Bounce @ Slide Bar
Assessment Time: 12:15AM – 2:00AM
Opening Hours: Opening Hours: 10:30PM – Unknown (probably 03:00AM)
Lockout: Just after 2:00AM – 2:30AM – the actual time is decided by the security personnel.
Address: 41 Oxford St, Surry Hills, Sydney
Venue Website:
Promoter Website: Again, it appears the authoritative source of all things ‘Bounce’-y is
Occurrence: Once every month or every two months depending how the promoters feel.  always on a Friday night. Running since 2009/2010?
Outside Line: There was no line as we approached, but there were people outside. Typically a bad sign, but the place was pretty busy tonight.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual ok. Sneakers are ok. More people more are smart casual tonight. Girls wore mostly nice little dresses. Tonight was Valentines Day weekend, so yeah, most were dressed their casual best.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: I paid full price of $20 tonight
Guestlist: I didn’t send one in, but the email is
Inside: Same as last time – Walk into an open floor to hold about two hundred people. The floor includes an elevated dance platform in which the tiles light up and change colours. Bar to the left. DJ in the far right corner. Overhanging the bar is a balcony for private functions and what not, to hold about 60 people squishily.
Cloak Room: $5 for all items
Bar Prices / Line: I didn’t drink tonight. A reader of this blog did come up and ask me tonight to ask why I usually dont drink – I actually go clubbing for the music and dance, not to really drink and pick up girls… *cough* Bullshit *cough* you may think, ok ok ok … but its true. To be fair though, there is nothing wrong with making the most of your time at a club and meeting new people, it enhances the experience when you’re out. In any case, I am satisfied either way so long as I get my dance fix. Plus nowadays I drive, so double the reason not to drink.
DJs: Unknown
Music Style: The main theme tonight was RnB with many Korean Pop songs thrown in as well during the peak hours of the night. Still nowdays, the only Korean song I know is the Nobody song.
Crowd & Ratio: Pretty much entirely all Asian. The majority being Korean or fans of K-Pop. A friend I brang along was a huge fan of K-Pop, and had no idea about these Korean Pop nights. Conveeeerted! Ratio wise was pretty even throughout the night.
Entertainment: MC to keep things going, but tonight there were not “half time” breaks for some entertainment as of the previous incarnations. Kind of strange, but I don’t think anyone minded. I thought it added a bit of chill down time and something to talk about, but that’s me. Either that, or I missed it altogether by coming in after midnight.
Atmosphere: Pretty busy throughout the time we were here. It’s hard to find a spot in the middle of the flashy dancefloor, but at around 1:30 it started to cool down people wise, as well as female-wise.
Video: Walkthrough of the club, followed by a Music Sample throughout the night:
YouTube Preview Image

They love me here
Okay, basically during my time here I met about 6 people who recognized me from this blog. Usually someone would say hello once every few months or so, but to have six people in one night is pretty much insanely crazy. So even though as much as I love coming here, I may have to go other places for the meantime.
Fan 1 – Started with a “hey are you James?”. His name was James as well. Pretty freaking cool.
Fans 2 and 3 – A duo of friends who read the blog, and one of them follows my twitter! SHOUT OUT TO CARMEN ! hahaha.
By now, I am pretty amazed more than one person recognized me tonight.
Fan 4 – Random guy came up to tell me how much he loves the blog. Freaking sweet as sugarfree gum.
Fans 5 and 6 – Fans 5 and 6 catch my eye on the dancefloor. After incessant whispering, they do realise it’s me. “James?” they say in amazement. Why am I not surprised? Haha. I love it.

My ego is so freaking big now. Buhaha.. Really, no matter how much you think I am – I’m not a celebrity! I’m just someone who has a strange affection for clubbing. Do say hello to me if you spot me out. I’m cool with it, and my friends are totally used to it now so interrupt me anytime.. well possibly except if I’m grinding someone.

Marriage doesn’t have to be prison
Talking to someone and find out she’s married! The ring was there. Where was the husband? She didn’t know, but she was out clubbing and he was too.. at another club.

I guess your life may not necessarily totally end when you get married…. right?

OK despite what I wrote earlier, and the stupid things I get into, tonight was an exception. I was looking for a Valentine. Did I really think I had a chance of finding one in a nightclub? hahaha. Sad to report that it didn’t happen.

Left at when most people had left, just before 2AM.

My first time friends love it here, and some of the people who I’ve met have been multiple times, but i am getting a bit weary, probably because so many people recognized me, not that you really care, dear reader. Another reader (a guy) that I met, wasn’t so enthusiastic about it, but I am sure he was mostly here to pickup. It all depends how you decide to spend your night. Anyway, this is still a favourite event of mine to visit.

Bounce @ Slide Bar – 7/10

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  1. angela says:

    you should do a “favourite clubs” list or something :P)

    • James says:

      There are lots of places I like, and its quite hard to pick a favourite event/venue.

      It’s so much easier to have a list of clubs you don’t like… but that would be too easy. 🙂

  2. anon says:

    do you mind me asking how old you are?

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