2AM. Phone rings from a girl – It can only mean.. Booty call!! “No” is the answer. Aww.

Even better though – it’s an invitation to go clubbing! Hooray!

At 2AM??

Haha, well I was already in the city, so might as well drop on by – here we go!

Upstairs 2AM general dancefloor shot

Volar @ Civic Hotel:

Assessment Time: 2:00AM – 2:45AM

Crowd: Asian – mixed Internationals and Local Asians. Mostly guys at this time.

Music: RnB

Atmosphere: Packed inside on the dancefloor. there were enough sofas around to sit down on, but nobody here was in a dancing mood.

Bar: The bar appeared to still be busy, but only with a row of people at the front instead of 4 or 5 rows deep.

Entry Fee: Full $25 forked out for this quick visit.

Video: YouTube Preview Image

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