The lead up: sisca invited me to join her friends at UN nightclub. We missed the guestlist deadline time, and we were asked to pay $15. Being asians, we refused to pay and went to scary canary.



About Scary Canary on Friday nights

Located on kent st, it is one medium sized room split into two distinct areas. The upper area is the dance floor area.



DJ Area



Far side podium


On one end is the podium with a nice orange backlight, the other end lounge areas. The lower deck is the bar area, apparently to recover. The floor is deckboard so you may dance there too.



Pool area


Bar area. Entrance is on the right of the photo


Crowd is dominantly asian. Entry fee is $15, $10 if you had a discount pass. Music played is rnb.



Long time no see On entering, i spot Eric, a friend from high school who i hadn’t seen for about 7 years. He was there for Friday night work drinks and some dancing. I wondered if there were any other people here i knew.



Eric Choi



deja vu with jason
I walk on the dance floor area and spot jason the solo bum shaker! That guy is everywhere. Scary canary must be his regular friday night dance hang out. As usual he is up on a podium, surrounded by girls gone wild.



Hanging with the opposite sex

One of the annoying things is seeing so many guys crack onto your female friends. the girls love it. I guess its a form of jealousy.sisca was the only chick in our group so us boys had to watch out for her as she is cracked onto.

Siscas friends werent too keen with dancing with me. I guess i really didnt know them, and they didnt know me. I tried though! I did hog sisca whenever she was in the circle and it probably made them jealous. I did try buying them drinks, and one took a drink. They even refused a photo with me or on their own. Shame. Got to love politics on the dance floor. anyway moving on!



Bottle girl

Later in the night i hear yelling. I turn and see a psycho girl go up to some guy and started yelling at him. He looks dumbfounded. She was furious and got a bottle and wanted to swing it at him. She was stopped before it could happen. I caught me staring at her, and she gave me a death stare. I quickly looked the other way.


It was just one dj that night i think. Well they didnt repeat any songs, so playlist wise it was great. Can’t complain about the songs, except for the sib sob love rnb songs, which i totally despise.




Friendly crowd. The mc kept the crowd going and made the experience less boring. However it was a rainy friday, so there wasn’t as many people as you would usually see at scary when walking by. Lots of girls on the podium showing off their bodies.



Summary: Good night for rnb. Lots of men that night, so that was a bit of a downer. Dance floor area is limited. Drinks were a reasonable price. I’d go here if I was too lazy to go to any other asian place.


With Sisca



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