OneLove @ Tank Nightclub – 9th June 2007

On June 9, 2007, in House, Tank, by James Tran

The lead up:

ange invited me to join her girlfriends to famous@home. This was changed last minute to onelove@tank, when she found out Dirty South and GrooveTterminator were playing.


About Tank:

Tank, located off tank bridge lane between george and pitt st, covers 2 levels. On entrance you are located on the upper floor in a foyerlike area. This area connects to the upper lounge and bar via a catwalk, which overlooks the main floor on level 1.

The high ceiling of main floor gives it a roomy feel while allowing air to circulate. A bar and elevated lounges sit in the back to view the action.

Main Room DJ AreaMain room near stairs



There is also a third room tucked away behind the main room. Its a bar surrounded by lounges, with dungeon-like rooms along one side of the wall to separate private groups.



Mostly white with a speck of non-whites. Very friendly. So friendly, it was the first time I wasnt screened by security for dangerous items .



Cover charge

$25 unless on guestlist for free entry (?). No idea how to get on the guestlist.




The upper lounge is playing mainstream house mixes that people can generally sing along to.

However most people are downstairs for their favourite dj to play. There is also a house dj in the dungeon room but it is more mellow and most are chatting, nobody dancing.


Timeline of memorable moments

Will, he came with his friend. He was introducing himself to everyone, very friendly, but of course, he was looking for some punani. He saw me dance and introed himself to me. He asked if he could hook up with my friends that were coming. I couldn’t give him any guarantees. Will’s friend was there and he was off his face on some ecstasy. Couldn’t look straight nor dance – hilarious.

Meeting ange: Tonight was the first time meeting her, so I was a little nervous. We knew each other from the online world beforehand. Luckily she was of the friendly type in real life!

ange !


Her friends were pretty cool too. They all danced all night – rare to find. the short one (right) always seemed to have a bottle of smirnoff in her hand. She was so out of it, but she was a lot of fun to dance with. Miriam (left) had 4 hours of sleep or something but she plugged on right through the night. Nuts.


Miriam and Shorty


My head/swearband

I got a really bad haircut a few days beforehand, so I had to buy a headband/sweaTtand to cover it up. I had left it to the last day and found myself buying it at the cosmetics section at k-mart. Perfect. I just had to make sure nobody knew the brand was Girlstar.


Its swinging men

Most of the night was in the main floor area. We chose a spot right next to an elevated seating area with poles on the outside (where the first picture above was taken). Drunken men were swinging around on poles like strippers. I think each of us below was whacked by a mans butt or flailing limb at least once or twice. We saw one guy lose his balance and he fell backwards onto the floor onto his head. Looked painful.

Manwhore factor:
It was an even mix of women to men. Dancing with 3 girls though allowed me to see lots of guys crack onto ange and shorty. I didn’t see one guy crack onto miriam, and I thought she was the best looking of all 3 (albeit the least inventive dancer). The three girl thing also limited the number of random girls dancng with me, we only had one random chick join our circle for a song.

In summary

All in all it was a good night, music was great and atmosphere beaut too. The synchronized light effects really made things more intense and enjoyable, something I don’t find anywhere else (yet). Only for house fans though. Would go again.


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