UNSW Bsoc Comsoc Cruise 2008

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A moment of inspiration
Me, Kevin and his friend (i forget his name) were drinking at Cargo Bar on Thursday night. We look below and see some uni students awaiting for a cruise. Kevin recognizes it as the UNSW Comsoc cruise, which he and his friend went to years ago. We watch as the party cruise ship sails in. It’s a double storey glass walled ship. The bottom level has a bar and is purely for dancing, judging by the empty wood/carpet floor. Upstairs looks like a chill out area to observe the sights. Suddenly Kevin cries, “Let’s get on that boat!”. We were all in business attire, but we were asian, so we looked young…. we were going to sneak on board.
What’s the password?
We meekly approached one of the widly dressed people, who was one of the organisers.
Kevin: We lost our tickets! They’re at home!
Wildy: Do you have your receipts?
Kevin: No, they’re at home as well
Wildy: (Getting suspicious) So tell me, how much were the tickets?
(I opened my mouth to say $40 but then Kevin butts in..)
Kevin: It was $35, right? (nodding head, serious look)
<< pause >>
Wildy: Have you seen the poster?? What did it look like?
Kevin: No, I havent seen the poster at all…
Alright alright you can get on.. just line up



We couldn’t believe it, Kevin was a guessing genius!!!! We were all giddy and full of excitement, like little kids let loose in a toy department. We got stamped and walked on board with anticipation…

Timeline onboard

Pedro the magician and James the … ?
First thing was getting rid of my luggage bag somewhere safe. There was no place to put it on the boat. I was looking around, and who do I see? Shelly’s boyfriend Pedro!! He was here to perform some illusions with 2 of his fellow illusionists. We exchanged hello’s and Wildy2 approached us and told us to follow him so we could put our bags somewhere! Perfect!!

We walked through the underdeck kitchen to a staff storage room where we put our bags. Wildy2 introduces himself to us.

Wildy2: (to pedro) “You’re the magician, right?”
Pedro: “Yup!”
Wildy2: (to me) “.. and you’re the photographer right?”
Me: “….. Ummm…”

Oh shit. This royal treatment was meant for some other guy. There was probably a photographer stuck on the dancefloor with his equipment looking like a lostie…

Me: “… not really… I’m with Pedro though!”
Wildy2: “Oh, so you’re not the photographer?”
Me: “.. no.”

I gave a sheepy smile and laugh. He didn’t look impressed at all. He did let me leave my stuff in the room as I hurried back to the dancefloor.

This was a really fun atmosphere. Everybody was given glow sticks. I took two red ones and made them my hoop earrings. They gave out pizza, so we ate on all the pizza available before it cold. You only had to pay for drinks. I don’t drink when I go dancing, so I gave that a miss. The crowd was mostly asian, considering it was UNSW and a Comsoc cruise.
Finding dance partners
Did a few laps of dancing and bumped into two girls. They liked my earrings. I was jealous they had lots of sticks. We danced. It was quite easy. I wish more dance parties were like this .. instead of the pretentious girls who think every guy who pops out of nowhere is a creep.  Well, I did have a small talk convo so I guess this instance doesn’t count. I basically hung out with these two the whole night. Tried to crack onto one of them but ended up handlocked with the other. It wasn’t much help that she has a boyfriend.

Kevin and his friend were having fun as well, Kevin couldn’t pickup as he had a girlfriend.

How old are you?
I made a few small talk conversations.. most of them went like this
Me: you go clubbing?
Him/her: not really, I just turned 18

I really felt freaking old.

RnB and house was playing throughout… it was all good I can’t complain much at all.. the atmospheric vibe surpassed any bad hiccups that may or may have not happened.

At 11pm the cruise boat returned to shore, and we all clamoured off. I loved it.. mostly because I got to meet lots of new people… and it was free. If you ever have a chance to go to one of them and you like to dance to music in any form, go!! It’s worth the $35, haha. It was a 3 hour ride all up. A normal night of clubbing.

(After the organisers read this post, any future events will surely have a name list. On top of that I am most likely banned from any future events)

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