with main DJs, and a secondary room of similar size but darker atmosphere  playing breaks.

About Together
Music: House
Crowd: Caucasian, Pretty.
Dress Code: Casual
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: Gia mentioned she paid $30 before midnight. We paid $25 at 2am. $20 prepaid on the Paul Strange presents website
Occurrence: Weekly Saturdays
Atmosphere: (2am) Pretty much a dancing mood in main room, but it was not too packed. Most people were outside in the back having a chit chat. Secondary room was pretty dead at this time.


Lining up troubles
That’s us in the guestlist line. We were told to line up here. Then we were told to line up in the other line, as we were not on the guestlist. After about 30 minutes we got to the front, and we were told we didn’t have pink armwrists, so we had to line up back on the guestlist line!!! What a JOKE.

After lining up again in the guestlist line, the guy recognized us and apologises, then lets us in.

More Kissing
We met T and her ex’s Brazilian friends, and they were friendly. Half the time was spent playing tonsil hockey with T, while the others cheer and whistle on loudly as we pash. (I’m still shaking my head as I write this.) I secretly wanted Gia, but she had already found a pashing partner. By this time my hormones have overriden any sense of logical rationing. My heart says no, but the prostate says yes.

Brilliant, I had no complaints. House was done very well

Leave around 5am, very very tired… I didn’t really get a chance to criticize this place, though I would advise on getting prepaid tickets.

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