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The event ‘LKF’ has been closed at the Civic Hotel, and thank god for that. The promoters have moved their Saturday event to another venue, Mr. Tipply’s under the new moniker “Nova”. Time to check it out!

12:50AM peak time on the dance floor.

12:50AM peak time on the dance floor.

NOVA Nightclub Saturdays @ Mr. Tipplys (Formerly City Hotel)

Nova has been running since September 2014 on a Saturday weekly basis. The promoters aim to keep out the riff raff by promoting the event as for VIP only (i.e. Men with money to spend on alcohol) and promote attractive waitresses for “one on one” service. Kind of borderline sexual. The promoters directly target the Overseas Chinese crowd in Sydney by bringing in popular Chinese celebrities or DJs.

Opening Hours:

10:30PM – 4:00AM


349 Kent St (The old City Hotel)


There is nearby street parking on Kent St or at the Kent St carpark with weekend flat rate.

Venue Website:

Event Website:


Mizuya Entertainment, Dynamic Entertainment


Every Saturday since September 2014

Dress Code / Door Policy:

Smart casual at minimum, but I got away with running shoes, a hat and t-shirt. (I had just returned from the Hardwell concert) To be sure, we asked the promoters and security if it was okay to get in looking like poor uni students. They said it was fine.

They let me in like dressed  this.

They let me in like dressed this.

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:

Tonight it was a full blown $30. It’s finally happened outside of Marquee and Ivy. Massive hole in my wallet.

Passouts: No passouts before midnight.

Guestlist: See website for details

Cloak Room: $5 initial reservation and $2 for bag re-checks. Standard for an Asian club.

Bottle Service / Table Service:

There are ten bottle service areas inside the club. Any object that resembles a table is converted to a bottle service table. The pricing per table is unknown, but typically you are looking at for a few hundred dollars per bottle. Each table has a bottle or two and some champers glasses Tonight:

Assessment Time:

Midnight – 1:40AM

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A friend has invited me 3 weeks in advance to go here. The selling point – 16 hot asian girls will be appearing for the modelling competition. Tempting. Same guys who did the old Havana events before it closed. I was free, alright, so here we go!

2010 Miss Phoenix (TV) Cosmos Asia Pacific Dance Party @ Haymarket Hotel
Assessment Time: 9:15PM – 12:30AM
Opening Hours: 9:00PM – 2:00AM
Lockout: None, or when venue reache capacity until further notice.
Address: 661-663 George St
Promoter Video: This video was made after the event
Occurence: This appeared to be a once off event, but the finals will be held, probably here again in a few weeks time in September.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Smart Casual, but casual was accepted tonight. I was specifically told by my friend to dress very formal in order to fit into the VIP area.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 presold, and $30 at the door. Most people I saw had bought presold tickets.
Guestlist: No guestlist as far as I was aware. However when I was getting in, I saw a chinese dude pleading with the bouncer that he was “VIP” and that his name was on the guestlist. Well, here was some news – everybody was a “VIP” with their ticket, and well.. there was no guestlist, haha. He had to line up just like the rest of us.
Inside: All three levels are on tonight. DJ on the top overhead VIP area, ground level is the main drinking area, and also the dancing place – a small kind of enclosed area to hold about 50-80 people. Downstairs is another bar, and lounge area where it is all carpeted.
Bar Prices: I didn’t drink tonight.
Music Style: RnB, Pop.
Crowd: Entirely asian. I spotted 2 or 3 white people upstairs in the VIP area, but that was about it.
Entertainment: Some dancers before the main show, and of course, there was the main show of the 16 or so girls smiling at us.
Atmosphere: Split over three levels, at around 10pm, everyone decked out the ground level to catch a glimpse of the girls. This left nobody downstairs for the entire night, as everyone stayed on ground level. So you could say it was packed. However before the show started it was dead, everyone waiting. After the show, it was a good 15 minutes before people started to drink and dance. By then it was around 11:30ish, proper clubbing time. During normal clubbing hours it was good, people were dancing about and the place was closed off many times to outsiders. More on on this population problem later.
Video: Walkthrough all 3 levels
YouTube Preview Image
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