2AM. Phone rings from a girl – It can only mean.. Booty call!! “No” is the answer. Aww.

Even better though – it’s an invitation to go clubbing! Hooray!

At 2AM??

Haha, well I was already in the city, so might as well drop on by – here we go!

Upstairs 2AM general dancefloor shot

Volar @ Civic Hotel:

Assessment Time: 2:00AM – 2:45AM

Crowd: Asian – mixed Internationals and Local Asians. Mostly guys at this time.

Music: RnB

Atmosphere: Packed inside on the dancefloor. there were enough sofas around to sit down on, but nobody here was in a dancing mood.

Bar: The bar appeared to still be busy, but only with a row of people at the front instead of 4 or 5 rows deep.

Entry Fee: Full $25 forked out for this quick visit.

Video: YouTube Preview Image

I’m not surprised that there were a million guys in here at this time. however the handful of girls that were left in here, they were pretty good looking. I’m sure they had their fair share of attention.

Meanwhile, I had my own friends to take care of. It was quite apparent all 3 of them were drunk. So instead of chasing tail, I ended up dancing with 2 of the girls, while the drunk 3rd friend ended up making out with some random Asian guy who was just standing there. Good for her! It’s amazing, as moments before she told me she wasn’t into Asian guys.

I tried to leave after 30 minutes, but I got pulled back, and my shirt got ripped in the process. FML.

My shirt is ripped :(


We left after our friend realised she was making out with an Asian guy. She was pretty disgusted at herself. I thought it was hilarious.

Final thoughts

It’s very packed on the floor – don’t come here expecting to bust out all your moves. If you’re a guy and wanted to meet some Asians, then certainly go for it, so long as you’re willing to fight it out with all the other guys. If you’re a girl, well the world is your oyster.

I think the promoters, sometimes, may hire/open the underground floor if there is enough demand. These days it is only the upstairs room that is open for the Volar clubbing experience. It is a shame, as I do prefer the underground floor.

Personally I don’t mind coming here if it were earlier and there were a “little” less people, or perhaps more crowd control.

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