Visiting a friend for a birthday… nothing special – here we go!

DJ and dance area

DJ and dance area (about half the floor)

Dropping by: Babyface @ Tao Ultra Lounge
Assessment Time: 12:00AM – 12:45AM
Opening Hours: 10:00PM – 04:00AM (More likely 10:15PM to be pedantic)
Lockout: Determined by security at around 2:30AM
Address:396 Pitt St, CNR Goulburn St (underground to Mr B’s Hotel)
Venue Website:
Promoter Website:
Occurrence: Every Friday night since late 2010
Outside Line: I waited for about 15 minutes before getting inside. The line was about 15 people long.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Smart Casual is promoted, but guys wear a mix of casual and smart casual, depending on their mood. Girls as usual have to look their best. Considering the crowd type, even more so.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: I paid $25 full price to get in.
Guestlist: Try to submit at least one day before the event –
Inside: Situated beneath Mr B’s Hotel, Tao Ultra Lounge is setup as one room segregated by sofas and lounges,and foldaway columnar wall-like arch things. As you walk downstairs ito the club, you are on the right end of the club, where it is a standing and drinking area. Tonight the entry area has the huge banner for a professional photo with the promotional girls. The middle section is mostly the dancefloor area to hold 50-80 people . the latter third is again, standing room and lounge area, while the bar stretches along the farther two thirds of the room.
Cloak Room: $10 large items. $5 small items. I had my humongous bag with about 4 textbooks, laptop, ipad, clothes, and whatever other junk I had in there from uni. It was entertaining to see her struggle with my bag to the back of the cloak area. I got my $10 worth. 
Bar Prices / Line: I didn’t drink tonight.
DJs: No idea.
Music Style: Primarly commerical Pop RnB tonight.
Crowd & Ratio: Everyone here is of Asian descent. It is a mix of Australian Asians and International Asians, skewed to the latter if I had to choose one. There were also quite a lot of guys here clumped around like red blood cells in a clot.
Entertainment: None extra
Atmosphere: It’s a dark atmosphere in the front half of the club near the DJ area. It’s a little bit more lit in the back area. It’s loud and its hard to talk as per in a normal club (as advertised). Lots of people in here in the dance area. Smoke machines and laser lights add to the dance aspects of the venue. It’s a good club feel to it – but only within the small dancefloor. 
YouTube Preview Image
Half the time I danced on the podium (they let guys dance up on podiums here, yeah!), but it was so dark not many people noticed. Some girls right next to me kept staring at me, but apparently didn’t want to speak with me when I stepped down. Why do you stare at me for.. why? The other half of the time, was spent catching up with friends.

12:30 AM-They looked even more bored before taking the photo - Trust me.

Party Time!! EXCITEMENT all around! Can you feel it?

Bored girls
You may have seen that photo. How bored do they look hey? I thought it was funny. They’re being paid to be happy and smile and what not in a photo, right? How can a guy claim to look pimpin’ in this photo, when the girls don’t even appear to be interested in hanging out with you? Anyway, its trivial.


My energy was sapped and I went upstairs with someone to continue our conversation, as downstairs was way too loud.

Wasn’t here for more than an hour (or a proper review), so I can’t really rate it – but it was the same as last time I was here… the place could do with more girls.


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  1. James says:

    After a mix up of monumental proportions (see ) the “Babyface” event has relocated, sadly, to the old venue Pumphouse as of the 9th July 2011.

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