SHE @ Industrie Bar – Saturday 28th July

On July 28, 2007, in Industrie Bar, by James Tran

So I had nothing to do. Visited to see what was on. SHE was on that night and had good reviews, so off I go!

About SHE:
SHE stands for Soulful House Experience and is a monthly event currently held every month at Industrie bar.

Soulful House.

Industrie bar: it’s a small and narrow place. You walk in and you see an upper and lower floor. It’s like a long hallway. A bar on both kevels, and a VIP room at the very end for special functions. The DJ area is just in front of the VIP room. By day, Industrie Bar is a French restaurant.

Cover charge: $20. $15 on guestlist. However the price varies every month. To get on the guestlist email . Best to check out andd for details about the next SHE event.

Crowd: an older crowd. anglo-saxon. Everyone is dressed more formally here than in most other clubs.

Atmosphere: relaxed, chilled and friendly. The moderate volume of the music allowed for people to have a proper conversation without having to yell out loud.

Creepy yet sexy statues
On the bottom floor there were some statues. I noticed one of them move their legs. omg ! That’s when I realised the two statues were actual hot girls painted with glitter, bathing in the gold light. It looked like they were painted in gold. They were topless, and only wearing their panties. oh my god. I ran to the upper level deck so I could peer down and have a good old perve with the other guys peering below. The girls would giggle and blow the occasional kiss. It was really the only thing keeping me here.

Around 1am the topless statues get off and soon are replaced with these chicks in bikinis, huge wigs and sunnies. They dane well – quite well actually. Everyone was just staring, or, dancing and staring. I was anyway. Hot stuff

After the big wigs went off, they were followed by the turkish belly dancers. Hot stuff.

After that, the girls came out again in different outfits. Hot yet again.

I had a surprisingly ok time considering how crap I thought the whole setup was in terms of the kind of music I was into. The crowd was still busy throughout (there wasnt much of a crowd but the cosiness and uniqueness of it all propelled me to stay. I left around 3am.

I wouldn’t recommend it to the regular clubber.

However, I do recommend it if you are:
– looking for a classy place with some good non-commercial beats
– older and are scared of young people, but still want to enjoy dancing without the packed crowds and rowdy drunks
– a real big fan of Soul music with the touch of house beats
– a couple looking for place to go while still being able to talk to each other without raising your voice too much.


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