Thursday @ Cargo (Anzac weekend)

On April 24, 2008, in Cargo Bar, House, Live Band, by James Tran

The line at St. James Hotel was massively long, as it stretched to around the corner. What a surprise after half an hour in line that the non-gueslisters (that was us) were not welcome anymore as it had reached capacity. So we went to Cargo.. it was the only place we could think of.

About Cargo Bar
Location: 52 – 60 The Promenade, King Street Wharf
Inside: On the ground floor on entry you are presented with a narrow dance are, with the bar on the right, outdoor seating/dinner on the left and the DJ booth right at the front, encompassing the width of the floor. It’s a nice .. almost classy feel.
Music: House, overlayed with Bongo and Saxophone players
Crowd: Young, mature, mixed nationalities.
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: Free
Atmosphere: Vibrant

So we started to dance away. The first thing you hear is the band overlaying the beats of the DJ. There’s a bongo player putting out the bongs, and the saxophone player dishing out his own style on the house music that was playing. It gave everything a more fun kind of feel. Me and Brojo, William did some nutty rnb dancing to the house music and it looked pretty fantastic.. The people around us were staring but others were enjoying.. a lady even complimented us, how nice! The only thing i remember is running around the place when the DJ played ‘Around the World’.. I usually do that.

Getting wiggy with it
I had the blonde wig on. I did a small lap of the crowd and it attracted a group of two girls and a guy. We danced. Soon Patricia joined us. These people were absolutely fascinated with the hair, and they were up for a good chat as well. One of them asks:

“How long it take to do your hair?”
(Patricia) “2 seconds!”
Pat then rips off the hair, much to their amusement.

Normal commercial house beats but the bongoer and saxophoner added a nice funky twist to the whole thing. It really made the mood more joyous and less serious. Shame its such a small place to dance in.

Me, Will, Pat

A bit more dancing.. and we left around 2am. About 2 hours of bopping around. It’s a nice place to go to.. but more last resort.


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