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On May 2, 2008, in House, RnB, Tank, by J T

After Day’s graduation party we headed to Tank..

We were examined and we all passed. So it *is* just a dress code thing and not an ‘asian’ thing as many would suggest (there were about 8 of us). Wow, 5th time lucky – I was finally going to enter RNB Superclub. I was wearing some form of nice shoes that’s for sure.

About Tank Nightclub
Location: Tank, 3 Bridge Lane, Sydney CBD, Sydney
Website: http://www.tankclub.com.au
Inside: Two levels of clubbing. Top level includes lounge / club area and toilets. Bottom has the main room and a smaller rear ‘VIP’ classy like room.

About RNB Superclub
Music: RNB, House
Crowd: Mixed. Dominantly Asian, Indian
Dress Code: Smart Casual. Nice shoes (no chucks, sneakers) and collared shirts for the guys. Girls can get away with casual.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $20, $15 on guestlist or printing out the discount ticket at the website
Occurence: Every Friday
Website: http://www.rnbsuperclub.com/
Atmosphere: Party, Loud

This is not a place for conversation
We went down.. me and Woolie danced in our little seating area. The rest sat down, probably to dance later. About an hour later of dancing around the place, with some pole dancing thrown in, none of the others wanted to dance. We were seated in the rear of the main room but it was really really loud. It was pretty much impossible to hold conversation… so upon finding the back VIP room open we ushered everyone there where the music was much more quiet and we got our own booth to converse in conversation.. the most important part of forming relationships. Not many were dancing here at all.

Soon they all left, including an, who had miraculously found parking right in front of Tank. It was tough to make a decision whether to conveniently go home or choose to take a nightrider. I chose to stay. I was left alone with my dancing legs to take care of me.

So most of the time I was switching between rooms. The upstairs room started playing house music later that night, which was unexpected (as we were in a place called RNB superclub). Downtairs was RNB and the back VIP room was classic rnb/reggae/hip hop. The choice of music in this room left one to be desired.

Wearing a scarf in a club
I was wearing a scarf (I know..) and it got pretty hot, and I had nowhere to put it. So I wrapped it around my head and looked like a quasi terrorist pirate who knew how to dance.

That Aboriginal guy from So You Think You Can Dance Top 20
I saw a guy in a singlet and suspenders dancing with random girls, like he was cracking onto them. I thought he was gay right away, and he looked like having lots of fun. He was also a good dancer, and stayed away from his thunder. Later in the night I got to see him close up as he was performing some esoteric contemporary dance move and realised this was the Aboriginal guy who made it to the top 20. He was enjoying himself, and I didnt really have the guts nor the reason to ask him for a photo. Well, I think it was him, who else could dance like that. He can’t dance rnb style but he’s got some other moves to more than make up for it. I kept mental note of some moves to try in some other future dance adventure.

Humping walls again
The whole night, without props, I got absolutely no attention to this point except some girls who kept giggling at me when I was near, and the time I pole danced earlier on that night. So I did the only thing I knew worked and did the Jason-the-solo-bum-dancer wall humping manouvre. Worked a treat as a girl nearby went up to me and slapped my ass continuously. That was enough for me and I quite enjoyed it.

When I was out of energy and there was only one room left, full of guys.. I left around 3.30am. I wouldnt visit every week but I wouldn’t advise against it. The place was good.


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