I was at a friends farwell earlier in the night and it finished around 1:00AM at Hotel CBD (there was a DJ here and a small dancefloor, but not enough to warrant a write up), so I didn’t really have much time to go clubbing. So came the idea to try to sneak into Ivy and Establishment! After miserably failing and being stopped by security, we dropped by the closest place nearby that was free and would let us in – Jackson’s on George.

Half the dancefloor at Jacksons on George

Half the dancefloor at Jacksons on George


Nothing much has changed except there were heaps of people on the dancefloor! Amazing. The epileptic strobe lighting was still here, giving patrons small headaches, the music was still loud as well. It was pretty dark in here as well. see the video:
YouTube Preview Image

Free grind!!
I stood there on the top podium doing a little dance, and suddenly I feel a girls breasts grind behind me. She’s pretty aggressive, and that can only mean one thing – a drunk girl!! Woohoo!! I turn around and with excitement face my suitor, who turned out to be drunk alright – but one knows when a short fat chick is grinding you.

Soon after we left to go home.

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